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New Arrivals

The Thing
** 2021 Stock ** Quartet Records, Geffen Records and Universal Music Special Markets present the long-awaited remastered reissue of Ennio Morricone’s iconic score for the no-less-iconic John Carpenter sci-fi/horror film The Thing (1982). Although Carpenter himself (in collaboration with Alan Howarth) had scored his five previous films, he turned to the Italian maestro to compose the original score for The Thing since it was his first film with a big studio budget. Due to scheduling conflicts, Mo…
CD | €16.90
** Edition of 300 ** Quartet Records presents the world premiere release of Riz Ortolani’s obscure killer masterpiece for the equally obscure home invasion drama directed by Yves Allégret, L’Invasione. Starring Michel Piccoli and Lisa Gastoni, the plot centers around an architecture professor who invites close to a dozen students to his home for a discussion. The meeting soon turns into a home invasion as the students refuse to leave and threaten their bourgeois teacher; even his wife turns agai…
CD | €16.90
Ghost Story
Quartet Records, Universal Pictures, Universal Music Group and Geffen Records present the long-requested expanded release of the masterful score by Philippe Sarde (The Tenant, Tess, Quest For Fire, Les Choses De La Vie) for Ghost Story, directed by John Irvin in 1981. Based on the 1979 novel by Peter Straub, the film stars Fred Astaire, Melvyn Douglas, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., John Houseman, Craig Wasson and Alice Krige. It follows a group of elderly businessmen in New England who gather to recoun…
CD | €18.90
The Tenant
Quartet Records and Paramount Pictures present the expanded, remastered edition of the iconic score by Philippe Sarde (Ghost Story, Lord of the Flies, Pirates, César et Rosalie) for a Roman Polanski horror tale The Tenant. Based on the popular novel Le Locataire Chimerique by Roland Topor, the film was directed by Polanski, who also co-wrote the screenplay with his usual partner, Gérad Brach. It co-stars Isabelle Adjani, Melvyn Douglas, Shelley Winters and Jo Van Fleet. Although the film was giv…
CD | €18.90
Il Bandito dagli Occhi Azzurri
** CD is packaged in a jewel case with a 12-pages booklet, with liner notes on the movie and score and an in-depth biography on Franco Nero by Fabio Babini. Limited edition! ** A movie released in 1980 on the long crime genre trail that was very prolific in the previous decade, Il Bandito dagli Occhi Azzurri (aka ''The Blue-Eyed Bandit'') was directed by Alfredo Giannetti and starred Franco Nero, Dalila Di Lazzaro and Fabrizio Bentivoglio . A very rare film and a very rare score, the music was c…
CD | €15.00
Mafioso (Lp)
Èl proudly presents Piero Piccioni - Mafioso and Others (1962), the original motion picture soundtrack. Mafioso is an Italian black comedy directed by Alberto Lattuada which casts Alberto Sordi as a factory manager who visits his hometown in Sicily and is tasked with performing a hit for the Mafia.
CD | €16.00
Lesbo is a 1969 erotic film directed by Edoardo Mulargia, his only experiment in this genre within a filmography mostly focused on Western films and sentimental/romantic comedies. Calling "Lesbo" an underground film is practically an understatement, as no official home video releases of this movie seem to exist; its soundtrack instead has luckily survived to the present day and, given the caliber of its two composers, it could only be a terrific work. The friendship between Francesco De Masi and…
CD | €16.00
Uccidete il Vitello Grasso e Arrostitelo
Genius soundtrack work from Ennio Morricone, a psych-baroque journey with typical beat arrangements, crazy organs solos, wah-wah guitars and tense harpsichord phrases
CD | €15.00
Horoscope (LP)
* 2021 restock, killer price. Last copies * Rome was, of course, the pulsating heart of Italian library music – it is the place where tv and movies are made, so editors and musicians tend to gather there. But we must not forget what was happening, at the same time, in Milan – where there was a very active music industry, but leaning more on the pop and jazz side.The Roman style was more connected to the classic and orchestral tradition, but the musicians in Milan adopted a more urban and interna…
LP | €12.90
Il Dono del Nilo (Lp)
* 2021 Restock, killer price. Last copies * LP 180 Gram. Piero Umiliani writes music for the Rai TV documentary produced by Gigi Martello and Lionello Torossi for Fremantle Italiana in 1964 titled "Il Dono del Nilo", directed by Corrado Sofia, with whom the Florentine musician will collaborate several times for television tuning. Originally printed by CAM on LP and 7" "The Gift of the Nile / Arab Market", both very rare and sought after, contain exotic flavors and world-easy listening. These ses…
LP | €12.90
Sync or Swim (LP+Tape)
**200 copies** Before there was Rimarimba, Suffolk-born, Felixstowe-based musician and home recording enthusiast Robert Cox assembled a cast of friends, some musicians and some not so much, for an experiment in group exploration and ecstatic expression under the name The Same. Sonically and gravitationally defined by Cox’s collaboration with guitarist Andy Thomas (a partnership which formed in 1976 to record as General Motors), Sync or Swim, The Same’s one and only album, also featured keyboards…
LP+Tape | €30.00
Utopic Cities : Progressive Jazz In Belgium 1968-1 (Grey Marbled LP)
** Limited Grey Marbled edition ** Sdban Records presents Utopic Cities: Progressive Jazz in Belgium 1968-1979 featuring twelve essential compositions from a highly creative period in Belgian jazz. The release follows Sdban's critically acclaimed Let's Get Swinging: Modern Jazz in Belgium 1950-1970, released back in 2017. Utopic Cities is an eclectic selection of forward-thinking jazz from the Belgian underground, including the left-field fusion of Marc Moulin's Placebo, Koen De Bruyne and Solis…
Coloured LP | €28.90
Utopic Cities : Progressive Jazz In Belgium 1968-1 (LP)
Sdban Records presents Utopic Cities: Progressive Jazz in Belgium 1968-1979 featuring twelve essential compositions from a highly creative period in Belgian jazz. The release follows Sdban's critically acclaimed Let's Get Swinging: Modern Jazz in Belgium 1950-1970, released back in 2017. Utopic Cities is an eclectic selection of forward-thinking jazz from the Belgian underground, including the left-field fusion of Marc Moulin's Placebo, Koen De Bruyne and Solis Lacus; the intense post-bop of Jac…
LP | €27.90
Bakunawa (LP)
On'Bakunawa'Pak Yan Lau and her ensemble are delving and digging deep into the sound spectrum of detuned toy piano's, second hand gong rods, prepared harp, metal tubes and U ring modulators.
LP | €23.90
Suwa Ikazuchi (LP)
** Edition of 300. Including works of legendary Japanese pianist Masahiko Satoh ** The Suwa Daiko is a tradition of Kagura (= sacred music and dance) and drums of the Suwa Taisha Shrine that enshrines the life of the Takeminakata (= one of god in Japanese mythology). It is a folk performing art that is recorded in an ancient document of the “Koshin-etsu-Senroku (=Koshin-etsu War Record)”. The document says that it is also medieval military music. Shingen Takeda(1521-1573), who was a great warlor…
LP | €23.90
African Spaces (LP)
The South African response to Chick Corea’s Return to Forever and Miles’ On the Corner. A defining musical statement in South Africa’s jazz canon – pinpointing the moment of social and musical ferment in which the country’s terms of engagement with jazz were irreversibly changed. Forged when township kids were facing down bullets, this is an electric mulberry funk – slick, intense and complex.
LP | €25.90
Echoes of Africa (LP)
Highly recommended, a true Revelation! After a long hiatus since the homonymous 2006 release on Schema Records, The Invisible Session is back with Echoes Of Africa to be released on the newly-launched Space Echo label. Initiated in 2006 by Schema Records’ co-founder and musician Luciano Cantone, The Invisible Session’s influences are rooted in Black music. Written in collaboration with trombonist and multi-instrumentalist Gianluca Petrella, and with lyrics by poet, rapper, and MC Martin Thomas P…
LP | €21.90
Hassan's Walk (LP)
** 2021 Stock ** Don’t let the date fool you, released back in 1983 this modal to slightly free jazz outfit from California takes you on a journey back to the late 60s and very early 70s, into the spiritual realms of greats like John Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders, John McLaughlin and Miles Davis among others. A soul jazz treasure from the LA scene of the early 80s – a fantastic record that I rank with the best Strata East sides of the time! The group's led by alto saxophonist Dadisi Komolafe, and fe…
LP | €37.90
Exit 1971 (2LP)
** 2021 Stock ** 678 Records presents Exit 1971 by Ian Carr's Nucleus. Recorded on friday june 11 1971 in a small club called the Exit in Rotterdam The Netherlands. Amazing and unknown performance from legendary UK jazz prog fusion rockers Nucleus led by trumpet player Ian Carr. A rare set as regular guitarist Chris Spedding who was absent for unknow reasons was not replaced by another guitarist (often Ray Russell) but by a second keyboard player: Hywel Thomas. Ian carr -TrumpetBrian Smith - ten…
2LP | €30.00
Christening for Listening (LP)
** 2021 Stock. A strictly limited vinyl run of 500 in a thick 700g card hand glued sleeve, with PVC outer. The LP comes with one of five 12x12” Kirlian photos from Steve Halpern's original archive printed on Translucent GSK Heliography Paper ** Reissued for the very first time since 1975 in its original format and track listing, a legendary album that is considered a game-changer in music. Steve Halpern’s landmark album ‘Christening For Listening (A Soundtrack For Every Body)’ is considered by m…
LP | €37.90