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New Arrivals

Literature (LP)
**Ltd. to 200 copies, yellow vinyl, hand-numbered, incl. hot foil stamping** Tomotsugu Nakamura is a musician and graphic designer residing in Tokyo, Japan. His primary artistic practice is to compose music with some fragments of minimal acoustic and electronic tones and some field recordings. In Concert, he has played with various genre of musician such as "Musica Frontera Argentina". With previous releases on Kaico and Audiobulb Records, "Literature" is his 5th complete album.
LP | €19.90
Grøndal (LP)
Suction Records welcomes Roger Semsroth back to the label - having previously released 2 full-length albums on Suction under his retired electro-pop alias, Skanfrom. “Grøndal” (suction051) is the debut vinyl release under a new alias, Nordvest. These days, Semsroth is best-known for his stark and minimalist techno project, Sleeparchive. The material on Grøndal - icy, melodic, and mostly beatless - is comprised of tracks that were originally released digitally as Sleeparchive, via Bandcamp. The r…
Vinyl LP | €16.90
<3 (LP)
Uwe Schmidt runs sly and dry commentary on modern electro-dance-pop, recalling a ruder take on his seminal Pop Artificielle project with nods to Rian Treanor, PC Music and Grimes.  Full of upfront, processed vocals and precision tuned, up-to-the-moment drum programming, ‘<3’ is the sharpest thing we’ve heard in years from the artist with more monikers than we can count. Following 2013’s ‘HD’ album for Raster, he recalibrates the rhythmic mechanics from techno to a slick mix of electro, EBM and e…
LP | €19.90
A Place to Hide (LP)
Much needed vinylization of an amazing live set, previously issued as a CDR in an edition of 100 by the fine Borley Rectory label. Finally, for the good of all mankind, the music from this great night, opening for Robyn Hitchcock at London's Betsey Trotwood in October 2018, is turntable ready. A Place to Hide begins with the album's one new original tune 'My Reflection Once Was Me.' The song brims with harmonium-iced vocals that cannot fail to bring a certain German-born chanteuse to mind. Built…
LP | €26.90
Hubris Variation
2020 repress. Oren Ambarchi's Editions Mego release, Hubris, gets the remix treatment courtesy of electronic music legend Ricardo Villalobos. Villalobos expertly transforms Ambarchi's layered web of countless sustained and pulsating palm-muted guitars into a funky, mesmerizing and propulsive long-form piece. Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at D&M, Berlin March 2016. Photograph by Estelle Hanania. Sculptures by Daniel Druet. Design by Stephen O'Malley.
12" | €15.50
Disturbing Domestic Peace (LP)
Emerging out of Amsterdam's vibrant squat scene in 1979, The Ex -- a name chosen for the ease and speed with which it could be spray-painted onto a wall -- have for four decades been an entirely self-sustaining musical entity, charting a course through the global underground with a spirit of freedom and radical exploration. Disturbing Domestic Peace, The Ex's debut album, appeared mere months after their first single, 1980's 'All Corpses Smell The Same'. Originally released on the band's own Ver…
LP | €21.90
History Is What's Happening (LP)
Emerging out of Amsterdam's vibrant squat scene in 1979, The Ex -- a name chosen for the ease and speed with which it could be spray-painted onto a wall -- have for four decades been an entirely self-sustaining musical entity, charting a course through the global underground with a spirit of freedom and radical exploration. Originally released in 1982, History Is What's Happening features one of the most harrowing title/cover art combinations in recent memory. What at first glance looks like a f…
LP | €21.90
Alessandro Alessandroni (LP)
Limited repress, due mid-September "Better known as the Farfalla album (The Butterfly) for his outstanding artwork, this record is a true holy grail and worldwide recognized as some of the finest Library music ever recorded. Originally released in a few hundred copies this is among the rarest and surely top sough-after Italian Library LPs out there by the famed composer Alessandro Alessandroni. Just the cover alone would be enough to define his beauty with such a mind-blowing artwork; the music …
LP | €26.90
Ouate (LP)
A little bit of Baroque, a little bit of Zwölftonmusik, a little bit of electronica, that's Robert Lepenik
LP | €17.90
Recumbent Speech (LP)
Recumbent Speech, Ezra Feinberg’s second album, opens with a lament. Named for the Robert Frost poem, “Acquainted with the Night” was written during one of the many devastating spectacles of injustice under our current regime. Repeating flutes and synths beam out of a low-end darkness, reflecting a collective sense of loss and alienation. Rising slowly, thickening with guitars and strings, “Acquainted with the Night” lifts off, and so too does the album from there.  The second track, “Letter to …
Vinyl LP | €23.90
Dropsonde (3LP)
Biosphere’s atmospheric 2005 ambient jazz lather returns, remastered and reissued on his Biophon label for those who may have slept on its deeply seductive charms. The bonus bits beautifully expand on its vibe with moments of windswept BoC-like melody and sublime alternate versions of album evergreens.  “Widely regarded as one of Norwegian electronic music's most important artists, Biosphere's [Geir Jenssen] career spans nearly two decades, several albums, lots of remixes, various sound installa…
3LP | €33.00
Hotel Nota (LP)
If you plot a line between Jon Hassell’s 'Dream Theory In Malaya' and Jan Jelinek’s 'Loop Finding Jazz Records', you’ll find this pearl lodged somewhere in between. Add in cover art that reminds us of the sun-bleached breeze of Antena’s eternally nostalgic 'Camino Del Sol' and you have three of our favourite albums referenced in one paragraph. In other words; essential listening if yr into the aforementioned, or if you're in desperate need of some time alone, washed up on a beach, contemplating …
LP | €19.90
Holy Origin (LP)
Vestals is the avatar of Los Angeles based artist Lisa McGee, whose debut album Forever Falling Toward the Sky was released by Root Strata in 2012. She has also discreetly operated in U.S. underground music for the last decade as a member of the dream-drone duo Higuma with Evan Caminiti, while making vocal contributions to acclaimed albums by Jefre Cantu Ledesma and Sarah Davachi.  McGee is the sole producer and performer on her sophomore effort, Holy Origin. Since her last offering she has evol…
LP | €18.90
Primal Forms (LP)
Written and produced by Sam Shackleton and Waclaw Zimpel. Electronics, sequencing, and programming by Sam Shackleton. Alto clarinet, violin, harmonium, e-piano, organ, frame drum, percussions, lira, and monochord by Waclaw Zimpel
LP | €21.90
Corduroy Road (LP)
2020 Re-issue of Keith Kenniff's debut under his Goldmund moniker. Originally only released on CD in 2005 via John Twells' Type Recordings, this album of rare and unusual minimalist beauty is now presented as a vinyl edition for the first time.  "Multi-instrumentalist Keith Kenniff is a busy man. He has appeared as Helios on a number of acclaimed releases, including Deaf Center’s ‘Neon City EP’, and released a debut album ‘Unomia’ on Merck records which has appeared on many best of 2004 lists. A…
LP | €19.90
Sowas Von Egal 2: German Synth Wave Underground 1981-1984 (Lp)
LP version. Two years have passed since Bureau B released the first Sowas Von Egal compilation (BB 310CD/LP, 2018). With the musical movement or genre known as NDW celebrating its 40th anniversary, what better time than now to launch an ambitious successor to the first sampler. The beating heart of this endeavor is once again invigorated by the synchronous passions of bespoke Hamburg label Bureau B and the label's Damaged Goods nights where they present rare, obscure synth and wave discs from th…
LP | €18.90
Goat Music (LP + Book)
Goat Music is the documentation for David Shrigley’s film, Laughterhouse, about goats whose cries sound like humans. Contrasting the limits of comedy to the unlimited appetite of goats, this artist’s edition is a prime example of Shrigley’s biting humor. Comprising a picture disc and an artist’s book, Goat Music includes recordings of the goats in the film as well as the soundtrack Shrigley composed to accompany the opening performance in Hydra. Shrigley’s project for Deste’s renovated former sl…
LP, single sided | €29.90
Isola/Azione (LP)
** Edition of 100 copies, red vinyl with hand silkscreened cover ** Mai Mai Mai special release, recorded at Home during the period of Lockdown due to the Pandemic.  I am taking time to meditate and to imagine possible futures that we are all called to build as a collective, the time given by this Quarantine to rethink the world has we know it. These two long tracks represent a sound picture of this moment.  It's Meditation. "Isola" means "Island": we ended up being on our private and personal I…
LP | €18.90
Triadic Memories (2CD)
Perhaps more than any of Feldman other piano music Triadic Memories is about that reality, the acoustic space created bythe piano’s strings and soundboard, and in Judith Wegmann’s recording that space is withina magnificent Bösendorfer 280VC piano
2CD | €16.00
Complete Recordings (3CD Box)
Deluxe, spot gloss-printed, massive three-hour box set collecting the full work of Herbert Joos (one of the most celebrated musicians in Lithuania’s avant-garde scene) 1968-1973 units, the Modern Jazz Quintet Karlsruhe and Four Men Only
3CD Box | €32.00