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New Arrivals

Extra Time (CD)
**Edition of 300. Limited Edition CD. Hand-numbered edition of 300. 6-page digipak with silver foil stamp, packed in hand-assembled glassine paper with hand-stamped seal. Printed in Indonesia** Working with a variety of musical, sociopolitical, and psychological issues, the American composer/percussionist Sarah Hennies often explores queer & trans identity, love, intimacy, psychoacoustics, and percussion. For this volume, she invited the San Fransisco-based percussionist and co-founder of queer …
CD | €14.00
Gi n ga (CD)
**Edition of 300. Limited Edition CD. Hand-numbered edition of 300. 6-page digipak with silver foil stamp, packed in hand-assembled glassine paper with hand-stamped seal. Printed in Indonesia** Akio Suzuki and Aki Onda have been collaborating extensively in recent years. Though differ in generation and performance practice, these Japanese sound artists share an astonishingly inventive, open-ended, and in situ approach to the infinite and variegated possibilities of sound. Suzuki and Onda often u…
CD | €14.00
(e)rase (tape)
* Edition of 100. Hand-stamped pro-dubbed C40 NAC super-ferric cassette tape with recto/verso printed golden card. Printed in Indonesia. Including download code of high quality digital version.* Bruno Duplant’s music often explores the memories of things, moments, and spaces. For this volume, he realizes the idea by religiously recording old electronic devices like VHS, old computer, floppy disk while it’s operating, during several months in 2019, and collected it. Per the artist statement, (e)r…
Tape | €12.00
On the Completion of My Master Work (tape)
* Edition of 100. Hand-stamped pro-dubbed C38 NAC super-ferric cassette tape with recto/verso printed golden card. Printed in Indonesia. Including download code of high quality digital version.* For this volume, Sydney duo Andy Rantzen and Jochen Gutsch team up with Brisbane-based Lawrence English to create a new trio work, themed around the ideas, life, and personality of a German philosopher, poet and thinker, Arthur Schopenhauer. Based on Rantzen’s spoken words and English’s haunting sine wav…
Tape | €12.00
wigawiga/wigawigawiga (tape)
* Edition of 100. Hand-stamped pro-dubbed C40 NAC super-ferric cassette tape with recto/verso printed golden card. Printed in Indonesia. Including download code of high quality digital version.* Based in Germany for the last two decades, Japan-born Miki Yui’s music is relatively small in scale but exceptionally rich in texture. She is known for her peculiar minimalistic and organic approach towards sound, balancing a delicate tiny hiss to a distant hum, quirky electronic clicks and field recordi…
Tape | €12.00
Live at Tubby's (2LP)
NYC’s 75 Dollar Bill began its prolific career in 2012, after percussionist Rick Brown – a veteran of the indie underground (Fish & Roses, Run On, V-Effect) – and noise scene guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Che Chen – connected via MySpace. Since that initial jam session, when Brown began experimenting with his signature plywood crate drum rhythms, they have released 3 LPs and a clutch of self-released cassette and digital releases. Last year’s 2xLP I Was Real received serious critical accla…
2LP | €29.90
Col (LP)
Abstrakce is really excited to finally present one of the most rare, interesting and difficult to find of Carl Matthews' cassettes on vinyl for the first time and remastered by Colin Potter. Composed and recorded at his own home studio in 1991 and influenced by Harmonia and Cluster, Matthews developes a really personal project. A very delicate usage of rhythm machines, samplers, sequencers, e-bowed guitars that show up briefly hinting at a lo-fi Innovative Communication feeling... The capricious…
LP | €20.90
Quid Rides (LP)
* Letterpress cover, including insert with liner notes by Colin Potter, who has also been in charge of the remastering * Reissue of this obscure cassette from 1987, a really interesting rarity by Carl Matthews under the CAM moniker. Sturdy synth basslines sculpt solid rhythm patterns that bring to mind the innovations of the moment in electro and dance records. Having in mind that Matthews was a white ambient composer, it´s very curious to find him dropping these groovy bombs that sound like a p…
LP | €20.90
Anthology of Experimental Music from Mexico
* Edition of 200 * For this new compilation, Anthology of Experimental Music from Mexico, the Italian label Unexplained Sounds Group has gathered artists from different generations who are striving to keep this "scene" alive, not only through their music but also by creating spaces and communities for other artists, both national and international, to thrive in. Even if its presence runs deep and is widely felt, stumbling upon this music feels like a reward, like unlocking a door to a secret pla…
CD | €13.00
Vanity Box Vol. 2 (5CD Box)
The Vanity Box vol 2 present another beautiful boxet with releases by legendary Japanese DIY label Vanity, active in the late 70s and early 80s. It was conceived by Studio Warp, in collaboration with Agi Yuzuru and the whole roster of artists involved with Vanity.   CD-1 Dada - Jyo(Vanity 0001, originally released in 1978)Dada is an electronics and guitar duo formed in 1977 by Kenji Konishi of Kigadoumei (when Terutsugu Hirayama was a member) and guitarist Mutsuhiko Izumi of Karisma (when Kozo S…
5CD box | €59.90
Bebop Live (2CD)
This release can be seen, informed by the 100th anniversary of Parker’s birth, as an occasion for not only celebration, but reexamination and rediscovery, based upon the special qualities these particular performances provide. Parker is the focal point, the vortex of energy and ingenuity. The effect of hearing him in this arena of spontaneity and inventiveness is like watching Edison at work in his laboratory. It is Parker at his most audacious and prophetic. - Art Lange
2CD | €16.00
The Quartet Prismo is the continuation of the collaboration of Sergio Armaroli and Fritz Hauser with an extended circle of musicians. Sergio has proposed his wife Francesca Gemmo, I proposed my esteemed colleague Martina Brodbeck. Around the two recorded versions of Structuring the silence, we recorded combinations of instruments put together by lot. Without time limit, without formal requirements, without rules. Pure improvisation. Together we selected the tracks to be included on the CD and it…
CD | €14.50
Plus (2LP)
The nine-track Plus comes just 12 days after Sean Booth and Rob Brown released Sign, their first "traditional"-format album since 2013's Exai. This is the second of two new albums that Autechre teased in their lockdown live-stream sessions on Mixlr earlier this year, in addition to their latest batch of live recordings. You might call Sign Autechre's ambient album. The percussive sounds are few and far between, and they create rhythms that are even less legible than the norm for recent Autechre—…
2LP | €25.90
The Absolute End (12")
* 2020 Stock.  Limited 12" Edition on clear white vinyl. Produced in a quantity of 213 copies (numbered) * Different Fountains Editions presents "The Absolute End" by Michael Langeder, an investigation into ending, using samples from the last seconds of 111 songs – a 20 minutes collage of constant finishing.
Colored 12" | €12.90
Zij / Goesting (7" + Booklet)
* Including a 12 page booklet with texts and visuals by Alex Deforce * Alex Deforce, poet and Brussels bar-culture connoisseur makes his appearance on Lexi Disques, in collaboration with NY-based Charlotte Jacobs and Wiet L (Sagat). The result is a playful mix of spoken word and electronics infused in contemporary flemish poetry and radio practice.
7" + Booklet | €10.90
Nuunmuun 눈문 (LP)
*2020 Stock. * Tonal Unity  is proud to present Seungmin Cha’s first solo release “Nuunmuun”, which translates to “Eye Gate”. Step through the portal and into the parallel universe of this singular artist. This is an album about consciousness expanding toward awareness of self. Focusing on a single point for long enough that you dive into it and come out on the other side, tapping yourself on the shoulder from behind. Think of it as circumnavigating your reality and washing up on a foreign shore…
LP | €20.90
Plz tell me (12")
As part of legendary groups such as Avarus, Hertta Lussu Ässä and Olimpia Splendid, Jonna Karanka has been a key player in the Finnish underground for most of this century. Through her Kuupuu alias, she dwells among an illustrious generation of Finn sound wizards which includes Tomuttontu/Jan Anderzen, Tsemba/Marja Ahti, Lau Nau et al. Through the collaging of warbled acoustic instruments and looped-up electronics, Kuupuu has long been carving out her own lines into this post-free folk/neo-psych…
12" | €17.90
theeOorgannnissstheeGgreattestttSsynthesizerrrEverrrrrrrr (LP)
In process of stocking ** Edition of 300 copies. It comes with a 12-page booklet that features an extensive Interview with Charlemagne Palestine conducted by Dirk Specht and Hans W. Koch of reihe-M ** Charlemagne Palestine's performance on the organ of the Friedenskirche, Eupen for the reihe-M showcase at the Meakusma Festival 2019 was one of the many highlights of that year's festival edition. This record features the full live performance as Palestine conjures up his dense definition of maximi…
LP | €18.90
Fantasias for Violin & Guitar (12")
Estonian violinist & singer Maarja Nuut & LA’s psyche-experimentator Sun Araw hand in gentle, unpolished improvisations on their collaborative album “Fantasias for Violin & Guitar” recorded live on location by Jackson Bailey aka Tapes. Brought together by Tallinn’s IDA Radio under the umbrella of a 10-day sound residency in magnificent Narva Art Residency on the border of Estonia & Russia, Maarja Nuut & Sun Araw set up their gear to jump head first into unknown territory of live-improvisation. D…
12" | €30.00
Matiere (12")
* Comes with a poster by artist Alice Gilardi * Light Of Other Days presents Noémi Büchi's debut Ep: «Matière». This album is the result of an extensive study with a modular synthesizer as her instrument of choice mixed with field recordings of sounds and noises surrounding her every day life . Apart from being a student of Electroacoustic Composition and listening to tons of music, Noémi finds most of her inspiration in long nature walks through nearby forests and foggy hills situated close to …
12" | €11.90