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New Arrivals

Alors !!! (LP)
*Heavy brown board outer sleeve, obi strip, 180g vinyl. reissue of the rare Futura LP* Could the missing link between Eric Dolphy and Albert Ayler be the Michel Portal of 1970? After having worked alongside François Tusques defending a free jazz “made in France”, we find him here, heading up an international quintet of which each member is on fire: John Surman, Barre Phillips, Stu Martin and Jean-Pierre Drouet. The quintet had full leeway to break out the free-form in long ambient tracks to com…
LP | €23.90
Pop Wine (LP)
*Heavy brown board outer sleeve, obi strip, 180g vinyl. reissue of the rare Futura LP* Originally from Philadelphia, invited to New York by Miles Davis, playing at Antibes in 1960 with Charles Mingus and Eric Dolphy, here is trumpeter Ted Curson in 1971... in Paris. With him, a legendary trio: Georges Arvanitas (piano), Jacky Samson (double bass) and Charles Saudrais (drums). A new transatlantic alliance in the service of jazz of all kinds: classic, modal, fusion and even free... Pop Wine is – b…
LP | €23.90
Soul Jazz Records presents Cold Wave #1 (2LP)
This one feels as if it's been a long time coming - Soul Jazz collect tracks from the new wave of cold wave: bands and artists influenced by chilly '70s and '80s synth music, from early electronics and new wave to post punk and beyond. Featuring Kriedler, FIT Siegel, Céline Gillain, Krikor Kouchian and more.  There's an enduring thrill of early DIY synth music that's seen records that, at the time, were barely heard beyond a few heads hit cult status in recent years. This has caused a surge of i…
LPx2 | €28.00
To Keep From Crying (Lp)
* Royal Blue Vinyl edition * To Keep from Crying is the second album by progressive folk band Comus, released in 1974. It featured a notably different lineup from their other releases, with the violin/viola and woodwind spots replaced by keyboards and a conventional drum kit. The album's content has also been noted as sounding more mainstream than their earlier work, which centred more in conventional progressive rock and folk
LP | €19.90
Electric-Sound-Select Göteborg (LP)
Tip! ** Edition of 200** A collective six-track vinyl LP is delivered from the elektronik city of Goteborg, Sweden. Loaded with passionate, atmospheric and meditative waves, featuring Nachdenken, JPS, Peter Davidson, Robert Leiner, Weltwagen and Eels for Pleasure
LP | €21.90
Daymark (LP)
** 2021 Stock. Vinyl edition of 250 copies pressed on 180 gram clear vinyl. Each copy is risograph printed and housed in a thick PVC sleeve ** Craig Tattersall  made quite a name for himself by offering a series of consistent releases on his own imprints Cotton Goods and Other Ideas. After more than 5 years of silence, our favourite bee is finally back with 2 new full length albums: Daymark and Nightmark. Both albums are made around the same time and can be seen as complementary odes to these di…
LP | €26.90
Matanzas (LP)
* 2021 Stock * The music on this album is a reflection on living in and listening to the sounds of Matanzas, Cuba. Neil Leonard's recordings of folkloric musicians, interviews, urban surface noise and wetlands were in my ear while composing this work but not heard on the final pieces. What remains is the sensation “after listening,” the stillness and sense of wonder that lingers after hearing Matanzas. This album seemed to compose itself. In August 2016, midway through developing new work for Do…
LP | €25.90
Music For Empty Rooms
* 2021 stock. Edition of 100* As the fourth Lowered album, Music For Empty Rooms has a more expanded sonic palette to include piano, cello, tam tam, singing bowls and room recordings. However it retains the bleakly ascetic sound of previous works.  Developing themes of existential isolation that were explored on debut Lost Seas, new album Music For Empty Rooms takes personal experience as subject matter. The ‘empty rooms’ reference Gowers’ move to a new house in a strange town following the deat…
CD | €12.00
La Voce Del Padrone (40th Anniversary) LP
* Black vinyl, 180 gr. LP with printed inner * The turning-point of Franco Battiato's career: from uncompromising experimentation and progressive electronica to catchy melodies and refrains. The transition had already begun with L'era del cinghiale bianco, but "La voce del padrone" made it complete: its seven refinate synth-pop, with a bit of Krautrock influence, anthems catapulted the album to the top of the hit parade and made it the best-selling Italian album ever. Meticulously produced, with…
LP | €33.00
Se Ci Fosse La Luce Sarebbe Bellissimo (2LP)
If you could paint the world black, rediscover it with a flashlight illuminating every single detail and turn each finding into an obsession while gliding across the murk then you might stumble into Blak Saagan’s new magniloquent quest ‘Se Ci Fosse La Luce Sarebbe Bellissimo’ (If there were light it would be beautiful), a monstrous work of dedication and sound architecture that investigates and soundtracks one of the saddest and most obscure pages of Italian history: the 1978 kidnapping of forme…
2LP | €24.00
Pleasures That Kill (5CD Box)
* Packaged in a deluxe velvet wrapped and debossed box with spot gloss individual cd wallets and with pull tab ribbon and large fold out poster featuring rare photos.* Downwards and Sandwell District co-founder and key Brummie techno figurehead Peter Sutton is finally subject to this long-in-the-making 5CD retrospective spanning both solo albums and stacks of 12” cuts, plus a bonus unreleased 2000 session with sparring partner Regis - an important tome for all UK techno fiends and archivists. RI…
5CD Box | €70.00
Beyond Enclosures (3CD Set)
On his captivating new solo album, is an Ireland-based, Australian-born Robert Curgenven - highly regarded for his majestic, coruscating pipe organ through to feedback, immersive resonances via turntables and custom-made vinyl, as well as carefully detailed field recordings, experimental turntable techniques inter-woven with piano and extended pipe organ techniques with an enveloping, often ecstatic and mystic effect recalling resonances and sound intended as a physical field of perception.The 3…
3xCD | €25.00
Flower Studies (Lp)
* Edition of 444 copies with download coupon * The hermetic sound world of Australia's Mark Gomes returns. "Flower Studies", the enchanting third album by Australia’s Blue Chemise, consists of eight intimate, delicate and touching ‘études’, reflecting Mark Gomes’ introspective musings on a series of floral studies by 19th-century French photographer Adolphe Braun (1812-1877)
LP | €19.90
Deep Listening (Tape)
To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Deep Listening, Important Records offer a definitive cassette edition combining the classic, complete original 1989 release with selected tracks from the Deep Listening Band's 1991 album, The Ready Made Boomerang. Recorded in a cistern, this tape reverberates with brilliant sonic clarity and masterfully improvised performances combining live electronics, vocals, trombone. and accordion. Deep Listening is a classic in the fields of improvisation, minimalism, a…
Tape | €13.00
Tara's Room (Tape)
Pauline Oliveros's Tara's Room has long been a favorite at Important Records and here they rerelease it on tape for the very first time. Originally released on cassette in 1987 following the 1986 release of Sounding / Way with Guy Klucevsek, also reissued by Important Records. This cassette edition features two long sides of infinite depth and sensitivity. Oliveros performs these pieces using a just intonation accordion and her Expanded Instrument System in order to bend both time and pitch. "Bo…
Tape | €13.00
Sounding / Way (Tape)
* This replica tape presents Pauline Oliveros & Guy Klucevsek's collaborative Sounding / Way as it was originally released, on tape, in 1986. Sounding / Way is being released at the same time as Oliveros' profound Tara's Room is released on tape for the first time since its original release in 1987 * Pauline Oliveros and Guy Klucevsek's Sounding / Way was originally released on cassette in 1987 and has been out of print ever since. The Sounding / Way concept was simple. Each artist would write a…
Tape | €13.00
Observation of Breath (LP)
Do you remember the last time you were breathing consciously? Either way, you are likely doing it now. On his new album »Observation of Breath« for the Swiss-based Hallow Ground label, Lawrence English worked exclusively with an organ for four compositions that are exercises in »maximal minimalism,« as their creator himself notes in a nod to Charlemagne Palestine, who coined this term. While it seems somewhat fitting that those four pieces based on a steady flow of air were conceived and recorde…
LP | €21.90
DarkSonicTales (LP)
DarkSonicTales is a project by Rolf Gisler and his eponymous album his first for Hallow Ground. Having been granted an artist residency by the label in a 300 year-old farm house in the Swiss countryside in autumn 2019, the Lucerne-based musician and sound artist explored the peculiar sonic environment of the building and its surroundings through the use of field recordings, modular synthesizers, guitar, bass, kalimbas, a singing saw as well as self-built instruments. The seven tracks, which were…
LP | €21.90
Seuchengebiete 4
* In process of stocking * Part 4 in the series of hydrophonic pieces, Seuchengebiete, by Asmus Tietchens  Seuchengebiete 4, the continuation of Asmus Tietchens’ almost legendary series of treated water sounds, consists of six Hydrophonies. The sonic palette ranges from deep gurgling bass pulses to fragile movements of showering bright particles. The overall mood is earnest, contemplative and dark. Seuchengebiete 4 is perhaps the ultimate soundtrack for our crises-ridden times.   Asmus Tietchens…
CD | €15.50
Tip! Vinyl reissue (originally released by Vrystaete in 2017) with silkscreened cover and inserts, available in 5 different colour editions. When Brannten Schnüre initially released their second vinyl record four years ago on Dutch label Vrystaete in a micro-edition of 150 copies the Franconian duo’s music was still considered a hidden gem. In the years since they built up a solid international underground following and with that attention grew the demand for a re-release of the long sold-out an…
LP | €25.90