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New Arrivals

Spatial Awareness (Tape)
* Edition of 60 * Spatial Awareness includes David Edren - Spelonk, Sunhiilow - Waves of Sunlight, Pulse Emitter - The Road to Thrax, Embla Quickbeam - Radiant Abyss, F. Ampism - Saṃśaya, Matthewdavid - Art Music.
Tape | €7.00
Pisces (2 Tapes)
* Edition of 70 * Recorded January 2020 in Drogenbos, Belgium. Players: Tony Marie, Ernesto Gonzalez, Jonas Vanhullebusch, Seif Gaber, Tomas Dittborn.
2 Tapes | €11.00
New Galactic Windows 3 (Tape)
* Edition of 100 * New Galactic Windows 3 includes: Minea - Aomame, Lau Nau - Caprellidira, Koho/Numminen - Ystävänpäivä, S Tanner - Not going to look at any direction tonight, Negatiiviviiva - nohdus, Viktor Toikkanen - Scrambled pianos.
Tape | €6.00
Songs in the Attic / Live at Leeds (Tape)
* Edition of 100 * Side A, recorded live 14.5.2020 at Musa Ullakolla 6 Online Festival. Side B, duo with Stuart Arnot, recorded live 18.11.2015 at Wharf Chambers in Leeds, UK. Mastered by Pasi Salmi. Photo by Antti Makkonen. Layout by Kryptinen Käki.
Tape | €6.00
Headboggle / Uton (Tape)
* Edition of 60 * Ikuisuus presents Headboggle / Uton a new release of Head Boggle (Derek Gedalecia) and Uton (Jani Hirvonen). Sleeve art & layout by Johannes Schebler.
Tape | €6.00
Plays Ewe-Neuro Wastelands
* Edition of 70 * Ikuisuus presents Plays Ewe-Neuro Wastelands by Innercity, the last release of the Belgian electronic producer Hans Dens.
Tape | €6.00
Visions Imagination 2016​-​2019 (Tape)
* Edition of 70 copies * These are a (re)collection of tapes et hard-disk tracks. Recorded on-the-fly along meetings in the studio, between 2016 and 2019. No overdubs. Sébastian Durand on bass, synths, percussions and Pascal Nyiri on voice and flutes.
Tape | €6.00
Cloaked Travels (LP)
Following her debut LP (kraak, 2018) and a string of tapes and 7-inches, Red Brut drops her second album, Cloaked Travels. It is a joined release by the Finnish labels Ikuisuus and Lal Lal Lal. In many aspects, Cloaked Travels is an amazing realisation of what Red Brut does best: molding the absurd, the amateurish, and the crude into beautiful and elegant sound pieces. These eight “songs”, organised in two suites, dwell between abstract avant-garde and pop sensibility. Working with cassette tape…
LP | €15.50
Altered Village (LP)
Music by Olli Aarni and Ville Oinonen. Lyrics by Ville Oinonen. Recorded in Tikkurila and EMS Stockholm. Songs about Siilinjärvi and other places too.
LP | €15.50
Incarceration By Abstraction (LP)
* Edition of 225 * Originally released in 2007 on CD, this is the first time 'Incarceration By Abstraction' is pressed on vinyl. "The metatext of this collection of songs concerns the rebirth of the robot out of the debris resulting from the cosmic battle between the void and the behemoth. The robot struggles with insanity as elements of all three entities struggle for control of the psyche. The compositions on this album were written between 2004 and 2007. Much of this music was intended to be …
LP | €16.90
2020 Seven Songs (LP)
Ed Askew has been in NYC for 30 years. A few years ago he moved from Washington Heights in Manhattan to Ridgewood in Queens. And starting next month, he will be in Bedford Stuyvesant in Brooklyn. During all this time, Ed developed a home recording method which is very nuanced and at the same time concise. Ed’s harpsichord, tiple, synth and a muscular use of Pro Tools all play a role. His lyrics are on a whole new level; and his voice is his own. 2020 Seven Songs is his most recent home recording…
LP | €16.90
Vae Victis (LP)
Vae Victis was originally released on CD in 2002 on Bar La Muerte. First time on vinyl. OvO is an Italian indie noise rock band formed in December 2000 by Stefania Pedretti and Bruno Dorella.
LP | €15.90
Assassine (LP)
Assassine was originally released in 2001 on CD on Bar La Muerte. First time on vinyl. OvO is an Italian indie noise rock band formed in December 2000 by Stefania Pedretti and Bruno Dorella.
LP | €15.90
Vulgar Displays Of Affection
A body of water, a tributary river pushing and struggling to activate one final act, gushing into an ocean of pureness. Every bank you hit is a misstep, vulnerability, acceptance, sexuality, control and punishment, a catastrophic station of the cross experience where the mesmerizing is allowed to seep in. This is Luke Mawdsley’s debut for Maple Death ‘Vulgar Displays Of Affection’, a cathartic meticulous journey brimmed with emotion and failure. The journey started in Liverpool, Luke Mawdsley’s …
Tape | €7.00
Stupidamutaforma (Tape)
* Limited edition hand-assembled and hand-drawn uniquely by the artist * Early morning sensory comfort, eyes decompressing, mind unravelling and body detachment creating circular forms and layers of thought. It’s like being inside a prism of shadows and light slowly cascading through lost memory cells. This is where ‘Stupidamutaforma’, Fera’s debut for Maple Death reveals its groundwork. Fera is Andrea De Franco, electronic composer from Southern Italy now residing in Bologna, best known for his…
Tape | €7.00
Spectral Malsconcities
In modern experimental music, and especially among a number of musician-composers emerging in America during the Sixties, a fixation on process and awareness became a structural hallmark, exploring the gradual change of sonic materials, built environments, and the human body. Though much maligned as a term by its practitioners, figures like Steve Reich, La Monte Young, Philip Glass, and Terry Riley were among these 'minimal' composers; askew of them were electroacoustic explorers like Alvin Luci…
CD | €15.50
A Guide For Beginners (2CD)
**Deluxe reissue of 2xCD 'Best Of' by the esoteric experimental pioneers** Out-of-print on CD for almost two decades, Cold Spring announce the official reissue of a much sought after Best Of set by the acclaimed esoteric experimental pioneers Coil, with A Guide For Beginners - The Voice Of Silver and A Guide For Finishers - A Hair Of Gold being made available together in one deluxe set. Officially licensed from FEELEE, this edition spans Coil's entire career, featuring tracks from all their majo…
CD | €18.00
Death Ceremonies (LP)
**400 copies**Death Ceremonies is the darkest, most primitive death industrial record, soaked throughout with the smell of rotting corpses and burning bodies. Controlled Death (Masonna) features Maso Yamazaki's most compulsive Korg MS-20 drones and obsessive, disturbing vocals, drenched with anxiety and alienation. Dense atmospheres of doom, death, and decay build up just to break away in deep paranoia. Rudolf (Schimpfluch) scratches a near-dead violin over horrifying synth tones, celebrat…
LP | €21.90
His Greatest Misses (2 LP)
The track selection seems to have been designed as an ideal introduction to the former Soft Machine drummer's solo work, collecting key album recordings and even one or two bonafide hits (regardless of what the album title says). Wyatt's debut single, a cover of the Neil Diamond/Monkees song 'I'm A Believer' is included in its extended form (although, as ever it sounds jarringly out of place when set among his own compositions), as is the 1998 remaster of 'Shipbuilding', Wyatt's memorable 1982 r…
2 LP | €26.90
Le Frisson Des Vampires (LP)
**Ltd. to 500 copies, transparent blood red vinyl** The entire unreleased soundtrack for Jean Rollins 1971 ultimate French vampire hippy flick, Le Frisson Des Vampires. Embryonic psych funk recordings from Parisian teenage psych combo (including members of French No-No mod rockers Unity). Imagine an early Gong/Ame Son/Soft Machine session fueled by a 1000-year old, acid-infused blood transfusion. With origins in the Parisian underground, the free press revolution, new wave cinema, the Letterist …
LP | €21.90