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New Arrivals

To Move (LP)
*In process of stocking. Edition of 300 copies, handmade textiled artwork, printed inner sleeve* To Move is a new project by the trio of Anna Rose Carter (Moon Ate the Dark), Ed Hamilton (Dead Light) and Alex Kozobolis. Four-handed piano meets analogue manipulations to absolute wondrous effect from the London based friends. We´re carried into a time and place not afraid to embrace a sense of optimism - even if it comes wrapped in a certain distorted shape. Transporting, blissful tones emanate f…
LP | €42.00
Not One, Not Two (LP)
Y Bülbül is back on the controls accompanied by Yumurta, a percussionist from Istanbul. Pingipung introduced the London based artist in 2020 with his psychedelic, synth-laden debut “Fever”.  “Not One, Not Two” is based on a one-way transmission of improvised drum recordings from an industrial estate in Maslak, Istanbul to another one in Tottenham, London, where Y Bülbül laid down fragmented layers of bass, synths, guitars and field recordings over Yumurta’s singular drum takes. The result is…
LP | €24.90
Never Never Land (2CD)
'The British trumpeter and composer Henry Lowther, who first made an impact in the 1960s and released the well received album Can't Believe, Won't Believe (Village Life) in 2018, came to jazz via a circuitous route. After playing cornet in a provincial Salvation Army band, he moved to London around 1960 to study violin at the Royal Academy of Music. While a student, he encountered improvised Indian music and albums by Sonny Rollins, discoveries which encouraged him to commit to jazz, playing tru…
2CD | €18.50
Kraków 2018 (5CD)
*In process of stocking* Not Two Records proudly present a 5 CD boxset by different constellations led by Barry Guy; recorded in Krakow in 2018 .
5CD | €45.00
Kraków 2020 (6CD)
*In process of stocking* Fifty years and counting. One of the most important larger bands in European jazz, The London Jazz Composers Orchestra celebrated its golden anniversary over three days in Krakow which culminated in a triumphant performance of "Harmos." Long a staple of the LJCO repertoire, with its beautiful melody, it's one of leader Barry Guy's most approachable works. This rendition was powerful and moving, studded throughout with absolute dynamite individual contributions, and furni…
6CD | €55.00
*In process of stocking* "The recording of Bagra was done in one breath. It was deeply enjoyable to be in a state of completely circulating synergy, deep understanding and liberation. The two long tracks of the album are the first we played, released without any editing. The mix allows the listeners to experience an aural sensation changing between extreme closeness and wide openness. Susana and I didn't want any associative words relating to the album, so we embraced the idea of naming the trac…
CD | €15.50
Look Like
*In process of stocking* Look Like is the first complete solo release from bassist and vocalist Kelsey Mines. A series of improvised solo-duets, Look Like explores how listening to our on-going internal dialogue helps us conjure honest, outward expressions.
CD | €15.50
Bricolage III
*In process of stocking* 'This release has a very nice history of coincidences: last year Tomeka and I were invited by the Goethe-Institut Chicago to do an online collaboration as part of their series Bricolage, curated by Magda Mayas and Dave Rempis. They matched pairs of musicians from their respective cities - Berlin and Chicago, to prepare and present a half hour long video and an artist talk. Shortly afterwards Tomeka invited me to participate in the online edition of her string festival, t…
CD | €15.50
*In process of stocking* Joanna Mattrey & gabby fluke-mogul, two of the most radical & revolutionary New York-based improvisers, join forces in the birth of Oracle. Rejoicing in the strange magic of sound, the duo weaves together new worlds while simultaneously destroying the ones that no longer serve them. Oracle is a declaration, a remedy, and a revelation.
CD | €15.50
*In process of stocking* "A project called ‘BeingFive’ might be motivated by a search to know the nature of being and, by extension, what it means to be together. In this way Montreal clarinettist Lori Freedman set up at once an atelier and a laboratory where both a group music could be made of practically nothing and a social organism could uncover both its organising principles and, perhaps, their limits. Here are exceptionally gifted improvising musicians –– hand-picked by Freedman for a Berl…
CD | €15.50
Tales from an Underground River
*270 copies limited edition. In process of strocking* "Tales from an Underground River" is a record that has transformed many times before it was ready to be released in Fall 2022. Here is its diary. 2019 - Winter. Enrico Coniglio gave birth to it, musically speaking, in 2019 when he recorded two long and multi-layered sets of improvisation with piano, guitar and synths. This material was, as is true with any other OttS record, sent to Matteo Uggeri. He added and removed sounds, arranged tracks …
CD | €13.00
*300 copies limeited edition. In process of stocking* Italian musician and producer Bruno Dorella guides us to "Paradiso", his new solo album, with the music for the homonymous choreographic project of gruppo nanou, to be released on CD and digital on November 25th, 2022 by the independent label 13 / Silentes. "Paradiso" was born for the choreography of the new show by gruppo nanou, a contemporary dance and performing arts company, founded by Marco Valerio Amico, Rhuena Bracci and Roberto Rettur…
CD | €13.00
A Corte (CD+Booklet)
*200 copies limited edition* Human intervention modifying nature and occupying it by integrating into its space through architecture, nature reshaping spaces by (re)settling among structures in the form of a pulsating living organism, an ecosystem, a forest. An aural reflection on the experience of space and sound, and how the natural sound of a place can interact in particular with the architectural space that has occupied it. A visual, photographic and aural investigation of contemporary mount…
CD+Booklet | €18.00
Birome (Zone): Cube [frame] (Book)
*Original. 350 copies edition, in English * 28 pages booklet published by the Middelburg Bureau of Culture and het Apollohuis to accompany an exhibition of Jerry Hunt's installation works exhibition. Birome (ZONE): Cube is devised as a reflex memory cabinet with transactional core: the mechanism used is item-element invariant and system transparent; the cube zone is a body-memory exerciser and operates as a continuous "other": a sexual surface trance derivative emulator. The interior surfaces of…
Book | €16.00
Secret Of Sound (Tape)
*80 copies limited edition. In process of stocking* ‘Car Klaxon was during a visit to Nepal in 2010, I came across what I thought was the busiest intersection. First of all, I knew the moment I arrived there that I had to record this. It was a huge intersection stretching from the capital city of Kathmandu to the provincial cities. The sound of the horns varied, and the timing of the horn presses seemed random, but the sound of the horns being pressed by an unconscious sense of necessity sounded…
Tape | €9.50
Live In Antwerp (Tape)
*In process of stocking* Nuke Watch wade out into liquified ephemera and ride their muggy percussive loops to safety. A foamy, landfill jazz collage originally performed in Antwerp now committed to tape.
Tape | €9.50
White Dove Dream (LP)
* Edition of 300 . In process of stocking* ​​Icebear is Eilis Mahon, a musician from Kildare, Ireland, currently based in Limerick City. The liminal space between storytelling and dreaming is full of noise. Like whispers, flickering lines of static travel to the rhythm of tension, moving through moments of stillness and chaos. The sharp details of the hyper-personal become shared memories. Dreams can be stories, their fabric transient and their logic malleable - like folk songs carrying ancient…
LP | €21.90
Live (Cookin' with Blue Note at Montreaux) (LP, Blue)
*Blue vinyl limited edition* In 1973 the Blue Note Records label landed at the Montreux Jazz Festival, showcasing some of the showcasing some of the top artists of those years under the banner of the soulful and muscular jazz of which the blue label was then the standard-bearer. Muscular jazz of which the blue label was then the standard-bearer. This resulted in several albums entitled Live: Cookin' with Blue Note at Montreux (by Bobby Hutcherson, Ronnie Foster, Bobbi Humphrey, Marlena Shaw), bu…
LP, Coloured | €36.00
Live (Cookin' with Blue Note at Montreaux)
In 1973 the Blue Note Records label landed at the Montreux Jazz Festival, showcasing some of the showcasing some of the top artists of those years under the banner of the soulful and muscular jazz of which the blue label was then the standard-bearer. Muscular jazz of which the blue label was then the standard-bearer. This resulted in several albums entitled Live: Cookin' with Blue Note at Montreux (by Bobby Hutcherson, Ronnie Foster, Bobbi Humphrey, Marlena Shaw), but curiously only one performa…
CD | €21.00
*2022 stock* "Hidehiko Matsumoto Quartet – Sleepy released by Three Blind Mice. Album recorded in 1976  and it was DSD mastering from the original analogue master tapes. This record, made in 1976 in a one-horn quartet setting, showcases Matsumoto’s brilliant playing on both tenor saxophone and flute. He is a true master of both instruments and it is a great pleasure to hear him beautifully recorded by the people of Three Blind Mice. A masterpiece, with great sound." - Audiophile Music
CD | €18.90