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New Arrivals

Less Is More
**200 copies limited edition** In August 2021 Moving Furniture Records curated a music program accompanying the minimal art exhibition 'Less is More', presented by Polderlicht at Factor-IJ, Amsterdam. On this occasion the Orphax performance was recorded live. This CD features the full set - no edits, no cuts. This live set merges Orphax's fascination for minimalist art and his idiosyncratic take on drone music, offering warm and organic atmospheres in which the listener drifts away, losing not o…
CD | €12.50
Could Change (LP)
"Alvin Lucier’s I Am Sitting In A Room was written over 50 years ago, and it’s about time somebody figured out what to do with it. Sure, you could upload and re-upload the same video until it washes out into a gurgle, and people have. But the result is always just less video and not more of something else. There’s no space, no Room, inside a digital stream to come forth. Here’s why: Lucier’s piece famously provides more thrills and chills the more patience you bring to it. And it works that way …
LP | €19.90
Dimanche | Masques | Cartoon Circus (LP)
**150 copies limited edition** "Although he had accepted my request for an interview about his practice as a rhythmist, Fernand Schirren observed me with a more interrogative look than my questions could ever warrant. From the outset, he warned me that he preferred to be called ‘Schirren’ without the addition of his first name, which he despised. It is of course a contraction of Ferdinand, the name of his father, a painter, but we did not discuss the reasons for his aversion any further. On the …
LP | €19.90
Occam Ocean Vol. 4
* In process of stocking  * Eliane Radigue returns with 'Occam Ocean 4', her fourth installment of the incredible, evolving work that she began in 2011. Issued by Shiin Records as a beautifully produced CD, featuring the three leading lights of contemporary experimental music - Bertrand Gauguet, Yannick Guédon and Carol Robinson  - all of whom worked closely with the composer in its development, each of its works soar to remarkable heights and quietly redefine the boundaries of drone and minimal…
CD | €22.00
L'Oeuvre Electronique (14 CD Box)
** In stock soon ** Incredible 14xCD lavish box set, a 16+ hour compendium of the electronic music key works from one of the most important electronic composers of the 20th century complete with a 106 page book. Born between wars, Eliane Radigue’s musical journey began in the Paris studios of musique concrète OGs Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry during the 1950s and 60s, experimenting with magnetic tapes, honing her craft in sound construction. But it wasn’t until the 1970s when Eliane moved to…
14CD Box | €68.00
Triton (LP)
With its title refering to the infamous satanic chord, the musical language of POTEMKINE’s second album (originally released in 1977) is to be found in the Zheul galaxy or on the streets of Canterbury rather than in the flames of Hell
LP | €19.90
Racines Synthetiques (LP)
In 1978, keyboardist and composer Joël Fajerman published « Racines Synthétiques » in collaboration with Jan Yrssen. Some songs were featured on « L’Aventure des plantes » soundtrack, one of the first ecological program on french TV. Living up to its title, this is an astonishing album filled with melancholia and beauty.
LP | €19.90
Library Music - Volume 1 (13CD Box, white)
* Edition of 100 copies. White wooden box set, numbered. From the original master tapes. Includes a booklet. * Piero Umiliani is unquestionably one of the most consistent figures in terms of soundtrack music and library music worldwide. This precious 13CD Box is dedicated to the period of greatest maturity and artistic freedom which coincides with the creation of his personal studio: the Sound Work Shop. The 82 square meter room is elaborated with a particular acoustic treatment suitable for mul…
13CD Box | €105.00
Counterfeiting in Colonial Connecticut / a lot of tiles (trivial scan) (2CD)
XI Records is very pleased to announce the release of a 2 CD set of Michael Winter’s music organized by guitarist Elliot Simpson. Each CD features a single composition, demonstrating different sides of Winter’s work. The first, Counterfeiting in Colonial Connecticut, is a socially-engaged piece written for Simpson and in honor of George Floyd. The second, a lot of tiles (trivial scan), derives music from a set of mathematical tilings (often referred to as tessellations). The album art features r…
2CD | €18.00
Aterblick (3LP)
Over the years when listening to the diverse catalog of Altar Of Flies, the primate in me has on numerous occasions tripped across a selfish thought: it would be sick as fuck if AOF did a release that was, like, straight harsh noise. Nearly all of his releases are laced with masterful passages of blown out crunch, but always as a counterpoint to more delicate and introspective narrative sound. In 2020 as we worked on the Work Ethics CD together, I toyed with the idea of making such a suggestion,…
3LP | €50.00
The Fourth Season
The fourth installment from this brilliant Finnish duo consisting of Aprapat and Mogao, two relative newcomers who have climbed to the top of the pig-pile over the past 2 years. A certain Finnish “gatekeeper” claimed their debut tape was possibly one of the best Finnish harsh noise releases ever, and for my money, they’ve only gotten better since then. They follow their land’s tradition of junk metal abuse noise through mic’d amps, but their sonic skills and playful arrangements set them apart f…
CD | €13.00
Hot Lava Shampoo
One of noise’s freshest voices, hailing from Finland. Extremely creative and resonant harsh noise utilizing the basic elements. After a number of great cassettes on his own brilliant Satatuhatta label that a lot of folks (particularly in the USA) slept on, the world is finally ready to enjoy the genius of Aprapat.
CD | €13.00
Retrace No Steps
Latest release of K.M. Toepfler on White Noise Centipede. Cold, surgical harsh noise achieving militant purity through unorthodox means. Minimalistic brain drilling, carving, and rolling textures. Latent tones that attack the body’s nodes and trigger the misfiring of synapses. The disturbing sense of an ongoing moment of déjà vu that continuously compounds upon itself in waves.
CD | €13.00
Ruth is Jason Crumer’s previously inaccessible harsh noise masterpiece. Recorded specifically for CD (and mastered apocalyptically loud) in 2004-05, Ruth was planned for release on numerous labels at the time of its completion, none of which came to fruition. Eventually, as if resigned to its fate, it was released as a highly limited tape on Nazot in 2008 - a format not at all conducive to the material. The noise on Ruth is razor-sharp and absolutely pummeling cut-up style harsh noise, executed …
CD | €13.00
Fifty-Sixty (LP, Yellow)
**Edition of 300 copies pressed to yellow vinyl with light green marble, in high gloss sleeve and black disco bag. ** Tip! The long-lost psychedelic album from the Incapacitants of the North! On Friday November the 13th, 2009, Lasse Marhaug and Tommi Keränen had an extremely productive day at a real-deal high-end studio in Helsinki, recording a 7” (Het Potati - released on A Dear Girl Called Wendy), a CD (Python In The Bowl - released on Freak Animal) and an LP (Fifty-Sixty - this one). An unnam…
LP, Yellow | €21.90
Killing For Germany / Ragsved
The collaborative recordings of Sewer Election and Treriksröset throughout the mid-2000s are some of the most singular works of harsh noise orthodoxy ever created, holding a heavy position in the canon of noise music. The highly refined and counter-intuitive approach to layering, texture and dynamics contrasts miraculously with primitivism and minimalism, manifesting in several 30 minute slabs of exquisite crust recorded live to tape. "Killing For Germany" is perhaps their most static and straig…
CD | €13.00
Lacerations (2CD)
Six international artists showcased across two compact discs of shredding sound, clattering depths, power electronics violence, and deafening discordance. Though a diverse compilation, Lacerations plays out like a cohesive extended nightmare. Twenty minutes each of essential material from Bacillus, Richard Ramirez, Rusalka, Interracial Sex, Vms Elit, and Cost. Mastered by Grant Richardson at extreme volume. Play loud.
2CD | €16.00
Transociety Relics (2LP)
**Double vinyl, 300 copies limited edition** László Hortobágyi is an electron released in the current world sound system galaxy. His sound art is simultaneously an expanded ethnography of an invented folklore and a way to preserve his acoustic environments for future generations. They are compositions of both terrestrial and spatial sound that present a rich auditory ecology and trace the path from the past to the future. Ancient and futuristic environments interconnected by invisible historical…
2LP | €29.90
Cavité Aérienne
Latest release from Belgian composer Pierre Gerard is Cavité Aérienne (self released), a highly evocative title whose literal translation into English gives us something like “airline cavity”.
CD | €13.00
Minus Modum
"Once again Gerard uses his guitar, low-key electronics, his own voice, and inanimate objects in the creation of a five-part work, this time using Greek letters to identify the separate parts of the structure. He also uses a lot of silence, as usual, and one has to strain quite hard to make out any perceptible markings on this blank stretch of time. Actually what may appear to be pure silence actually contains a very subtle and washed-out drone of some sort, produced by means we know not – it’s …
CD | €13.00