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New Arrivals

Roto Vidblomma (LP, Grey)
Roto Vildblomma, a re-worked, re-mixed and re-mastered edition of MMMΔ’s first ever recording is now available on vinyl by Improved Sequence. Roto Vildblomma marked the beginning of MMMΔ’s (still ongoing) quest to tame the beast of melody grafted intermodulations. It was first released in May 2010 under the Mohammad moniker.
LP, coloured | €19.90
Suspicious Moon (LP)
A collection of Elvis Presley covers recorded by the duet David Fenech & Pierre Bastien
LP | €19.90
Roto Vidblomma (LP)
Roto Vildblomma, a re-worked, re-mixed and re-mastered edition of MMMΔ’s first ever recording is now available on vinyl by Improved Sequence. Roto Vildblomma marked the beginning of MMMΔ’s (still ongoing) quest to tame the beast of melody grafted intermodulations. It was first released in May 2010 under the Mohammad moniker.
LP | €19.90
String Quartet II (6LP Box)
* 2021 Stock ** During the decades following the Second World War, all eyes shifted toward New York, a city which, at that moment, played host to some of brightest creative minds of the century. Innovations were abound. Visual artists, writers, thinkers, musicians, and composers continuously pushed into previously unthinking ground. While the United States had been previously known to give birth to a wild and distinct breed of composer, from Charles Ives to Nancarrow, Harry Partch, Cowell, and b…
6LP Box | €90.00
Reflections : Interviews, Scores, Writings 1965–1994 (Book)
* 2021 Expanded edition. In English *  collection of interviews, ccores and writings by American composer Alvin Lucier during the years 1965–1994. Alvin Lucier (1931) is an American composer of experimental music and sound installations that explore acoustic phenomena and auditory perception. A long-time music professor at Wesleyan University, Lucier was a member of the influential Sonic Arts Union, which included Robert Ashley, David Behrman, and Gordon Mumma. Much of his work is influenced by …
Book | €32.00
Flute Music (LP)
James Newton’s 1977 self-released solo-debut, ‘Flute Music’ is an unheralded gem of the 70’s jazz underground. An album that showcases a diverse range of styles and fervent cross-pollination, while retaining a clear sense of direction and cohesion. An artist funnelling their wild expression into multiple facets of “The New Music”, crafting an auspicious and artistic debut. Newton would later go on to record with revered jazz labels like India Navigation and ECM, and collaborate with fellow creat…
LP | €23.90
"Devoting more than forty years to the painstaking development of an individual style doesn’t mean that British tenor saxophonist Evan Parker eschews new challenges and collaborations. Live is notable, however, because Parker manages, without altering his distinctive reed patterns, to seamlessly match his contributions to those of the Paris-based trio Marteau Rouge. And Parker does so without upsetting the perceptive strategies that members of the trio have developed during their years together.…
CD | €14.50
Café Oto, London, The 22th Of January 2020 (2CD)
A momentous 2020 concert at London's Cafe OTO, presented in two discs, the 1st with label leader Jean-Marc Foussat in a solo improvisation on synth and voice, the 2nd in a trio with Daunik Lazro on tenor & baritone sax, and Evan Parker on soprano sax, the 2 saxophones weaving and responding to Foussat's remarkable alien soundscapes and vocalization in an immersive extended improvisation.
2CD | €16.50
Nature Still
An immersive record of free improvisation from the French trio of analog synth player Jean-Marc Foussat, trombonist Christiane Bopp, and vocalist Emmanuelle Parrenin, 4 works inspired by a still life painting by Duane Keiser, each an impressive evolution and transmutation of sound in dream-like environments that envelop then surprise its listeners.
CD | €14.50
The EMS Synthi AKS was introduced in 1972 as a portable analog synthesizer, used in many avant rock & electronic settings; on Spielgelungen both Jean-Marc Foussat and Thomas Lehn perform on the Synthi, their adept skills and experience with the instrument in free improv highlight both their incredible creative drive and the flexibility of the AKS.
CD | €14.50
A stunning solo album of improvised violin from Viennese violinist Irene Kepl, showing a great range of style and technique while keeping the music playful and interesting, invoking a quote from Trisha Brown: "Dancing on the edge is the only place to be."
CD | €14.50
Instants Chavirés
"This disc represents the outcome of an improvised concert from February 2000 featuring double bassist Peter Kowald, saxophonist Daunik Lazro, together with the voice of Annick Nozati. Having had to resort once more to Google Translate I apologise in advance for misunderstandings and mistranslations. Comparing the French to Google’s English I can recognise the correctness of it but suspect that the nuances of language have been overlooked. The liner notes start with Nozati saying that she does n…
CD | €14.50
Les Vraies Richesses (LP)
Two concerts by improvising keyboardist and vocalist Jean-Marc Foussat, on the LP a recording at the Tout Rennes S'Emmerde event organized by From Town to Town, Capital Taboule, Consternation, L'Effroyable Association Western Soviets Satanist and Dream'in Noise, the 2nd a DVD of Foussat performing live on the beach as part of the 13th Farniente Festival.
LP | €21.90
Nouvelles (2LP+DVD)
A vinyl reissue of improvising synth, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Jean-Marc Foussat's 2001 Potlatch album, originally released as a CD-ROM and here with an accompanying DVD titled "Hope for Happiness" including 3 silent films, two of which relate to the album; performed with Francesco Pastorelli : voice, Louise Foussat : laughs, Marc Bohy : drums, Pascal Bouscailloux : bass, Jac Berrocal : trumpet, Jean-François Pauvros : guitars, Roger Turner : voice
2LP+DVD | €39.00
Substunce Sans Scrupule (LP)
"Substunce Sans Scrupule" is a dream. A hazy dream born in the emptiness between the words of "Igitur ou La folie d'Elbehnon" by Stéphane Mallarmé. A dream that sought Marcel Proust's lost time and constituted the light and the black void between the single frame of Gregory Markopoulos. It is the birth and the destruction of the work of art, primitivism and science. "Substunce Sans Scrupule" is as much Georgios Karamanolaki's automatic writing on the work of Jean-Marc Foussat as Jean-Marc Foussa…
LP | €21.90
Ursae Minoris
**300 copies limited edition** "Ursae Minoris, meaning ‘of Ursa Minor’, is the title of this work because in this album we encounter this constellation not as a singular instance but as an evolution of multiple perspectives to ruminate upon.  As our view of the stars changes with time and place, the three movements of this piece each offer a different aural interpretation. While working on his string quartet Perpetuo Motum, Baroni happened upon the diaries of Ciriaco d’Ancona (1391-1455), an Ita…
CD | €12.50
Monoliths (2CD)
**200 copies limited edition** "The occasion of this double album is to present the two different practices in my music, live performance and studio work. Although phenomenally coming from a different place, it is a result of years of experimentations to bring a simple yet complete electroacoustic set up both on stage and in studio. The original idea was to compose or perform with acoustic instruments generating sustained sounds in a way that, although electronically manipulated, would retain al…
2CD | €16.00
John Duncan / T.R. Kirstein
*Limited edition of 200 copies* "On May 31st, 2019, the day Roky Erickson from 13th Elevators died (I later found out), I woke up from a dream of sound and text. I dreamt that John Duncan kept repeating the words You Are Safe entangled with sine waves. So I instantly shot him a message asking if it was too weird to do exactly that. He replied: "not too weird". " -- Tobias R. Kirstein -- You Are Safe and Come To Me are the first two collaborative tracks by Danish composer/artist Tobias R. Kirstei…
CD | €12.50
Electronic Works & Voices 1961-1987 (3CD + Booklet)
The complete works of one of the pioneers of Belgian early electronics. This 3CD set highlights Leo Kupper's earliest unique compositions produced during the 60's to 90'swhen he was ardently seeking out structures distinctly applicable to purely electronic sounds. His GAME machine - Générateur Automatique de Musique Electronique (Automatic Generator of Electronic Music) was constructed during such period and spirit of renewal and technical exploration.
3CD+Booklet | €21.00
soccer Committee
**200 copies limited edition** "These songs were written between 2004 and 2005, when I had just discovered how I wanted to approach the phenomenon of 'song'. I had created songs with just voice for years, and now had found that the guitar could help tell me what mattered to me. I felt I could create a space by carefully experiencing and 'watching' voice, guitar, silence and overtones. I enjoyed this making of quiet songs, where I could voice things that would get lost in a crowd. I remember wond…
CD | €12.50