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New Arrivals

Adventures in Reality: The Complete Collection (Book)
‘Adventures In Reality’ was a short-lived but much celebrated fanzine, published in the early Eighties that documented the burgeoning post-punk scene of Britain in a wry, witty and passionate way. ‘The Complete Collection’ gathers together all thirteen volumes of the ‘zine in an A4 book.
Book | €29.90
Les Tontons Flingueurs Et Autres Films De Georges Lautner (LP)
A great collection of work from Michel Magne – one of the hippest French soundtrack talents of the 60s! Most of side one features music for the film Les Tontons Flinguers – an early 60s soundtrack on the French scene, and one that showed that music like this was soon going to rival all the cool changes going on in Italian cinema too! There's a nice blend of jazzy and mod elements going on here – older soundtrack modes given a special tweak – so that the Magne magic means that things take on all …
LP | €24.90
Dernier Domicile Connu / Un Aller Simple (Lp)
* Remastered, quality vinyl * Two tremendous soundtracks from the mighty Francois De Roubaix – easily one of our favorite film composers of all time! Dernier Domicile Connu is wonderful – with a famous theme that mixes stepping strings and funky drums in this really magnificent way – before moving between spare instrumental moments and the return of the great theme – all with that incredible ear for space and sound that made Francois so different than so many of his contemporaries! Une Aller Sim…
LP | €25.90
Sine~Plus (LP)
*180gr vinyl, LP in PVC sleeve, limited to 400 copies*   Sine is one of the earlier works by renowned sound-artist, composer and sound designer, Radboud Mens. It was constructed in 1998 and released on CD by Staalplaat in 2000 who now reissue this on vinyl in 2021, featuring an entire side of new material. Having forged out a unique path in music for many years this is a means by which to view the genesis of what would become “Radboud Mens music”.  Side A comprises the original Sine which is con…
LP | €21.00
Serrisme (Book + CD)
* Edition of 300 *   Invited by the town of Hoeilaart and with the support of the Flemish Heritage Fund we create this special document: a CD and a 32 pages booklet. Through photography, text, music, and sound we log a unique and peculiar culture: the grape cultivation under glass in Hoeilaart, a small village just below Brussels. Step with us inside the greenhouse, inside the confined world of the greenhouse workers.  Serrism is: a musical illustration - by Christina Vantzou, sound registration…
Book+CD | €16.00
The Complete Works Of Yoshiko Sai (Box)
* Limited to 445 sets. Comes with obi. 7inch and booklet are in white paper sleeve that written Yoshiko Sai's signature and numbering. P-Vine official online store & Disk Union exclusive * 5 reissue LPs (Mangekyo, Mikkou, Taiji no Yume, Chou no Sumu Heya, Takla Makan) Limited 7" ep including new recording (no sale separately, just for this set) A-side is her new song "Nihonichi Chiisana Mura" which is collaboration with Seiichi Yamamoto (recorded just 5 days ago!), Sai-san played this song somet…
Vinyl LP | €360.00
Mikko (LP)
*2021 reissue with obi and insert* Truly a Japanese psychedelic female acid-folk masterpiece. Released on July 25th, 1976, Mikkô was Sai Yoshiko's second album, a wonderful acid-folk album on which she gets assisted by a string of big name musicians such as Kuni Kawauchi (of the Happenings Four, amongst others) to arrange the songs. Mikkô features Sai's original songs, making it her first real complete album. At times the disc draws in Middle Eastern influences (sitar and tabla), but once she ge…
LP | €36.90
ViewFinder / Hide & Seek (LP)
Black Truffle is thrilled to announce ViewFinder / Hide & Seek, a new release from acclaimed American experimental composer David Behrman, presenting recordings made in collaboration with Jon Gibson and Werner Durand between 1989 and 2020. Last heard from on Black Truffle as part of the collaborative art song/live electronics madness of She’s More Wild, these recordings find Behrman continuing the pioneering work in interactive electronics that have established him as one of the major living exp…
LP | €22.90
L' Oeuvre Musicale En 12 CD (Box-set)
**Finally repressed, absolutely recommended!** An incredible box-set with 33 compositions from 1964 to 2007 that includes a 92-page booklet in French and English. The best way to enter the world of Bernard Parmegiani, French composer of musique concrète, member of the GRM group.
12CD Box-set | €60.00
Lava (2CD)
With this music Luigi Archetti penetrates into the acoustic nano-area; virtually sits down in the crystal lattice. A microcosm becomes audible - aggregate states under the magnifying glass. A music in which condensations and dissolutions become plastic, fragments seem to whirl around vegetatively. Surfaces lead a supposedly silent life of their own and sounds take shape in them, gain body. Silence and slowness are important components of the music. Tonal fragments and fleeting acoustic memories,…
CDx2 | €19.90
Anthology Of Exploratory Music From India
**200 copies** The new Unexplained Sounds Group’s compilation of exploratory music and sound works from India intends to present a comprehensive collection of sonic practices that have emerged from the desire to break away from India’s traditional sounds, e.g. classical music and folk tunes, while simultaneously drawing on ideas and inspirations from these lineages and auditory heritages in the form of recurring motifs and sonorities as well as textures and open-ended compositions. It features B…
CD | €13.00
Wildweeds (Book)
* 9″ x 12″ perfect soft bound, 120 pages First edition of 150, hand-numbered * Wildweeds is the first art book by musician Loren Connors.  Following a series of LPs on Recital showcasing Loren’s haunting guitar playing, I am pleased to present a proper collection of his Wildweed drawings.  Connors’ visual art has occasionally been included as little prints and pamphlets inside his LPs and CDs; though, always explored in a shade, an appendage to his music.  Combusted bulbs of purple and yellow fl…
Book | €38.00
Dans le Sable (LP)
*  Vinyl Edition of 500, 175 gram, ncludes 11″ x 11″ insert with program notes* Dans le Sable is the first new album in over 40 years by composer, pianist, and digital audio pioneer Loren Rush (b. 1935). Active in the Bay Area new music scene since the late 1950s alongside composers such as Robert Erickson and Pauline Oliveros, he also co-founded the Stanford University’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics in 1975. His music has been performed by the Boston Symphony, the New Yor…
LP | €25.90
Theremin (LP)
** 500 Hand Numbered copies only** Lithuanian-born violin prodigy Clara Rockmore became the best-known master of the electronic theremin after emigrating to the USA, her uncommon approach enabling its integration in the classical milieu even as she refined its construction. This landmark debut surfaced in 1977, when she was already 66; produced by synthesizer pioneer Bob Moog and featuring her sister Nadia on accompanying piano, Theremin (aka The Art Of The Theremin) showed all the majesty and g…
LP | €17.90
Peter Tscherkassky, All the Soundtracks (2005–2021) (2LP + 7" Flexi)
* numbered + handmade in an edition of 250 copies (continuing the uniform established with previous editions); 2x180gr vinyl in custom-made screen-printed outer (sealed), containing two risograph inserts featuring original writing by musician Dirk Schaefer and filmmaker Peter Tscherkassky with visual material by Tscherkassky* The original soundtracks by Dirk Schaefer for the films of Peter Tscherkassky. Newly mastered and available for the first time, this boxset covers the heroic part…
2LP + 7" flexi | €48.00
Especially Songs
Conjure in your mind’s ear a conference room with a reverberation time of 0.6 seconds. Now forget all that because The Mighty Cloud creates an entirely alien sense of time, both collapsing and expanding acoustic behavior until your conference room is a parking structure, your childhood bathroom, the Voynich Manuscript, a field. A remarkably poetic debut of subtlety and finesse, the sound-worlds meticulously fabricated by Portland’s Dave Quam (FKA Massacooramaan, Modern Melodies) and Seoul’s Joe …
CD | €12.00
Radioactive Desire (2CD)
* Edition of 300. Gorgeous double-CD packaged inside a full-color, eight-panel, heavyweight digipak. Multifold full-color insert with photos and liner notes included. * Quoting Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly "The music is intense on every level, and there is a great underlying tension in these pieces, a mysterious force if you will." Recorded on the hottest days in the longest year, Bob Bellerue's "Radioactive Desire" is a work for free chamber music in feedback environments. Simple improvisationa…
2CD | €18.00
Naga (2 CD Box)
Fairy tale opera has been a challenging genre for composers, with even some of the musically most successful examples, like Humperdinck’s Hansel and Gretel of 1893, more often presented for children than for adults. Scott Wheeler’s (b. 1952) Naga, working from a text that lies between fairy tale and mythology, stands much closer to Mozart’s marvelous exemplar, The Magic Flute, in its musical account of a restless man setting out on a spiritual quest in a world polarized between good and evil for…
CDx2 | €30.00
October 24, 1975
**Tape Limited Edition to 100 numbered copies ** A few months after the release of the legendary Strumming in 1974, Charlemagne Palestine gave a masterful and powerful 56 minutes performance in Antwerp in an exciting concert series. With the work and the precious help of M KHA and Lotte Beckwé, we were able to find this recording. We are pleased to offer you this unreleased performance on cassette and CD
Tape | €16.00
October 24, 1975
**CD Limited Edition to 300 copies ** A few months after the release of the legendary Strumming in 1974, Charlemagne Palestine gave a masterful and powerful 56 minutes performance in Antwerp in an exciting concert series. With the work and the precious help of M KHA and Lotte Beckwé, we were able to find this recording. We are pleased to offer you this unreleased performance on cassette and CD
CD | €18.00