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New Arrivals

Beyond Sound (Book)
* 2021 Stock. English edition * This interview with Romain Kronenberg by curator Anne-Laure Chamboissier traces the filmmaker's progression, from his first projects to the most recent, including some currently in development. It reveals the complexity of a body of work where the relationship between image and sound is constantly reinvented with each new creation. (in the framework of the “Beyond Sound” interview series, dedicated to sound arts). Romain Kronenberg is a film director and composer.…
Book | €12.00
Sick Soundtrack (LP)
* Edition of 300* The end of the 1970s was an historical period of great social and cultural tensions and changes, the Gaznevada band was formed within this context. Their first recordings are collected in a K7 simply titled Gaznevada. Recognized by critics as the first publication of Italian punk rock, this production is a "time window" open to this historical period, it records intact the ingenuity and contradictions, but also expresses its creativity and energy. Released in 1979, the K7 Gazne…
LP | €25.90
Aural Tools Box (Wooden Box, Art Edition)
Lovely wooden box containing the complete series of seven aural tools, each in its own box. Few copies available
sound object | €200.00
Minuzia consists in an acoustic version of an audio installation that the French bassoon player Dafne Vicente-Sandoval had been presenting at a few sound art exhibitions; a handful bassoon cane reeds were regularly soaked into water, and these very thin slices of wood would start crackling in the course of their drying out process. These minute sounds were amplified by contact microphones and listened to through headphones. With an original text by the British anthropologist Tim Ingold. Score: S…
sound object | €20.00
Pietra di Langa
Pietra di Langa extends Enrico Malatesta’s investigation on the oscillatory patterns by stones and ready-made objects. It consists in a solid made of concrete, whose shape has been obtained by silicone casting an actual stone.  With an original text by the British anthropologist Tim Ingold: “Who says that stones cannot speak? Most of us, if asked. We are pretty convinced that stones are inanimate objects, and that they are therefore incapable of moving of their own accord. And without movement, …
sound object | €15.00
30 Meters Stretch
30 Meters Stretch is an extension of a series of works, correspondingly titled 500 Meters Stretch, 480 Meters Stretch and so on, by Seiji Morimoto, a Japanese sound artist based in Berlin. It consists of a spool of 30 meters long, 5 cm wide, lightweight fabric, to be stretched out between trees or poles in any open space. As these long lines wave, rattle and flutter according to the wind, they make air both visible and audible.  The object’s aim is to bring the listening experience outside the a…
sound object | €20.00
Transducer derives form a functionally similar instrument built by the Australian sound artist Felicity Mangan. Instructions: • Turn on the transducer by the red switch in the tee. • Turn on Bluetooth on phone or computer, pair your device with MH38. • Check sound levels on phone or computer (about 3/4 of maximum is usually best), then play sound. • Attach the stronger magnet (the disk shaped one) to any magnetic metal surface/object or clamp a non magnetic object with both the disk and the ring…
sound object | €25.00
Trifoglio is a portable mid/side stereo speaker.
The device is designed to be listened to while holding it in the hands (like a book) and plays music created specifically for it* by different artists: as soon as new contributions are available they are published online.  Current sound compositions by: Adam Asnan, Alessandro Bosetti, Andrea Belfi, Andy Guhl, Attila Faravelli, Choi Joonyong, Dario Lozano-Thornton, Enrico Malatesta, Fabio Selvafiorita, Felicity Mangan, Francisco Meirino, Giovanni L…
sound object | €60.00
Bilia derives from the work of percussionist Enrico Malatesta. The release consists of five wooden balls (3,5 cm Ø) carved from different woods. Enrico’s very own sound comes from a horizontal approach to the percussion instruments that are, in his practice, a space for movement, where every action is also a form of exploration and listening as well as an exercise in imagination.  «Percussion instruments are round-shaped, and I utilize this simple notion as a starting point. I often apply fricti…
sound object | €25.00
Freie Aerophone
Freie Aerophone is based on Matija Schellander’s solo pieces for double bass, The Drill and Matija Schellander, that make extensive use of indistinct low pitches resonating a space, and sound projections by circular movement of the performer with the instrument. In the Hornbostel-Sachs musical instrument classification (Zeitschrift für Ethnologie, 1914), the freie aerophone  is an instrument in which the vibrating air is not contained within the instrument itself, for example a siren or a bullro…
sound object | €15.00
Le Frisson Des Vampires (LP)
**In process of stocking. Repressed owing to incredible demand. This black vinyl pressing follows hot on the heels of our instant sell-out transparent blood red vinyl pressing** The entire unreleased soundtrack for Jean Rollins 1971 ultimate French vampire hippy flick, Le Frisson Des Vampires. Embryonic psych funk recordings from Parisian teenage psych combo (including members of French No-No mod rockers Unity). Imagine an early Gong/Ame Son/Soft Machine session fueled by a 1000-year old, acid-i…
LP | €19.90
Avvitagalli (Tape)
* Sold out at source. Edition of 60. Handstamped and numbered *  A summer recording session, conceived as a dadaist collage sound experiment and edited in the traditional apulian cooking style. Efisio Biancofiore: Potatoes, handmade metal & wood instruments, reed objects.Pino Montecalvo: Rice, keyboard, bass, plastic bone, some toys and voice.Valentina Magaletti: Mussels, drums, percussion, magnetic sources.Thanks to Gianluca Ranieri for his saxophone fragments.
Tape | €13.00
* Edition of 200 in 6-panel ecopack/digifile * Lastfirst is the brand new project by MB. The work is based on a reworking of his 1999 album entitled First Day Last Day. The original work has been totally reprocessed and reworked into a darker version that reflects even more the dark times we are living in. A symphony that digs deep into our souls and lays bare all our fears. Together with Dead Colours (2003), Lastfirst represents one of the most intense and profound moments in MB's discography. …
CD | €12.00
Private Thoughts Recordings
* Edition of 200 in 6-panel ecopack/digifile * Nine years after the death of Pierpaolo Zoppo, an unforgettable artist and a forerunner of Industrial Music with his Mauthausen Orchestra 'cult' project, this new CD of completely unreleased material - containing tracks he composed between 2009 and 2012 - is finally released by Standa. The album - a release which has been officially authorised by his family - shows us Pierpaolo Zoppo at the peak of his artistic maturity: after investigating the most…
CD | €12.00
Needs Must When the Devil Drives
* Edition of 200 in 4-panel ecopack/digifile * After the critically acclaimed "Pondfire" (Boring Machines, 2015) and "Grey Mornings" (Boring Machines, 2017), Paul Beauchamp has taken a new direction with his third album, "Needs Must When the Devil Drives". With this work, a single track lasting a little over half an hour comprising several movements, Beauchamp has moved away from the use of acoustic instruments as sound sources and has instead followed the mantra of Brian Eno of "the recording s…
CD | €12.00
Remedies For a Foggy Day
*2021 Stock * Formed in 2016 Daimon is the trio of Nicola Quiriconi (VipCancro, Lisca Records), Paolo Monti (The Star Pillow) and Simon Balestrazzi (T.A.C., Dream Weapon Ritual, Hidden Reverse, A Sphere Of Simple Green, Candor Chasma, Kirlian Camera, etc.). Devoted to a vibrant and majestic personal form of drone music, Daimon are exploring new depths as well as highly dynamic soundscapes that will surround you with their overwhelming sense of fluttering memories. In 2017 they toured across Euro…
CD | €10.00
* 2021 Stock * Simon Balestrazzi and Nicola Quiriconi have performed together many times over the last few years both with the deep drone audio/visual project Daimon and Balestrazzi guesting with Quriconi’s long lived ensemble VipCancro. “Licheni” documents their first meeting as a duo and explores an adventurous sonic territory between free improv and microsound. Balestrazzi (T.A.C., Dream Weapon Ritual, A Sphere Of Simple Green et al.) has been around for more of three decades painstakingly ex…
CD | €10.00
Cinque Studi sul Paesaggio
Abu-l-Hasan al-Nuri primitive Sufi saint writes: "they possess nothing and are possessed by nothing" is the basis for five landscape studies, as an idea of ​​emptying the soundscape in its concept and also in its practice, a laboratory of environmental recordings and sampling. This work is visited by readings ranging from Céline to Novalis passing through Georg Buchner in his "Lenz" arriving at Arthur Schopenhauer, offering insights above all in his writings on music and in the "world as will an…
CD | €10.00
Gyllensköld, Geijerstam And I At Rydberg’s (2 Coloured LP)
* Silver & Black / White Vinyl. Metallic Gatefold sleeve. 200g 2LP. Augmented album * This 1983 period in which Gyllensköld was recorded was a fantastic time for the evolution of Steven Stapleton’s audio art. His collaborations with Diana Rogerson, Robert Haigh (Sema), David Tibet, and Thirlwell around this time elicited some of the most exciting work Nurse With Wound had yet recorded. Listen to this material and compare it to Chance Meeting and it becomes clear that in just a few years, Staplet…
2 Coloured LP | €36.00
Gyllensköld, Geijerstam And I At Rydberg’s (2LP)
* Metallic Gatefold sleeve. 200g 2LP. Augmented album * This 1983 period in which Gyllensköld was recorded was a fantastic time for the evolution of Steven Stapleton’s audio art. His collaborations with Diana Rogerson, Robert Haigh (Sema), David Tibet, and Thirlwell around this time elicited some of the most exciting work Nurse With Wound had yet recorded. Listen to this material and compare it to Chance Meeting and it becomes clear that in just a few years, Stapleton’s art had grown by leaps an…
2LP | €29.90