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New Arrivals

** 2021 Stock. A limited edition record of the unreleased recording of PLVG (pronounced “plug”) recorded in 1973. A coloured vinyl, of which only 1000 numbered copies have been made, with insert ** PLVG is formed of ex-members of the band Calcium, considered the cream of French studio musicians. In May 1971, soon after his triumphant Olympia 70, singer Julien Clerc surrounds himself with musicians Charles Benaroche and Denis Lable. They are joined in 72 by Stéphane Vilar (ex-Calcium) who had jus…
Red LP | €28.00
** Edition of 300 ** Reissue of this great album by Anthony Di Franco of Ramleh's longstanding JFK project. Originally released in 2017 by US label Chondritic Sound as a limited run vinyl LP, this reissue features two bonus tracks ('Tenebrae' and 'Star Killer II') that only otherwise appeared on a very limited lathe-cut 7" and catches JFK in a more direct mode than subsequent work, with serrated electronics owing more to earlier excursions jostling for attention next to battlefield beats and a m…
CD | €12.50
Lucy & Aaron (LP)
Tip! * Lucy & Aaron is the debut collaboration LP from the duo of Lucrecia Dalt (RVNG Intl.) and Aaron Dilloway (Dais Records). Full length LP in full color cover with printed inner sleeve featuring art by artist Pieter Schoolwerth. * “I met Aaron in Madeira around 10 years ago, and I was blown away by his set, when I was going to tour the US for the first time, Forest, my US my booking agent asked me if I wanted to tour with someone from his roster and I suggested Mr Dilloway, the first show we…
LP | €23.90
10x6=60CD Box Set
Merzbow's unpublished/excavated archive series by Slowdown Records began to be released in 2018, and so far 10 chapters have been published. This 60CD box contains all those 10 chapters. They have been published in chronological order starting from 1979, you can trace the changes of the various styles of Merzbow by listening to all of them in the correct order.
10x6=60CD Box | €360.00
Audioregistratore Due Cavalli (Tape)
Angelo Bignamini and Cristiano Carosi met on the internet in 2017. They arrange a short tour together in the north of Italy at the end of the same year but play for the first time together in Piacenza some years later and "Audioregistratore" is the result of this live collaboration. In that occasion they improvise supported by magnetic tapes, sinthesizers and various objects. The result is a dynamic and well meshed divertissement, a multifaced recordings full of complicity and introspection, pla…
Tape | €9.00
Misure (Tape)
** Recycled Tape, Xeroxed Art, Limited Edition of 36 Numbered Copies ** In the last few years several italian artists started to go deeper in tape music exploration. That's the case of Rome-based Cristiano Carosi. Misure presents the introspective psychedelic side of it. A collage of different sources such as surreal words, altered voices coming from who knows where, and clumsy synthesis-produced sounds that melt down together in a juicy lo-fi sauce (remarked by the straight-on-cassette recordin…
Tape | €9.00
Palais Schaumburg (Red LP)
** For the 40th anniversary of this influential album from Hamburg-based band Palais Schaumburg Bureau B are releasing a limited LP version: 500 copies, numbered, red vinyl, and with printed inner sleeve including all lyrics in German and English ** The influential German post-punk electronic pop band Palais Schaumburg has reunited in the classic line-up. Since its release in 1981, their debut album has remained in a league of its own: fleet-footed and peculiar, abstract and pop, amateurish and …
Red LP | €23.90
Early Works / Things Popping Up From The Past (LP)
Michel Banabila, born 1961, is a sound artist, composer, and producer. Banabila releases music since 1983 and has produced musical scores for numerous films, documentaries, theatre plays and choreographies. This album collects 11 songs from his early years, released on tape, vinyl EPs or limited CD editions: beautiful minimal loop-based electronica, neo-classical pieces and ambient drone music. A true discovery!  Numerous threads run through the music of Michel Banabila, whose contemporary work …
LP | €19.90
Wah​-​Wah Whispers (Clear LP)
Ever since he released his music in the early '80s, Michel Banabila has been hard to pinpoint to a specific genre or style. His musical output includes jazz, experimental cut-up electronics, world music (especially influenced by the Fourth World music as developed by Jon Hassell), New Age, eclectic pop tunes, music for dance or other stage projects, and soundtracks for TV productions. Wah-Wah Whispers focuses on Banabila's more recent output. It is a collection of works showcasing many facets of…
Clear LP | €19.90
Die Rückkehr der echten Menschheit 1981-1990 (LP)
This first Bureau B retrospective devoted to Die Welttraumforscher covers the Swiss project's early creative period from 1981 to 1990. The eccentric, heartwarming pop songs now sound like documents from a parallel world, interwoven with idiosyncratic fantasy, surreal stories and dreamlike apparitions. All tracks have been remastered and the artwork has been lovingly crafted with the original Forscher drawings.Die Welttraumforscher is one of Switzerland’s most enigmatic musical projects, with a c…
LP | €19.90
Anthology Of Experimental Music From China
* Edition of 200 * China’s experimental music and sound art scene began to take shape in the post-Tiananmen era in the late 1990s. A few musicians from the mainland’s underground music scene started to experiment with new ways of making music while the music industry co-opted the once revolutionary and independent rock music scene. The Hong Kong based experimental musician Dickson Dee and the U.S. based artist Dajuin Yao introduced Western avant-garde, experimental music to the mainland through …
CD | €13.00
Musick From Madness
**200 copies** Musik From Madness is a collection of previously unreleased material, recorded between 1986 and 1990. Schloss Tegal is an American ambient psychogenic sound project duo consisting of Richard Schneider and Mark Burch, that has existed since the 80s, recording conceptual albums that explore extreme and sometimes morbid subjects. The name comes from a castle outside of Berlin that was one of the first psychiatric hospitals. The castle was destroyed and the patients exterminated durin…
CD | €14.00
8​-​Infinities (LP)
** Limited to 250 copies ** 8-Infinities represents Discos Transgénero’s first contemporary release after several reissues and archival projects. Stepping away from customary North-American guitar traditions, Ameel Brecht (core member of Razen) presents an utterly singular take on early European music with an album which evokes the inner conflicts of growing up and their connection to the concerns of fatherhood. A classically trained musician, Brecht resorts once again to the use of resophonic g…
LP | €22.90
The Works (LP)
Our Swimmer’s first ever vinyl reissue of Alvin Curran’s seminal 1980 LP, 'The Works', is nothing short of a historic event. Among the composer’s most famous and sought-after releases, it’s an absolute stunning piece of work - blending voice, piano, synthesizer, and tape into a seamless expanse of ambience, texture, and tone - that manages to turn experimentalism on its head over 40 years on.
LP | €21.90
Black Saint (LP)
Billy Harper is one of the great tenor saxophonists in the post-Coltrane mold. Originally from Houston, TX and with a degree from the venerable University of North Texas College of Music, Harper emerged on the New York City jazz scene in the late 1960s performing with Art Blakey, Max Roach, Lee Morgan and others. Known for his soulful and propulsive tone, Harper was already a highly regarded and prolific session man before the release of his debut album as a leader on the cult favorite Strata-Ea…
LP | €21.90
The Harmonic Series Volume 2 (3LP)
A collection of long-form works in just intonation by Kali Malone, Duane Pitre, Catherine Lamb, Tashi Wada, Byron Westbrook, and Caterina Barbieri. Mastered by Stephan Mathieu
3LP | €55.00
Last Afternoon
** Edition of 200 ** The second release on Constructive is ‘Last Afternoon’ by Japanese composer Takuma Watanabe. Having studied at Berklee College in the USA he is currently living in Japan where he composes for film using a string ensemble founded by himself. This is Watanabe’s first full length artist album. ‘Last Afternoon’ features collaborations with American vocalist and composer Joan La Barbara known for her recorded works with John Cage, Morton Feldman, Robert Ashley and composer and so…
CD | €15.00
Last Afternoon (Clear LP)
** Edition of 300 Clear Vinyl ** The second release on Constructive is ‘Last Afternoon’ by Japanese composer Takuma Watanabe. Having studied at Berklee College in the USA he is currently living in Japan where he composes for film using a string ensemble founded by himself. This is Watanabe’s first full length artist album. ‘Last Afternoon’ features collaborations with American vocalist and composer Joan La Barbara known for her recorded works with John Cage, Morton Feldman, Robert Ashley and com…
Clear LP | €24.90
Mask of Cheerful
** Edition of 100 ** Test Recordings presents Mask of Cheerful by Ross Scott-Buccleuch on tapes, synths, and field recordings; Sigrtryggur Berg Sigmarsson on sounds and voice; Andrew Sharpley on sounds and edit. Mastered by Richard Scott. Front cover collage by Ross Scott-Buccleuch.
CD | €13.50
Ghost of dAdA
** Edition of 100 ** Test Recordings presents Ghost of dAdA by Ross Scott-Buccleuch, Sigrtryggur Berg Sigmarsson and Andrew Sharpley. Previously issued july 2020 as Chocolate Monk CD 481. Ross Scott-Buccleuch asked Andrew Sharpley to edit his solo record for him. He sent over a lot of files, some DIY circuit bent improvising, some tape stuff, recordings of rugby club toilets, overt dregs of blank weather, streams, train stations, drones, all kinds of audio gunk & goof that he was supposed to edi…
CD | €13.50