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New Arrivals

1754 (Book)
**100 copies limited edition** The book is an ongoing list of records which have just fonts on the cover, so with no images or illustrations. It’s both a physical and virtual collection carried out for years by the author. It neither follows any musical genre nor personal preference. The title stands for the number of titles listed.
Book | €15.00
Absence Presence (LP, clear)
**Limited edition of 300 copies. ClearVinyl** Pages torn from an imaginary sketchbook. Beneath the waves of noise, within the swarm on the senses, visions held in absence presence. Despite decades of magical acoustic evenings performed across the globe, this is the first release of this kind from The Telescopes. A rare document of the songs behind the noise. A penetrating glimpse into the eye of an all embracing maelstrom. The Telescopes house has many rooms. Absence Presence opens another doorw…
LP, clear | €20.90
Istanti Per Volare Via (LP)
**Limited edition of 300** The inner journey of Lorenzo Fortino brings to mind many example of minimal and contemporary music, verging on sophisticated ambient electronics textures. A pleasant experience all in all, a tender scenario and a truly looking-forward album with a real taste for harmony and arrangements. A lifting experience for a mature young composer." - Luca Collepiccolo
LP | €18.00
World Speaks (LP)
** Edition of 300 ** World Speaks is the new album by Piotr Kurek. It consists of seven vivid paintings. We are greeted by processed voices. A bit later we listen to a fine reed solo, while an organist performs a meditative melody. Hints of a human presence, but World Speaks sounds uninhabited. Instead we enter a glassy reality where the simulation is at play. And where nothing seems what it is: are we witness to the choreography – or the rocky seashore? “At that time I was playing with various…
LP | €21.00
In Vivo (LP)
**Limited edition of 300 copies** In Vivo is a cross-media collaboration between clarinetist and composer Gareth Davis and Slovenian-born photographer Klavdij Sluban, released on IIKKI. It sets Sluban’s images from throughout his career, primarily of jailed teenagers in prisons around the world, to Davis’s contemporary classical music informed by post-rock and noise music.
LP | €22.90
In Vivo
**Limited edition of 200 copies** In Vivo is a cross-media collaboration between clarinetist and composer Gareth Davis and Slovenian-born photographer Klavdij Sluban, released on IIKKI. It sets Sluban’s images from throughout his career, primarily of jailed teenagers in prisons around the world, to Davis’s contemporary classical music informed by post-rock and noise music.
CD | €13.00
Hall ov Fame (LP)
“I have movies in my head” describes Tobias Freund the source that inspired his new album to fill it with a fantastic life of its very own. Consequently, each of the eight tracks represents a scene out of a fictitious short film, some of them with a claustrophobic and tense atmosphere while others appear light and hopeful on the screen of imagination. What they have in common is an adventurous spirit that is inherent in and played out by three main characters: repetitive electronic and acoustic …
LP | €20.90
Feelings (LP)
Feelings was written and produced by Ekin Fil amidst the months of anxious tension that 2020 laid upon us, taking around 1 year to manifest in its final form. Yet underneath the opaque veneer of swooning drones, timeworn chords and verbal lamentations, glimpses of sanguinity and optimism flicker through the fabric of the work, mirroring the perpetual state of uncertainty and isolation we collectively faced that year, suspended between months of dissolute ambivalence and minute, optimistic spurs.
LP | €18.90
Disposofónicos: Acumuladores de Objectos Sonantes (4CD + LP + Book)
Tip! An incredible new release, years in the making, has surfaced out of Portugal that celebrates experimental composition, inventive instruments and contraptions and the art of photography. The limited edition set (only 500), Disposofónicos: Acumuladores de Objectos Sonantes, is out via the good people of Sonoscopia, a cultural association in Porto. The project under the artistic direction by Gustavo Costa and Henrique Fernandes comes with this gorgeous book, housed in a sleek outer box, and th…
4CD + LP + Book | €55.00
Voces (3CD + Book)
Voces documents many of Walter Zimmermann’s compositions for voices from 1979–2016. The words set range from Meister Eckhart and Hadewijch to Lermontov, Mandelstam, Jabès, Tranströmer, Ingold and Robert Creeley (with his voice accompanying the musicians). Performers include: Claudia Barainsky, the musicians of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company (including David Tudor & Takehisha Kosugi), Tehila Nini Goldstein,  KNM Ensemble, Meitar Ensemble, Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart, Peter Schöne / Jan Phili…
3CD + Book | €45.00
Neon City (Remaster) (LP)
Neon City is the debut release by Erik K Skodvin & Otto A Totland's Deaf Center project, finally re-issued 18 years since its first appearance. Listening to Neon City in 2022 is like taking a melancholy journey down rainy city streets of the early naughts, made by the then two young Norwegians in their mid 20s after spending time together in a basement full of vintage items. Armed with young optimism and a sense of musical experimentation, they started sampling everything around them, be it an o…
LP | €19.90
Läuten der Seele (LP)
**200 copies limited edition** Behind the mysterious name 'Läuten der Seele' comes the eponymous solo debut-album from Christian Schoppik, half of the confidentially acclaimed experimental dark folk duo Brannten Schnüre from Wurzburg (DE).  The record is composed of 12 abstract audio collages based on transformed sampled loops from German 50’s Heimatfilme features -a popular domestic genre involving rural settings, romantic tone and simplistic morality, centered on love, friendship and family- j…
LP | €21.90
Works for Piano (3CD)
"The piano was the favourite instrument of Morton Feldman (1926 – 1987). “What is the difference between an orchestra and a piano? A piano has pedals”, he once said. The three works on the CD – Triadic Memories (1981), For Bunita Marcus (1985) and Palais de Mari (1986) – are iconic of Feldman’s compositional trajectory. Firstly, because of their length. The first two pieces each last almost an hour and a half, Palais de Mari 25 minutes. Furthermore, the limitation of the musical material is stri…
3CD | €21.90
Works for Ensemble
Wolfram Schurig's musical career began with instrumental playing. After basic training on the recorder, his concert studies with Kees Boeke, one of the protagonists of historically informed performance practice, left their mark on him. This experience plays an important role in Schurig's working method as a composer: "You simply write music differently when you are on stage yourself. You owe it to the performer to deliver something that is playable, and in which he can find himself as a co-creat…
CD | €16.50
Aggregate Forms (2CD)
"The radically mind-expanding challenges of Catherine Lamb’s string quartets have given me great joy and satisfaction. Imagining and creating the sonic relations yields an integration of number and sound, offering a pathway toward ultimate oneness. Opening ears and mind to infinitely rich patterns, these resonances penetrate deeply to the core. The recording is not an endpoint, but part of a broadening process, a continuous evolution of abstract relationships becoming concrete, erasing artificia…
2CD | €20.00
The Swiss composer, sound and video artist Jannik Giger lifts the veils and creates access to the usually rather hidden, private worlds of music making on this album Krypta. The rage, teachings, interjections and body sounds of the mostly already deceased world-famous conductors are embedded like relics in the morbid-ritual accompaniment of the fictional orchestra.Can the ex-patriarchs one day be resurrected? At least they are brought to speak in a new way in their own requiem, come to unusually…
CD | €16.50
1. Keintate / Eine Letzte Art Chansons
Friedrich Cerha, whose monumental Spiegel cycle and his completion of Alban Berg'’s Lulu have secured him a place amongst the most eminent composers of our time, celebrated his 95th birthday on 17 February 2021. This album presents two of his lesser known very typical Viennese works, featuring chansonnier HK Gruber. While somehow in the tradition of the local music played at the Heurigen, both pieces dig deep into the musical and spiritual soul of Vienna’s folk and art music. This extraordinary …
CD | €16.50
24 Hrs (LP)
The rarefied music of Ramuntcho Matta returns to Emotional Rescue with the first ever reissue of his album, 24 Hrs. Recorded in 1986 – the same year as his influential Ecoute... – the album finds Matta working in a less playful, more experimental framework but with the same ground breaking results. Again collaborating with a selection of accomplished players, 24 Hrs sees Matta (electronics, guitars, marimba, melodica, sanza, vocals) work again with Cacau de Queiroz (flute and saxaphones) and Eli…
LP | €24.90
A Flattened Face Fogs Through (Lp)
* Edition of 300 on black vinyl. Includes a full color 21 page 8.5" x 11" booklet of photographs, poetry, artwork, liner notes and other ephemera * Dr. John M. Bennett (Chicago, 1942) has been a prolific contributor on the absolute fringes of the American poetry, mail-art, and underground music worlds throughout his career, while working as a scholar and archivist of Latin American literature and avant-garde writing. One of two sons to prominent cultural anthropologist John W. Bennett, he was bo…
LP | €25.90
Tip! * Edition of 100 * 160 gram opaque purple swirl vinyl housed in a 12", semi-rigid picture disc sleeve. 4-1/4" fold over flap & strap. Full color labels. 3.5"x2" Hype sticker. Hand-numbered and autographed by Zakè. Carolina was produced during a four day excursion in several secluded areas in Cherokee and Spartanburg counties, S. Carolina. The primary emphasis in each composition is field recordings captured in the quiet hills of rural Chesnee, solemn wooded areas of Gaffney, and hidden cree…
LP | €19.90