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New Arrivals

Duck Walks Dog (With Mixed Results) (LP)
"NoBusiness presents archive studio recordings by DUX Orchestra, which featured Mats Gustafsson and Will Connell, Jr. among its revered members. Duck Walks Dog (With Mixed Results) was recorded on 16th October, 1994 in NYC by Steve Guttenberg and features music by guitarist JC Morrison, arranged in collaboration with Dave Sewelson.Dave Sewelson - baritone saxophoneMats Gustafsson - baritone saxophoneWill Connell, Jr. - alto clarinetDave Hofstra - bassSusie Ibarra - drumsWalter 'Sweets' Perkins -…
LP | €19.90
Some More Jazz (LP)
**350 copies** "NoBusiness presents the latest trio recordings by Thomas Borgmann, Jan Roder and Willi Kellers. The album includes the following tracks: The Other Morning in the Park by Thomas Borgmann, Broadway Birdy by Willi Kellers and Chatham Bellbird by Jan Roder.Recorded on 16th May, 2017 at SAE Studios, Berlin by Robert Oeser.Mixed by Olaf Rupp and mastered by Arūnas Zujus at MAMAstudiosDesign by Oskaras Anosovas.Thomas Borgmann - tenor & soprano saxophone, toy-melodicaJan Roder - double …
LP | €19.90
Improdimensions (LP)
**300 copies** "The second side of this beautiful duo album was recorded more or less half a year after The Swiftest Traveller in Vilnius, while the first one in December 2019. The recordings took place live during the concert series dedicated to improvised music, "Improdimensija", at MAMAstudio. The music is a little less exploratory than this recorded with Don Malfon or Torben Snekkestad. It sounds for me more like a 21st century response to the late music of Jimmy Giuffre music from the end o…
LP | €19.90
Telematic Concert (LP)
"The Telematic Concert brought together American electronic music pioneer Pauline Oliveros with Argentinian experimental musician Alan Courtis  of Reynols, improvising across continents for the Deep Listening Institute’s Dream Festival in October, 2009 — Oliveros in person in Kingston, NY, Courtis piped in digitally from Buenos Aires.The resulting exchange of Oliveros’ accordion drones and expanded instrument system with Courtis’ unstringed guitar feedback, objects, and processing sounds as fres…
LP | €22.90
A new album from the trio who released Tse in 2016, and - along with violinist Angharad Davies - Awire in 2018. Three compositions of quiet and delicate beauty, two by Christoph Schiller, and the title track by Cyril Bondi.Cyril Bondi: Indian harmoniumPierre-Yves Martel: viola da gambaChristoph Schiller: spinet
CD | €14.00
Following on from the wonderful "Cantilena", four new chamber works by the Paris-based Italian composer Giuliano d'Angiolini. Performers include Apartment House, Manuel Zurria, Mark Knoop and the composer.
CD | €14.00
Let Pass My Weary Guiltless Ghost
Magnus Granberg and Skogen return with another exquisite hour-long piece recorded in Stockholm in November 2019. With Ko Ishikawa, Rhodri Davies, Toshimaru Nakamura, Simon Allen and others.Magnus Granberg - prepared piano & compositionKo Ishikawa - shoAnna Lindal - violinLeo Svensson Sander - celloSimon Allen - vibraphoneErik Carlsson - percussionHenrik Olsson - objectsPetter Wästberg - contact microphone, mixing board, loudspeakerToshimaru Nakamura - no-input mixing board
CD | €14.00
Fűr Biliana
Four chamber works for strings by the veteran German composer Ernstalbrecht Stiebler, performed by Biliana Voutchkova, with Michael Rauter and Nurit Stark. From a string trio from 1963 to a violin solo from 2018.
CD | €14.00
A 52-minute piece jointly composed and performed by Angharad Davies (violin), Klaus Lang (harmonium) and Anton Lukoszevieze (cello). Recorded during a residency at Dai Hall in Huddersfield, March 2020. Thanks to Ryoko Akama.
CD | €14.00
Biologic Music (LP)
"1973, in the south of the Netherlands, the city of Heerlen and its surroundings nurtured a strong musical heritage and culture. A number of young musicians were developing their skills in one of the many music schools established in a 30 km radius. This new blood would join fanfares, symphonic orchestras, choirs, and later have a strong influence on dutch pop and jazz music. Founded by Jelmo “Pio” Piovesana, teacher and key musical figure in the region of south Limburg, Heerlens Percussie Ensem…
LP | €24.90
Musax Background Music Library Vol. 1 (LP)
"For this first volume of Musax Background Music Library, Farfalla Records continues exploring the maze of the french library music through one of its most discreet and prolific representatives: Jacky Giordano and one of his many projects, the Musax label. Farfalla Records carefully selected this tracklisting among LPs recorded between 1978 and 1979 of which the originals became particularly sought after by the collectors. Jacky Giordano who appears under his aliases Joachim Sherylee and José Ph…
LP | €24.90
Shutting Down Here (LP)
Shutting Down Here is a special work. Symbolically, it covers a period of thirty years, between two visits by Jim O'Rourke to the GRM, the first, as a young man fascinated by the institution and his repertoire, the second, as an accomplished musician, influential and imbued with an aura of mystery. Shutting Down Here is a piece shaped like an universe, a heterogeneous world in which collides the multiple musical facets of Jim O'Rourke: instrumental writing, field recordings, electronic textures …
LP | €18.90
Forma / Metabolist Meter (LP)
Continuing the fertile collaboration initiated in 2012 with Recollection GRM, Ina Grm and Editions Mego have decided to offer a complementary series, no longer focused on the "classic" GRM repertoire but towards recent creations commissioned by the GRM to artists from all horizons
LP | €18.90
Sings Songs From His TV Series (LP)
**To be released in late June** "The fourth studio album by the American solo artist Scott Walker was released in June 1969. The album does not include original compositions by Walker and consists of performances of ballads and big band standards. The record is an accompaniment to his BBC TV series, the simply named Scott, aired during Walker’s self-described 'wilderness years.' Released between Scott III and Scott IV, Sings Songs From His TV Series was a collection of songs Walker performed on …
LP | €15.90
I'll Be Anything For You (LP)
**To be released in late June** "Tamiko Jones - born Barbara Tamiko Ferguson in 1945 in Kyle, West Virginia – debuted in 1967 on Atlantic with flautist and mentor Herbie Mann on the soul-jazz-bossa flavored A Mann & A Woman. Her solo career take off in 1968 with the rare groove inflected I'll Be Anything For You, released on A&M/CTI and produced by label owner Creed Taylor. Recorded and engineered by master Rudy Van Gelder at his own Studio in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, the album is such a lo…
LP | €15.90
The Man From O.R.G.A.N. (LP)
**To be released in late June** "Can you truly believe this record was released in 1965? Forging a brand new hybrid of space-age, easy listening and spy jazz the American pianist and composer Dick Hyman, born in New York in 1927, put together one of the cornerstone of the genre. Before switching to the Moog synthesizer (right on time with the moon landing in 1969) he had some very influential theme music releases on MGM Records and Command. But The Man From O.R.G.A.N. was a monster in itself. Ho…
LP | €15.90
Why Don't You Listen? - Live at LACMA, 1998 (LP)
** 180-gram vinyl pressed by Pallas in Germany. Deluxe high-gloss flipback album jacket. 2-page insert with photos from the concert by Warren Berman, lyrics and credits.** This previously unreleased concert recording by the Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra of pianist-composer-bandleader Horace Tapscott and a chorus under the direction of vocalist Dwight Trible is a wonderful example of how Tapscott channeled the political and cultural aspirations of a community into music of deep beauty and lasting …
LP | €25.00
No U-Turn - Live in Pasadena, 1975
This previously unissued recording of cornetist Bobby Bradford and woodwinds player John Carter at Caltech’s Baxter Lecture Hall, with two bassists - Stanley Carter and Roberto Miranda - and drummer William Jeffrey, is the earliest known documentation of the Bradford/Carter duo in performance. It’s historic for a couple of reasons: It captures Carter on soprano, an instrument he would soon set aside in favor of the clarinet (which he plays here as well), and it includes a rare live recording of …
CD | €15.50
Impact (LP)
Re-mastering by: Ray Staff at Air Mastering, Lyndhurst Hall, London  Trumpeter/ flügelhornist Charles Tolliver often straddled the line between the lyricism of hard bop and the adventurous nature of the avant-garde. Released in 1975, Impact contained a stimulating progressive edge within an energetic large band (14 horns, eight strings, and rhythm section) format.  Tolliver's arrangements are consistently bright and build momentum, while the soloists are given sufficient room to manoeuvre throug…
LP | €33.00
Journey To The One (2LP)
A later album by Pharoah, but one of his best! The record has a solidity that matches all of the soulful spirituality of his Impulse years with the a tightness that really sends the message home. Sanders on this LP is next to perfect
LP | €42.00