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New Arrivals

Further Collusion (2LP)
**300 copies** Constructed from an array of samples and environmental recordings plus plenty of feedback, Zoviet France's Collusion exudes a rare beauty for an album of such varied sounds (each track was originally released on a different compilation). A wide range of stylistic choices are on display, from the chilling account of the brutal murder/suicides from Jonestown on Ram to the surprisingly sedated and subtly beautiful Something This Beautiful, the album is a pretty great find for those l…
LPx2 | €27.90
* 2020 stock * The structures of Chris Newman's music are apparently simple, like his music pictures: large, thick dots of notes, but a lot of space in between: "The raw and the cooked" (Roland Barthes). He himself likes to cook well and with pleasure. Just his lamb chops, for example. He only puts them in a hot pan with oil; there is also chard, just pulled out of the water, but also more complicated things: coq au vin or bœuf bourguignon.His music has a strong physical structure, is quasi carn…
CD | €15.00
* 2020 stock * Dedicatorias is a series of 60 sound works each lasting 1 minute which were largely accomplished between 2013 and 2015. The list of dedications is neither exhaustive nor can it be. It is subjective art which comprises very different techniques, influences and materials: sound remnants, illuminated in their confrontation, metamorphosis and combination which bring up to date and question the bearer and media. Radio is the paramount reference. In these miniatures, there is a place fo…
CD | €15.00
* 2020 stock * Acousmatic events dispense with performers. There are no musicians, even at public concerts. The audience is able to follow what is emanating from the loudspeakers with eyes closed and still not miss anything. What it hears is composed, and demands the same attention as any other kind of music listened to on a stereo system or via headphones. It is worth remarking this fact because so many people are no longer able to hear things without seeing something as well in video clips or …
CD | €15.00
Anabasi (LP)
* Edition of 200 * Founded by a collective of musicians involved in radical improvisation and contemporary classical music, since 2011 Florence-based ensemble Blutwurst has focused their research on the acoustic exploration of sustained tones and slowly transformed patterns of sound. Anabasi is Blutwurst’s fourth full length release, following their debut album Tenebrae (Tempo Reale Collection, 2016), the subsequent Yoğurt (Negative Days, 2016), and their recent collaboration with French compose…
LP | €15.90
Drummophone (LP)
* Edition of 300. Lacquer cut at SST. Featuring cover artwork by Natália Trejbalová. * Riccardo La Foresta is a percussionist, composer and improviser based in Modena (Italy) whose interests range from improvisation and composition, sound performance and sound art. His research led him to use the drum as a wind instrument, drastically moving away from traditional drumming. Recorded by Lorenzo Abattoir’s microphone in a former industrial hangar now base to the OvestLab cultural center in Modena (…
LP | €15.90
To the Quiet Man From a Tiny Girl + Merzbild Schwet (2LP Bundle)
**Special Bundle. Exclusive United Diaries edition, 300 copies, on green and red vinyls. Very few copies available** Two absolutely stunning, long out of print early artifacts from Nurse With Wound's seminal catalog - 1980's To the Quiet Men from a Tiny Girl and Merzbild Schwet - reissued on vinyl in limited editions from Dirter, that can't be missed. Both take huge strides toward rethinking notions of avant-garde music was during the dawn of the 80s, and remain as pregnant with the potential fo…
2LP bundle | €47.00
I'll Remember (Lp)
LP version. Tip-on sleeve. For every celebrated name in jazz, soul and related music, there are probably another 1000 musicians who had all the talent and potential but for whom widespread recognition remained elusive. Roscoe Weathers is one such figure, a jazzman who earned his chops the hard way, a sideman in smoky clubs from Memphis to Seattle, before finally settling in LA. He recorded a significant amount of music through the 1960s, but never found the slightest modicum of commercial acclai…
LP | €21.90
Entangled Visions - Standard Edition (Tape)
Entangled Visions is the inaugural release of the homonym just-born Experimental Electronics label, based in Italy. Eight moments from eight different artists united by the same goals: disorientation and alienation through sound research and experimentalism. Italian sound artist Giulio Aldinucci introduces the release with "Prima del Mare", immediately marking the concept of this work. Deconstructed rythms and Lanark Artefax-like synthesis are presented by the German producer Shō, the storm afte…
Tape | €12.00
Entangled Visions - Presentation Edition (Tape)
* Special hand-numbered 'Presentation Edition' limited to 30 copies * Entangled Visions is the inaugural release of the homonym just-born Experimental Electronics label, based in Italy. Eight moments from eight different artists united by the same goals: disorientation and alienation through sound research and experimentalism. Italian sound artist Giulio Aldinucci introduces the release with "Prima del Mare", immediately marking the concept of this work. Deconstructed rythms and Lanark Artefax-l…
Tape | €18.00
Stien (Tape)
* Edition of 100. Green Radioactive cassette * Tsss Tapes presents Stien a new Philip Sulidae cassette release. Each track explores the organic dimension of the body of a different fruit: Apricot, Damson, Peach, Plum, Nectarine, Loquat... using improvised open forms with a minimalist extension. Composed and recorded in Hobart, Australia, 2020. Released on September 4, 2020. Mastered by Francesco Covarino.
Tape | €8.00
Agua Viva (Tape)
* Edition of 100 * Tsss Tapes presents Agua Viva, a new Daphne X cassette release. The album is composed of experiments and interactions performed with water on various materials: polyester, metal, skins. Sounds have been captured with Blazej's LOM's (mikro)Uši binaural microphones. Recorded in Montseny, 2019 and released on September 4, 2020. Mastered by Francesco Covarino.
Tape | €8.00
Anthology (2 LP)
Following on from our 2018 repress of his debut album “Content to Write in I Dine Weathercraft “ Allchival is delighted to present an Anthology of Stano’s productions spanning the start of his solo career in 1982 to his 1994 “Wreckage” LP. Featuring 18 tracks from the five LPs he released in that time span on double vinyl with extensive liner notes, it is a comprehensive look at one of Ireland’s more enigmatic musical characters. A member of the legendary punk / post-punk group The Threat which …
2 LP | €22.90
The Invention of the Human (LP)
"The Invention of The Human" is designed as a response to the question "what makes us human?" The question has become increasingly important in this period of history, in that many of the answers aren't good enough. "Civilisation" could be one answer; but what good is civilization where there is so much misery within it? "Progress" could be another; but what good is progress without kindness and empathy to sustain it? Taking the thought of man's relationship with technology as a measure of human…
LP | €18.90
Infinity (Book + CD)
In common parlance the term Infinity Suite refers to a luxury hotel apartment comprised of several adjoining rooms. But my usage of the term here invokes the notion of infinite realities as resonating through dream and memory. An interconnected suite of spaces populated with vivid sounds and images spanning across periods of one’s life. My experience here focuses on the Indian city of Varanasi, but this sense of reality drifting I found there could’ve taken place anywhere. I focused on Varanasi …
Book + CD | €15.00
Return To Monster Planet (LP)
A sequel to the cult 1975 Australian space rock album Monster Planet. In 2013 The Roundtable curated a dedicated program redocumenting the music of Australia’s legendary space rock band Cybotron. A new generation of electronic music enthusiasts and krautrock fans alike had been introduced or had perhaps been reconnected to the unlikely yet incredible sounds of Australia’s unique brand of ‘kosmische musik’. This archival series included Steve Maxwell Von Braund’s groundbreaking solo album Monster…
Vinyl LP | €24.90
Fielding (2 LP)
* Edition of 300. 2020 Vinyl Reissue * Desastre and Worstward Recordings present the first vinyl issue of Hala Strana's second full-length album "Fielding". Originally released in 2003 on the Jewelled Antler label, "Fielding" is the sprawling, epic leap forward from Hala Strana’s self-titled debut full-length—a psychedelic collage of traditional music, field recordings, and sonic landscapes. Started in 2002, Hala Strana was the summation of Steven R. Smith's interest in the traditional folk musi…
2 LP | €26.90
Abtasten_halten (LP)
Faitiche presents a new album by Frank Bretschneider. abtasten_halten was made as part of the raster.labor installation first presented at CTM Festival in 2019. It is perhaps the most radical work in Bretschneider's distinctive oeuvre: abtasten_halten is a self-generating composition for synthesizer modules whose sole sound source is the movement of two VU meter needles. The resulting percussive sounds coalesce into rhythmic combinations -- all random, without repetition. The album resembles a m…
LP | €18.90
Lecture for Jo Kondo (12")
* Edition of 300. Pressed on heavywheight 180g Vinyl. Comes in a plastic cover with sticker. Including extensive liner notes + insert with the visual score of the David August Deconstruction. * On September 25th Bunita Marcus – an unsung heroine of post-minimalist music and close associate of Morton Feldman and John Cage – releases her ‘Lecture For Jo Kondo’ EP, on 99Chants. A promising talent within the 1970s/80s New York avant-garde music scene, at the time (and also at intervals since) Marcus…
12" | €21.90
Merzbild Schwet (LP, green vinyl)
**300 copies, exclusive United Diaries green vinyl. Very few copies available** The long awaited vinyl reissue of NWWs classic third album is finally available. Nurse With Wound began as a trio, but by Merzbild Schwet, its third album, Steve Stapleton's singular vision took over, with no compromises to other band members. As such it can be considered the first fully realized NWW. record and is a far more mature effort than its predecessors. Stapleton's editing techniques come to the fore, with a…
LP, green vinyl | €23.90