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New Arrivals

Where The Sidewalks Are Safe For The Little Guy
NM is very, very satisfied to announce 'Where The Sidewalks Are Safe For The Little Guy', a new release from tape recordist, conversationalist and punk music vocalist Mark Groves (Index Clean, Red Wine and Sugar, Voice Imitator) as Absurd Cosmos Late Nite.
Folded Volume 33
NM presents a new work from Naarm/Melbourne producer Rita Revell, 'Folded Volume 33'. Her flawless, uncategorisable self-release ‘Depozit’ (2022) and subsequent live shows led us to virtually demand more material from this largely mysterious, protean sound assembler.
Another Song of Civilization
“Another Song of Civilization” continues the excavation of rarely heard music by Darrell DeVore, creative force behind San Francisco’s Pygmy Unit and foundational figure in the psychedelic underground. Drawn from an enormous repository of recordings made between the 1970s and the 1990s at Studio UM (or Universal Music), volume two offers more imaginary ethnoscapes and multitracked polyrhythms, this time supplemented with extended synthesizer atmospheres, off-kilter jazz configurations, and a slo…
Songs of the Soul
The shadowy duo of Echardt & Kash bring a deep groove mentality to the floating world of New Age music. Plush ambience and tropical birdsong continue in the tradition of sound-as-vibrational-transport, but this is bass music aware of its place in a post-trip hop world. Whether the title is an earnest ode to the inner journey or something more satirical remains open to interpretation. The potent, hypnotic ether of these recordings, however, makes the answer immaterial.Covers are hand-marbled and …
Gel Stations Past
2024 stock. Gel Stations Past brings together tracks from three shadowy self-released cassettes by Russian Tsarlag: Decrepit Gas Station, Living in the Past, and Dipped in Gel. Dubbed in minimal quantities and cloistered for private worship, much of Russian Tsarlag’s recent output remains hard to find. Each of these albums dispersed instantly among friends and fanatics and receded into legend.This record consolidates the great pieces of crooner dejection that typify Tsarlag’s recent music. These…
*2024 stock. 30 copies limited edition. A little cardboard box containing three mini CDr some stuff and fictional samples.The inside is filled with coconut fiber, dry grass, and paper. Check if there are some limitations in your country for receiving this kind of stuff. The whole package is assembled by hand!* Stratifications of landscapes, concepts, and microscopic events among the horizons of the soil and the gases of the air. A parametric, digital, and generative study, delving into the strat…
The Imperfection of Crowds
Improv/metal. If you like your improvised music on the noisy side of the spectrum, we're here for you. Purchase includes pdf of artwork, photos, text etc
*2024 stock* "I have always been fascinated by the improvising combos that give prominence to the classical guitar, but it is usually easier to find such productions on the contemporary side. So having caught this little gem with strong freeform accents, where it makes its worthy appearance was a sign of amazement. We specify that the Graculus do not give exclusive space to the six strings but that in reality they are a duo formed by the English Phil Hargeraves (flute, soprano sax) and Richard H…
The Reverse of Reality
*2024  stock* "Before I received this CD, I was told "this might not be up my street" which is always a funny assumption I feel, as I am rarely shocked thanks to my obsession with Romanian experimental music during my early 20's. Though this new album by bloodcog really gave a good stab at it. Experimental music is often stuck in a difficult situation, how far can it go? Is it music? Is it not music? I often feel it is limiting in the way peope discuss and think about it. Bloodcog, like most exp…
Fall Through the Infinite
*2021 stock* Phil Hargreaves is a Liverpool saxophonist and bold improviser whose music evokes the voices and echoes of his home city. In his new album, Fall Through the Infinite, he duets with the drummer of Spaceheads, Richard Harrison, and they create an urban soundscape, sometimes forlorn, sometimes bursting with hope, which is constantly inventive and multifaceted in its sonic patterns. Hargreaves’s tenor horn rampages through Reach for the Tar in ardent conversation with Harrison’s scuttli…
"A splendid collaboration between experimental vocalist Maggie Nicols and multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Phil Hargreaves. Human is a work in eight movements through which runs Hargreaves’ title poem. A long and delicate collage of vocal interventions, acoustic improvisations, field recordings, and electronic textures. Sophisticated, captivating, poignant at times [“Fugue (We Are Not Certain)”] and – the greatest feat here – imbued with honesty and immediacy, rare qualities in this kind of collab…
Fran Bass - electric bassRichard Harding - chapman stickPhil Hargreaves - saxes/fluteRichard Harrison - drums/percussionPete Smyth - electronics
Ballade Imaginaire
Four fifths of Bloodcog, this is more of a playing session than Bloodcog's power electronics.
The Wandering One
"A live recording of freely improvised improv captured at All Hallows Church in High Laver, Essex in 2023 from the trio of AMM drummer and Matchless label-leader Eddie Prévost, Zürich and Maastricht trumpeter Silvan Shmid, and London double bassist Tom Wheatley of the group Widdershins, heard in three investigative conversations of great creative drive." * squidco.com
"Long-time collaborators and iconoclastic improvisers, drummer Eddie Prévost and saxophonist John Butcher, met at All Hallows Church, in High Laver, Essex in 2023, using the natural ambience of the space to capture these three improvisations, Prévost playing primarily on a drum kit and both in a more jazz-oriented sax and drum duo, extended by both players' exceptional technique." - squidco.com
The Cry Of A Dove Announcing Rain
"In 2022, Eddie Prévost celebrated his 80 th birthday with the series Towards a Bright Nowhere, a series of July concerts at Café Oto that appeared as both a series of four CDs and a documentary. These two CDs document later duo performances from October 2022 to June 2023 with French pianist Marjolaine Charbin, apparently a recent association, and saxophonist John Butcher, a longtime creative partner. Each emphasizes a different dimension of Prévost’s creativity. He’s credited with percussion on…
For the chosen few - now available for the masses. "Sexregler" is Treriksröset's debut full length, proudly released on cassette by Hatband in 2002, and poignantly reissued on CD by Troniks/Chondritic Sound in 2007. Now lovingly revisited by WCN in packaging based off of the original Ltd. 22 Hatband version, with transparent covered 24 page booklet, extensive liner notes from P.H.C.E, and a full Treriksröset discography list. All instrument as my cock.
The Alceste
A new chapter in The Rita's singular trajectory - an artist who, despite his widespread appreciation, continues to be alone on the forefront of radical and challenging exploration of harsh sound. "The Alceste" is a return to a more layered technique, but still continuing to pursue the minimal, almost percussive sparse crackle of the recent “King Richard III” process recordings - but now in rapid-fire clusters, conjuring McKinlay's muse the 2-Stroke Engine more vividly than ever. Source recording…
This is the final pulse of a dying giant’s heart beat. "Inconsequential" is Haynes consciously channeling the God of cold industrial, Anenzephalia, and coming out on the other side with a totally sovereign statement on authoritarian dread. An album that transmits the adrenaline soaked anxiety of the merciless advancement of the process. Nagging, nauseating oscillations, nervously braying spinal screeching, skull resonating ambience. Utilizing a more partitioned layering of sonic elements than hi…
Time Hole
Confusing dreams with memories veils over truth and timeDreams seem like memories confusing strains of timeConfusing dreams with memories all absences of timeDreams mixed with memories creating absences of time On "Time Hole," Taylor Geddes, Canada’s noise linchpin, has penned and executed a mystical and evocative industrial noise album from a small arsenal of simple electronics. Bookended by the patter of rain drops, thick rusted arteries of industrial noise fracture off into constricted microc…