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New Arrivals

No Eye Has an Equal (tape)
**Red cassette housed in a black double-flap cover featuring extended sleeve design** A "reflection on how diversity can [create] a sense of infinity”,  Giulio Aldinucci's No Eye Has an Equal sees the Siena composer delving into his extensive archive of electroacoustic compositions, and presenting four radical reconceptualisations of his own material; each one a view into the deeply personal atmospheres he has created, and perfected, over a decade of composing.Opener Brezza (Perduti arsi tramont…
Tape | €9.00
Walkman Jazz (tape)
Edition of 50. Each cassette is an unique piece housed in a black box. No name, no titles, no label. Only shit plastic and sound.  Sammartano strikes again! Broken the ice on his last trip “Rompighiaccio Destiny”, the man returns as the only director of a doped Banda of new mutants, freaks and borderline cases that plays at its own funeral party on a ship that sails a radioactive sea towards a new promised land (that obviously doesn't exist). Non music for no future.  Recorded at Gallleriapiù (B…
tape | €10.00
Inwards Opened The Floor. (Tape)
The Israeli/British collective Staraya Derevnya made an album of pure psychedelic experimentation recorded in the performance space at Cafe Oto.  Staraya Derevnya are the Tel Aviv/London based collective that are paving their own path through the world of experimental sound. The band, named after a historic district in Saint Petersberg, certainly cannot be pigeon-holed into a geographical generalisation. The lyrics on the album are directly influenced by the Saint Petersburg poet and artist Arth…
Tape | €9.00
Hibiscus (Tape)
**Limited edition of 30 cassette tapes with extractable paper crochet holy image on white matte rough paper. Includes digital download** J. Zunz a.k.a. Lorena Quintanilla - better known up until this point as one half of Mexican duo Lorelle Meets The Obsolete - with her second release ‘Hibiscus’ marks a move on sonically from earlier comfort zones in her work, arriving at a soundworld in which cyclical synth patterns, eerie ambient textures and cathartic vocal exhortations coalesce into a beguil…
Tape | €13.50
Apart (Tape)
Slowdive’s Simon Scott is back with a new release on 12k following his collaboration with Marcus Fischer (Shape Memory) and his full-length Below Sea Level. Apart chronicles the emotions of Simon losing his father and how his environment helped process and heal.“On 3rd April 2020 my father was pronounced dead from Covid-19. 48 hours after this devastating news I walked through New Decoy, a nature reserve in the Fens, and heard the vocalisation of skylarks. Their songs rang out across the resonan…
Tape | €9.90
Bangers (Tape)
**Edition of 50** One night long ago, in the pre-Covid past, Richard Youngs was invited to do a DJ set, with the only instruction being that he should 'bring bangers’. However, instead of packing a record bag of floor fillers, he turned up to the party with a brand new set of his own Bangers! Four tracks of relentless home-baked beats, glitched electronics and morphed vocals finally available for your living room deep listening after a single live DJ set in 2019.
Tape | €6.00
Apex (Tape)
**Risograph printed j-card** As a project, Line Gate has been undergoing a slow, steady transformation, much like the longform drone works that have come to characterise it. What began as a band in 2010 and most recently surfaced as a solitary hurdy-gurdy resonance on 'Den' in 2017 has now flourished into ‘Apex’, Michal Vaľko’s latest album. 'Apex', simultaneously an album about perceiving the beauty around us, about sacredness, and a meditation on a state of timelessness and seeming non-action,…
Tape | €8.00
Lecture for Jo Kondo (Tape)
* Edition of 50. Housed in a transparent case, with an extended 2-flap J-Card Artwork by Collin D. Fletcher. Mastering by Rafael Anton Irrisari. * On September 25th Bunita Marcus – an unsung heroine of post-minimalist music and close associate of Morton Feldman and John Cage – releases her ‘Lecture For Jo Kondo’ EP, on 99Chants. A promising talent within the 1970s/80s New York avant-garde music scene, at the time (and also at intervals since) Marcus made formidable achievements, but her full pot…
Tape | €7.00
Island of Lost Souls (LP)
Island Of Lost Souls is the first of four new albums by Roy Montgomery coming out in 2021 to commemorate Montgomery’s forty years in music. His debut release was also Flying Nun’s first, the Pin Group 7-inch from 1981. Roy Montgomery, a pioneer of the NZ underground, believes there is always new sonic terrain to investigate. His latest album for Grapefruit marks forty years of rigorous exploration in which he’s managed to navigate disparate genres, scenes, and atmospheres, always at the forefron…
LP | €25.90
Memoria Aumentada (Tape)
* Edition of 80. Very last copies. * Druuna Jaguar, the musical project of Portuguese sound artist Jorge Mantas, has always shifted its presentation based on the project's immediate surrounding, no matter how involved or abstract. A majority of the output by Druuna Jaguar is somewhat hard to come by, as most is released (and distributed solely from the small medieval enclave of Évora, Portugal) in rare limited editions through Mantas own experimental label, Atelier 5-7-5, standing alongside rare…
Tape | €8.00
Burn the Night / Bruciare la Notte: Original Recordings, 1983-1989 (2 LP + booklet + exclusive 7")
Burn the Night / Bruciare la Notte: Original Recordings, 1983–1989 is the first archival collection of music by the Italian minimalist composer Tiziano Popoli. In his music, Popoli framed the Italian avant-garde and New Wave of the 1980s through an architectural aesthetic distinctly detailed by a Yamaha DX7 synthesizer, Roland TR-909 drum machine, and early sampling technology.
2 LP + 7" + Booklet | €35.00
Word Jazz (LP)
Ken Nordine was a spoken-word artist strongly influenced by jazz and this is his 1957 debut album album. A Highly eclectic mix of smooth voice narration, sort of zen-beatnik texts and West Coast Jazz arrangements as results of a fruitful collaboration with cellist Fred Katz group featuring the likes of Paul Horn on sax, flute and clarinet, and Chico Hamilton on drums and percussion. Still an innovative piece of work between spoken word, poetry and Jazz.
LP | €16.90
Maracatú (LP)
Originally released in 1959, Maracatù marked the beginning of Elisabeth Waldo's individual creative path. A unique musical exploration of Indigenous Central and South American music tradition. The music of violinist Elisabeth Waldo evokes the spirit of an ancient, mysterious world of Afro-Hispanic origins. A dazzling exotic sound tapestry performed on acoustic instruments including violins, woodwinds, guitar and percussion. In one word: Magic!
LP | €16.90
Fancy (LP)
Released in 1970, Fancy is the sixth studio album by American singer-songwriter Bobbie Gentry. A dense and inspired selection of songs, mostly covers, as vivid portraits of different female characters in American culture. The album includes highly personal renditions of songs such as Burt Bacharach's I'll Never Fall In Love Again, Leon Russell's Delta Man, James Taylor's Something in the Way He Moves and Laura Nyro's Wedding Bell Blues. A major statement from a great artist and a true American c…
LP | €16.90
The Moviegoer (LP)
Produced in summer 1972 and released in autumn of the same year by Phillips Records, this is one of the most obscure and controversial albums in Scott Walker's discography. The album was poorly received by critics and if we exclude a 1975 reissue on Contour Label, it has since been deleted till this very welcomed re-release. The Moviegoer is a declared journey through Pop arrangements of iconic film music themes. The album includes mainstream oriented version of classic themes like Nino Rota's l…
LP | €16.90
Beach Music (LP)
**Edition of 500 copies on black vinyl** The debut fullength from Facit after a few years of silence. Often working as a duo consisting of Joakim Karlsson and Mai Nestor, Facit released a couple of fantastic EPs between 2013 and 2016. Beach Music is a rapid turn from the previous recordings, with barely no traces left of the minimal wave and synth-pop of the past. Recorded by Joakim Karlsson alone at the island of Hönö in the west coast archipleggio outside of Gothenburg in the summer of 2020, B…
LP | €21.90
The Habu (LP)
**Edition of 300 copies** Poole Music is thrilled to announce its inaugural commission, the Habu, the latest full-length from Belgium’s Lieven Martens. For the better part of two decades, Martens has been expanding his Aloha-bedecked musical vision, transitioning from the basement tape environments of his Dolphins into the Future project to the rich compositional tapestries of more recent post-exotica modernist works.  The Habu represents a true culmination of these identities in one of his most…
LP | €19.90
Tin Star Liverpool (LP)
* Edition of 300 neon yellow vinyl * Adrian Corker’s bold, heavily textured score for Tin Star: Liverpool gets a limited release on 300 neon yellow vinyl. Working with a 12-piece string section as well as brass and percussion, Corker draws out a rich palette of volatile sonics  Analogue tape processing help re-shape things further, slowing and stretching the sound giving rise to unusual shapes and colours. And woven amongst all this are field recordings by Corker and Chris Watson, recorded aroun…
LP | €21.90
Africa Oscura
**CD digipack edition** Recorded by composer and multi-instrumentalist Giuliano Sorgini between 1974 and 1976 in his studio in Prati district in Rome, a stone’s throw from Italian television offices, Africa Oscura is a set of tracks inspired by the wildest and most obscure secrets of those lands, intended to be the background of some tv documentaries.Some tracks were recorded during the same session of Zoo Folle, the album widely recognised as his masterpiece, celebrated today by the most influe…
CD | €16.00
L'Uomo Elettronico
An absolutely stunning accomplishment, Piero Umiliani's L'Uomo Elettronico delves into the composer's electronic works created between 1972 and 1983. Featuring 3 previously unreleased tracks, as well as rarities and hidden gems - all remastered from the original analogue tapes - it's an absolute must for seasoned Library music fans, devotes of late 20th century electronic music, or anyone just beginning to explore the incredible world to which it belongs.
CD | €16.90