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New Arrivals

Byrd In Paris (Volume 1) (LP)
*2022 stock. In process of stocking* Trumpeter Donald Byrd spent a few months in France in 1958, and a Paris concert resulted in two LPs' worth of material. Byrd's quintet at the time included Bobby Jaspar (on tenor and flute), pianist Walter Davis, Jr., bassist Doug Watkins, and drummer Art Taylor. Byrd was just beginning to find his own sound in the late '50s and he is in excellent form on "Dear Old Stockholm," Sonny Rollins' "Paul's Pal," Jaspar's "Flute Blues," "Ray's Idea," and "The Blues W…
LP | €32.00
Parisian Thoroughfare (Byrd In Paris, Volume 2) (LP)
‘58 issue, the title carried by Jazz Hot magazine was: »Revelation at the Chat Qui Pêche. The spirit of jazz (which some thought was dying) is sparkling with life in the Donald Byrd Quintet.« And indeed, on its first appearance at the Cannes Festival in July (the Jazz Festival, not the other one), the Donald Byrd Quintet brought the house down. Its members were hardly the Who’s Who of jazz, however. People vaguely knew that the leader had replaced Kenny Dorham in the Jazz Messengers, that Doug W…
LP | €32.00
Jazz Sur Seine (LP)
*2022 stock. In process of stocking* A fantastic early recording from the great French tenor saxophonist Barney Wilen – best known as an artist who recorded famously in the soundtrack world of the French new wave, and with Art Blakey – but who's even more striking here on a rare small combo date from the 50s! The session's a monster – cut with rhythmic backing by Milt Jackson on piano (!?), Percy Heath on bass, and Kenny Clarke on drums – and two cuts feature additional percussion by Gana M'Bow,…
LP | €32.00
The Ronnell Bright Trio (LP)
*2022 stock. In process of stocking* One of the few albums ever cut as a leader by pianist Ronnell Bright – a player best known for his accompaniment behind famous vocalists, like Sarah Vaughan and Nancy Wilson! This rare date was cut in Paris – at a time when Bright was visiting the city with Vaughan – and it's a stripped-down trio date with a nicely relaxed feel – one that has Bright really opening up on the keys, in ways you don't always hear on his material with singers. Other players in the…
LP | €32.00
Afternoon In Paris (LP)
*2022 stock. In process of stocking* 'It was in Paris that John Lewis co-led this 1956 date with Sacha Distel, a French guitarist who never became well-known in the U.S. but commanded a lot of respect in French jazz circles. The same can be said about the other French players employed on Afternoon in Paris -- neither tenor saxophonist Barney Wilen nor bassist Pierre Michelot were huge names in the U.S., although both were well-known in European jazz circles. With Lewis on piano, Distel on guitar…
LP | €32.00
Peace Treaty (LP)
*2022 stock. In process of stocking* “One of the first true moments of genius from saxophonist Nathan Davis – originally released in the mid 60s for the tiny SFP label – and a record that’s even rarer than his early classics for MPS! The sound here is similar to the MPS sides – a mixture of soul jazz and modal jazz – served up with a bit more freedoms than Davis might have gotten on the US scene, and featuring a lineup that includes Woody Shaw on trumpet, Jean-Louis Chautemps on baritone sax, Re…
LP | €32.00
*200 copies limited edition* 'Capricorni Pneumatici was a prototype electroacoustic / ambient effort that began in the mid 1980s and was still a going concern as of a few years ago. Nibbas is a cassette release from 1989 recently reissued by Eighth Tower Records. The music is tempered and gritty with a great deal of variety on the micro level while maintaining a fairly consistent level of activity and volume. The underlying sources include field recordings of natural and human-made sounds, as we…
CD | €14.00
Nya Sverige - Nothing But The Truth (CD+Book)
Nya Sverige - Nothing But The Truth is a recording made in the United States whilst CM von Hausswolff and Erik Pauser were undertaking an exhaustive tour in 1991 alongside Hafler Trio and Zbigniew Karkowski. This, now legendary, tour was both arduous and rewarding. Living in a van for many weeks at a time, travelling between cities with the most modest of means meant Phauss came to know a very particular vision of the United States, one that existed below plain view. Their’s was an experience ha…
CD+Book | €20.00
Audiodrome (CD+Book)
Phauss is Carl Michael von Hausswolff and Erik Pauser. Formed in the early 1980s, Phauss operated amidst of generation of uncharacteristic Swedish artists concerned with reshaping the edges of practices in sound, light, performance and vision. It was a monumentally fertile period for Sweden in that a confluence of factors allowed artists to dedicate themselves to the relentless excavation of ideas, drilling down to the absolute core of their interests and ways of making. Von Hausswolff and Pause…
CD+Book | €20.00
Pilgrimssånger (LP)
*Repress in 500 copys. All covers green. Including an A5 booklet* Pilgrimssånger is the first of two new Blod albums deeply inspired by the Swedish Christian parish culture. The songs deals with human connection and solitude in a life built upon faith. The lyrics depicts exposure and anxiety but also joy and belief among free church members, the complexity of the relationships in the community with its leaders and priests and - ultimately - God. The songs are mainly influenced by Swedish folk mu…
LP | €25.90
Enso: Strings & Percussion (LP)
*In process of stocking* "Cologne bassist and composer Stefan Schönegg seems drawn to sound without end, a vibrating mass that crawls like a glacier toward the infinite. He’s used the moniker Enso for five recordings now, and although each album has featured a shifting group of collaborators, his vision has persisted without distraction. Enso: Strings & Percussion, which was recorded following a performance with the same ensemble as part of Cologne Jazzweek in September of 2021, introduces a new…
LP | €25.90
Enso: Strukturen (LP)
*2022 stock. In process of stocking* The world slowed down immeasurably in 2020 as the Corona virus pandemic spread across the globe, and Cologne bassist and composer Stefan Schönegg applied that shift to his own music. “I developed a deep longing for reduction and deceleration—in music and in life,” he says. Indeed, Strukturen, the latest transmission from his ensemble Enso, is marked by a Zen-like serenity. Since launching the project back in 2016 Schönegg has embraced minimal materials for th…
LP | €25.90
*In process of stocking*  Is there a music that can be understood in any culture on this planet? Is it possible to co-compose a music from basic elements which are valid in most musical cultures? What are such basic elements? Do fundamental musical particles even exist and what could they be? Driven by such questions, Metaculture created an improvised music that builds upon basic musical elements and on the individual musical histories of the ensemble members. The ensemble spirit is fed by a com…
CD | €15.50
The Loft Sessions
*In process of stocking* "Pulses, subtle interactions within common noise-sound surfaces that glide along in a leisurely, relaxed manner and yet are always in a state of flux. This is how briefly and succinctly the music of the quartet around the pianist and synthesiser player Philip Zoubek, the trumpeter Franz Hautzinger, the electronic musician Ignaz Schick and the drummer and percussionist Tony Buck could be put into words. One could add to this brief description: diverse percussion sounds, b…
CD | €15.50
Plays La Berge | Greenstone | Pluta | Wooley (2CD)
*In process of stocking* The second release of the trio T.ON - Matthias Muche (trombone), Constantin Herzog (double bass) and Etienne Nillesen (extended snare drum). This time T.ON presents four fixed media commissioned compositions by Anne La Berge, Madison Greenstone, Sam Pluta and Nate Wooley with talkboxes, bells and tubes, which were performed in four churches of Gottfried Böhm.
2CD | €16.50
Nachthelle (Works By Johannes Fritsch | Oxana Omelchuk | Simon Rummel)
*2022 stock. In process of stocking* Actually, the CD "Nachthelle" should have been a concert for the 80th birthday of Johannes Fritsch (1941-2010). Because of Corona, it now became a CD. Luck in misfortune. Johannes Fritsch was a composer, improviser, violist, author, publisher, organiser and, last but not least, professor of composition at the Musikhochschule in Cologne, where his class was always open to guests over the years, also from the field of improvised music. The present publication c…
CD | €15.50
Works By Carl Ludwig Hübsch
The Multiple Joy[ce] Orchestra presents its new CD "works by Carl Ludwig Hübsch" with all kinds of illustrious musicians from Cologne (and non-Cologne)!
CD | €15.50
*2022 stock* In November 2020, stuck in cologne, Elisabeth Coudoux composed this pieces – more close to her own intuition. These ideas are a direct result of a conceptual processes that matured over the span of many years, shaped by the individual sound and the personalities of the musicians involved. 12 short sonic islands teem with abstract, experimental sounds that don’t shy away from melody or formal play. Earis - The ear behind the iris - the idea of seeing without words, of forming a music…
CD | €15.50
Arabian Nights
*300 copies limited edition* Quartet Records, in collaboration with EMI Music Publishing and GDM, celebrates the centenary of iconic filmmaker, author, poet and intellectual Pier Paolo Pasolini with this remastered reissue of Ennio Morricone cult score for Arabian Nights (1974).  Rounding out the director’s trilogy of classic short story adaptations (started by Decameron and Canterbury Tales), Arabian Nights was based upon stories from 1001 Nights. Pasolini shot on authentic Middle Eastern and H…
CD | €16.90
Vocalist-multi-instrumentalist Areski and singer Brigitte Fontaine are a legendary French musical couple that rose to prominence in the ‘60s, making a series of albums that showcased a boldly unorthodox approach to the art of song. Taken as a whole the 13 pieces on L’Incendie stand as high-impact scenes or episodes in a theatre or TV production as much as they represent another take on the concept album. Translated from French L’Incendie means fire, but Areski & Fontaine give it admirably broad …
CD | €15.50