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New Arrivals

The Loa Of Music (2Lp)
2021 small repress. Italian experimental music is notoriously resistant to definition and location. If ever there was an object to encapsulate the spirit of that movement, it is the composer and musician Roberto Musci’s debut album from 1984 - The Loa Of Music. Recorded after a decade traveling the world - drifting between African, Indian, and the Near & Far East - studying music, making field recordings, and collecting instruments, not only is it a perfect culmination of such an experience, but…
LPx2 | €27.90
** Edition of 200 ** Daniel Menche has yet again utilized a piano to create a vast and immense storm of noise and drones. In 2011 he created a piano noise album titled “Guts” that was the sound of a piano being violently attacked and then electronically treated. Ten years later Daniel Menche worked with a grand piano that was in tune and located in a very acoustically sound studio. With carful elegance and care Daniel Menche wove long horse hairs in between the longest strings of this grand pian…
CD | €12.00
Festa para um Novo Rei (Random Coloured LP)
** Random Color LP ** Got It! presents Festa para um Novo Rei by Marcos Resende & Index. Through the series MPBC - "Contemporary Brazilian Popular Music" aims to show the diversity of trends revealed today in instrumental music produced in Brazil, by professional instrumentalists, composers and arrangers, eager to find their space within Brazilian popular music, expanding its field of action at international level. A rich and important historical and artistic document.
LP | €19.90
Touching & Blood 1965/66
Paul Bley is a master of the piano trio. He showed new and different ways of exploring the complex triangular geometry of what has arguably become jazz’s signature formation. Bley’s early recording with Charles Mingus and Art Blakey promised great things to come. He emerged more fully as part of Jimmy Giuffre’s innovative trio with Steve Swallow, but it was with his own trios of the mid to late 1960s, with drummer Barry Altschul and bassists Kent Carter and Mark Levinson, that he really began to…
CD | €14.50
Halimem (LP)
Pharaway Sounds presents a compilation dedicated to Erkin Koray, the father of Anatolian rock/Turkish psych. Halimem includes rare single and cassette-only tracks (mostly from 1970-72, plus three killer ones from 1987). Expect a fabulous mix of Turkish melodies/grooves with hard-rock and psych. Artwork by Sara Gossett.
LP | €21.90
Terea (LP)
** Limited edition of 470 copies in ultra-heavy, coated and hot-foil embossed metallic-cover ** Anybody remember Street Feet? These guys used to be an all instrumental 1970s funk act with a cineastic feel, means that their music could easily have been used as library music for TV productions, especially police movies. They had one album in 1977 and then disappeared. At least it seemed so. But they rather teamed up with singer Sharon Robinson, who has been background vocalist with Leonard Cohen a…
LP | €22.90
Theological Genocide (2LP)
** 2021 Stock. Edition of 250 ** Hospital Productions presents Theological Genocide by Death Squad. Ultimate classic Death Squad debut album! Utmost treble electronic torment, his most "power electronics" type of release! 12 tracks, gatefold covers, all original graphics used! More than simply a band or solo project, death squad combined a highly complex assemblage of writings and visuals with performances full of psychological and physical confrontations never before seen and never since replic…
2LP | €32.00
Come Along: The Exodus 1966 (White LP)
** Limited Edition White LP ** BeatRocket presents Come Along: The Exodus 1966 by Lothar and the Hand People. Lothar And The Hand People emerged as one of the earliest pioneers to mix electronics into rock, incorporating theremin and synthesizers into their sonic onslaught. Led by Lothar (a theremin) and his cast of digit possessing musicians wielding guitar, bass, drums, and one of the first (and largest) modular Moogs! This, their first ever live album, captures them with the passion and energ…
Coloured LP | €30.00
Higan (LP)
* In process of stocking. Edition of 300 *  Includes fold out insert in duotone litho Reissue of a 2016 cassette. Andrew Chalk has been active since 1985 as Ferial Confine and has worked with many associates over the years, such as David Jackman (in Organum), Vortex Campaign, New Blockaders, The, Darren Tate (in Ora), Giancarlo Toniutti, Jonathan Coleclough, and Christoph Heemann (in Mirror). He has now released a number of releases under his own name which have won widespread acclaim, on labels…
LP | €21.00
Paradise Lost (LP)
* In process of stocking. Edition of 300 * Newly reissued on vinyl (and digitally) with beautiful new artwork, Paradise Lost was originally released as a cassette back in 2019.  As is the norm for many Andrew Chalk releases, additional details beyond the fact that it exists are quite thin, but this one takes that to an amusing extreme, as the Discogs entry for the original cassette notes "label and artist name are not listed on the release."  That said, I believe I can say with moderate certaint…
LP | €21.00
The Moment
** 2021 Stock ** Kalaparush Maurice McIntyre provides us with a rare glimpse into his live performance. Perhaps one of the most influential and under-recorded artists of the AACM, Kalaparush is joined by Ravish Momin on percussion and Jesse Dulman on tuba. Jesse's tuba recalls the pre-bass second line of jazz music and Ravish provides worldly polyrhythmic sequences. All of the playing comes together with the elegance of Kalaparush's compositions and improvisations. Recorded at one night's perfor…
CD | €16.00
Live at the D.I.A. (2xCD)
** 2021 Stock ** For nearly two decades Griot Galaxy was at the vanguard of the Detroit Music scene. Members of the band performed and recorded with Roscoe Mitchell, Sun Ra, Abdullah Ibrahim and Phil Cohran. The fact that there were only two releases of the band under their own name during this period seems criminal. Entropy Stereo is pleased to present this complete concert performance at the Detroit Institute of Arts from 1983. Beautifully recorded, this is Griot Galaxy at their peak. Griot Ga…
2xCD | €26.00
Waves: Real and Imagined (LP)
* Edition of 300 LPs • Includes folded 11″ x 17″ insert with liner notes * Captain Rip Hayman (b.1951, New Mexico) has come ashore again, bearing fresh cargo. A student of John Cage, Ravi Shankar, and Philip Corner, Rip was a founding editor of the revered Ear Magazine (1975-1991), and since 1977 he has run New York's oldest bar, the Ear Inn. The focused minimalism of his new LP Waves: Real and Imagined varies from the collaged spectacle of his first Recital LP, Dreams of India & China (2019).  …
LP | €25.90
Momentary Harmony (Lp)
* Limited Edition of 250 LPs – (with download coupon) Includes set of 5 postcards made for the album * Recital is pleased to exhibit the new album by Swedish composer Kajsa Lindgren (b.1990). Typically working with field recordings and electroacoustic sounds, Momentary Harmony expresses her more emotive and lucent instrumental compositions. The music has taken a step away from her previous works, using only flickers of field recordings, instead tracing back to Kajsa’s childhood classical music r…
LP | €24.90
Sphere Studies and Subterranean Bounce (Book + CD)
**Limited Edition of 80 copies. 102 pages, perfect bound 6″x6″ book, hand numbered. Includes glass-mastered CD.** Nour Mobarak’s Sphere Studies and Subterranean Bounce is the catalog for her sculpture and audio installation, which adorned the steep hillside of Los Angeles’ Hakuna Matata sculpture garden in the Fall of 2020. Eli Diner’s press release reads:  "Up on the hill, Mobarak presents two related bodies of work. The six Sphere Studies are part of her ongoing examination of the material and…
Book + CD | €28.00
** 2021 Stock ** Entropy Stereo Recordings presents Branches by Northwoods Improvisers. This album represents a slightly different approach for the group. While the Northwoods have collectively used a wide variety of instruments on previous recordings, here they choose to explore the possibilities with the marimba, bass, and drum combination. The album opens with the original composition "Kuntu" which launches into a high energy 7/8 African groove. In fact, rhythms are the key to Branches. Throu…
CD | €16.00
The Eighth House - Riding with Pluto
** 2021 Stock ** The 8th House is a disc of solo clarinet and saxophone improvisations with a few duets with Juma Santos thrown in. Wendell Harrison and the Tribe were pioneers along with BAG in St. Louis and the AACM in Chicago. Here Wendell recalls some of the freedom and soul from his early work with the Tribe in Detroit. He is joined by percussionist Juma Santos on a few tracks. You may recall Juma from his work with Miles Davis on the Bitches Brew record, or some of his work with Marion Bro…
CD | €16.00
Luc Houtkamp in Chicago
** 2021 Stock ** This disc represents the first American release for Dutch saxophonist Luc Houtkamp. Here, he appears with Chicago stalwarts Kent Kessler (double bass) and Michael Zerang (drums) in a 1997 studio date. Liner notes by Ken Vandermark, and artwork by Northwoods' Mike Johnston. "Houtkamp often showcases an aural dictionary of multiphonics complete with echoing tongue slaps, colored hissing and speedy key pops, adding the coagulated vibrato of every bar-walking saxophonist's nightmare…
CD | €16.00
Fringe Benefits 1977-1985 (2CD)
** 2021 Stock ** Entropy Stereo Recordings presents Fringe Benefits by Jon Rose. Two CD's (almost 150 minutes) worth of archival material from the 70's and 80's handpicked by Jon Rose with detailed liner notes. The music constitutes his experimental work in Australia with many home made instruments.
2CD | €19.00
Dynamics of the Impromptu
** 2021 Stock ** Entropy Stereo Recordings presents Dynamics of the Impromptu by Derek Bailey, John Stevens and Trevor Watts. These pieces run the gamut from whispery low key musings through enraging or boisterous call and response. The moods constantly shift and evolve as Watts, Bailey and Stevens purvey musical structures that defy logic. Emotions flare up as in "Impromptu Dynamics #6". Arguments or debates are imminent. The sensibilities of unity and collaboration resurface as the music seems…
CD | €16.00