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New Arrivals

Balancing Tear(LP)
"A glorious re-match for Chicago’s superb free-rock trio, Mako Sica, and the jazz world’s percussionist of choice, Hamid Drake. Their last collaboration, Ronda, was a glorious, open-ended studio conversation spread across two LPs. Balancing Tear is a mix of studio and live recordings, awash with calmly oceanic passages, interspersed with compressed and feverish form-blurts.As with Ronda, the heft of the material is dynamically advanced. The album begins with passages worthy of Morricone’s wester…
LP | €24.90
June Holiday(LP)
**400 copies** "A sublime trio set from drummer Charles Rumback – a record that has us really appreciating the special touch the leader can bring to a date, as this album may also be one of the best that we've heard from pianist Jim Baker in years! Baker has this great way of sounding soulful and lyrical, yet also moving towards the freer side of his spectrum too – working with the subtle drums of Rumback and the careful bass of John Tate, all with energy that almost takes us back to the groundb…
LP | €24.90
Specifically the Water
Astral Spirits presents the debut duo recording from Alex Cunningham (violin) and Claire Rousay (percussion) entitled Specifically the Water.Alex Cunningham is a violinist, improviser, and visual artist based in St. Louis, MO. His work explores free improvisation, drone, noise, and minimalist composition. Cunningham has recently performed with Mark Shippy, Sandy Ewen, Damon Smith, Stefan Gonzalez, and Lisa Cameron and has ongoing collaborations with Chris Trull (under the Apathist! moniker), Kev…
CD | €14.50
**CD version** Layered lowercase electroacoustic improv from the US / Mexico City / German trio of Chris Cogburn on percussion and electronics, Juan Garcia on double bass, and Ignaz Schick on turntables, sampler and electronics, eclectically informed by concrete sources and abstract electronics over Garcia's bass work and Cogburn's threshold-crossing acoustics & electronic percussion.Recorded by Ignaz Schick at Anáhuac 33 in Mexico City on May 22, 2016.Mixed & Mastered by Werner Dafeldecker in B…
CD | €14.50
Good Days
**CD version** On May 13, 2000 the Chicago Underground Quartet played one of the most searing and transcendent sets of music I’ve ever witnessed, as part of the Empty Bottle Festival of Jazz & Improvised Music. Cornetist Rob Mazurek, guitarist Jeff Parker, drummer Chad Taylor, and bassist Noel Kupersmith performed with a fiery singularity of purpose, ripping through its set like a bulldozer, albeit a machine marked by nuance and soulfulness. The following year the same line-up—which had previous…
CD | €14.50
Unconscious Collections
Three fresh and engaging pieces recorded during a meeting in Basel in June 2019 of Argentine guitarist Tomás Cabado and Christoph Schiller on spinet. The first piece is an improvisation, the second a composition by Christoph Schiller, and the final piece is composed by Tomás Cabado.
CD | €14.00
Chordioid (2CD)
A double CD of works for violin, piano and vibraphone. One disc is a long piece by J.P.A. Falzone, the other a long piece by Morgan Evans-Weiler. Both are beautiful, delicate chamber works for violin + piano / vibraphone / fortepiano, recorded at Wesleyan College in Connecticut.
CD x 2 | €20.00
Ricercar nell’ombra
A 46-minute piece composed by Emmanuel Holterbach in collaboration with the Italian ensemble Blutwurst: Cristina Abati (viola), Marco Baldini (trumpet), Maurizio Constantini (double bass), Daniela Fantechi (accordion), Michele Lanzini (cello), Edoardo Ricci (bass clarinet), Luisa Santacesaria (harmonium)Ricerar nell’ombra was developed during Bluwurst’s residency at Tempo Reale, at SpazioK Prato and SBA+C, Florence.
CD | €14.00
Chamber Works
Five chamber works by the Brazilian/Dutch composer Luiz Henrique Yudo, realised with brilliance by Apartment House. Each piece is the transcription into sound of a visual work of art.Luiz Henrique Yudo is a Brazilian-born composer now living in Amsterdam. He composes by transposing visual works of art into sound. “Music coming from structures, labyrinths, alphabets, codes, patterns, architecture, paintings, drawings, sculptures…” The pieces on the CD are wonderfully realised by Apartment House, …
CD | €14.00
In the Open (Tape)
**90copies** "More than five years after Federico Durand (12K, Spekk) released his solo record Adormidera through Dauw, the label announces his first collaborative full album together with Tomoyoshi Date (Home Normal, Baskaru) and Asuna Arashi (Faitiche, Home Normal): In the Open.When Durand, Date and Arashi were touring together during the Spring of 2017 in Japan, they decided to visit the old city of Kanazawa. On one hand they wanted to wander through the streets, visit the castles and the gar…
Tape | €13.90
Oto No Wa: Selected Sounds of Japan 1988-2018 (2LP)
"For the fifth entry in our Collector’s Series we enlist the skills of Japan-based musical connoisseurs, Ken Hidaka, Max Essa, and Dr. Rob. Their compilation Oto No Wa sets out to map the evolution of chilled Japanese sounds across 3 decades. Collecting 14 tracks, produced by a wide range of artists. From ambient pioneers to dance-floor veterans. Roping in 9-piece reggae band, Little Tempo, percussionist Kotani Kazuya, and organic, psychedelic collective, Olololop.Beginning in the late 1980s, th…
LP x 2 | €32.00
Le Poète (3LP Box)
A triple vinyl box with poster, celebrating the art of great French chansonnier Serge Gainsbourg.
3LP Box | €38.00
The Revolt of Aphrodite (LP)
**300 copies** Throwing himself into bouts of taut, fractious, and probing electronics on his sophomore LP, The Revolt of Aphrodite, Sam Wills uses the same palette as found on his White On White LP - PPG Wave, Kurzweil K250, Emulator 4 and Lexicon 224 - albeit with a finer manipulation of form. Oscillating between the Alva Noto / Anne-James Chaton-esque minimalism of All This Vulgar Data, to the cubist UKFunky rhythms in Iolanthe Dances and Dego-like broken beats in Skins Plastered With White L…
LP | €18.90
Les Tables Noires (LP)
The French duo Mesa Of The Lost Women continues its free noise making adventures with "Les Tables Noires", an album that celebrates liberty, violence and black metal amongst others. A project that wouldn’t be out of place on John Zorn’s Tzadik label.
LP | €15.90
Our Mother the Mountain (LP)
Townes Van Zandt's 50th Anniversary edition of Our Mother the Mountain includes: 180 gram remastered vinyl, tip-on jacket, lyrics included. "Townes' second album, released in 1969 and produced by Jack Clement, contains 11 sorrowful and soulful tunes showcasing some of Van Zandt's best work. The weight and beauty of these songs are still standing tall against time. Widely considered one of the greatest songwriters of his generation, Townes Van Zandt has been hailed by such singers as Steve Earle,…
LP | €29.90
Window In
**CD version** "Window In is Michael Vallera’s third full length offering on Denovali, following All Perfect Days (2018) and Vivid Flu (2017). The four tracks that compose Window In are an exercise in density, movement, and space. Raw studio recordings of electric guitar were taken as the foundation, then heavily altered and manipulated through sampling, erasing the trace back to origin of the sound. The result is a series of vignettes that are unattached to a particular source but instead exist…
CD | €13.50
The North Bend - 10th Anniversary Edition (LP)
"The North Bend is about the Pacific Northwest region of the USA, where I lived at the time the album was made. Still, today I consider that region my spiritual home, even though I am now living on the East Coast.I had met Lawrence English in Poland back in 2009 and he kindly invited me to make a record for the label. I was a fan of his releases so this was really an obvious thing for me to say “yes” to and a chance to create something special. I had released a few EPs and an LP under my name, a…
LP | €26.90
Albergo Intergalattico Spaziale (LP + 7")
** 500 copies only reissue, housed in its original artwork with the addition of a bonus 7" EP, a reproduction of a giant original poster and 3 inserts** Giacomo “Mino” di Martino started his musical career in several early 1960s Italian beat bands. By 1968 he had found enormous success with pop superstars I Giganti. After a brief split in 1970 –during which Mino formed Il Supergruppo with Ricky Gianco and other greats of the Italian scene– he came back to I Giganti in 1971. With them and with ne…
LP + BONUS 7" + 3 INSERTS + POSTER | €23.90
Disruptions of Form (LP)
**300 copies, orange vinyl** "After inaugurating Sferic with the Synthetic Space LP in 2017, Echium now leads the way with a remarkably refined, even meticulous grasp of sound design steering away from purely “synthetic space” to imaginary spaces that smudge the listener’s perceptions of artificial and organic texture, tone and spatial dynamics.Like the best of its contemporary field, from Vladislav Delay to Uon and Heith, the meticulous technical physics of Disruptions of Form provides the fram…
LP | €20.90
µ: of Anxiety x Discernment (LP)
"Based on the idea of transferring the sound language of Ambient, Minimal Music and Avant-Pop into an orchestral format, Leipzig-based pianist, composer and sound designer Philipp Rumsch founded his own ensemble in 2015. This ensemble consists of twelve artists from Leipzig, Berlin, Dresden and Weimar. Besides the ensemble, they all work in various musical contexts and environments.Between 2013 and 2020 Philipp Rumsch has studied jazz piano under the aegis of Michael Wollny and Richie Beirach at…
LP | €18.90