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New Arrivals

Barely known outside of his home country during his lifetime, the late Japanese ambient music pioneer Hiroshi Yoshimura has seen his global stature rise steadily in the past few years. The 2017 reissue of his lauded debut, Music For Nine Post Cards, along with a slow building cult internet following has helped ignite a renaissance in his acclaimed body of work, much of which has never been released outside of Japan. Known for his sound design and environmental music, Yoshimura worked on a number…
CD | €15.50
Orphee 2000 (LP)
Reissue of very rare French spiritual / political Avant-garde Jazz - Think Brigitte Fontaine meets Alice Coltrane via the Middle East. The soundtrack of a cult play from the “Chêne Noir” Theatre. A spiritual jazz work tinged with poetry and oriental music. A sonorous UFO of which only the 70s had the secret. To be classified between Brigitte Fontaine Marc Moulin’s Placebo and Strata East.
LP | €21.90
Lydglimt (LP)
An otherworldly  blend of ethereal ambient, new age with inherent discofied undertones - reissued!  Pressed at Pallas in a 500 copy run only &  comes with a beautiful booklet !  Frederiksberg Records is proud to announce 40th anniversary LP reissue  of Lydglimt, done in close collaboration with Klaus Schønning.  At odds with the loud musical landscape of jazz, rock and punk which dominated the Denmark at this time in the late 70's, Schønning saw before him a different path. A path leading to the…
LP | €29.90
Fischgeist (LP)
Fischgeist is the third solo album by Tomoko Sauvage, a Paris-based Japanese experimental musician and sound artist. For more than a decade, she’s been working on her unique ‘natural synthesizer’ by combining water, hydrophones and glass or ceramic bowls. The album was recorded in a former water tank in Berlin, a building with a special architecture and acoustics. Sauvage was inspired by the building’s history that she discovered by coincidence during her recording sessions. bohemian drips, a Be…
LP | €18.90
Commissions: 1977-2000
Makoto Inoue and Yasushi Yamashita’s Inoyama Land project spans nearly four decades, still active to this day. A portmanteau of their family names, the “Land” of Inoyama hovers between imagined mythical space and concrete reality, extending beyond physical releases into installations, site-specific sound design and theatre scores. After their famed Haruomi Hosono-produced 1983 release Danzindan-Pojidon, the duo became involved in the budding environmental music business that was taking shape in …
CD | €15.50
Horizon, Volume 1
* 2020 stock * Almost completely unknown in the west, Masahiro Sugaya has been composing and producing music since the 1980s in an exceptionally wide range of fields and practices. From arrangements for musical acts like the acoustic guitar duo Gontiti to acousmatic diffusion at spaces like Paris’s Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM), Sugaya’s reach is almost exhaustive in its breadth, but it was in the 80s bubble-era kankyō ongaku scene that he first found his musical voice. Horizon, Volume 1 …
CD | €15.50
Châsse Vol.2 (17LP Wooden Box w. Shirt and Booklet)
**Edition of 400 copies** :Zoviet*France: is an idiosyncratic group of anonymous music makers, gatherers of sound, and fabricators of unknown music. For nearly 40 years, they have explored and reported back from the liminal areas of music and composition, walking the margins where little is easily located and consensus reality melds with the hypnagogic and half-heard.  Having wilfully obscured themselves in Newcastle upon Tyne since their inception in 1980, :zoviet*france: has developed a radica…
17LP Wooden Box w. Shirt and Booklet | €279.00
Shouting at the Ground (2LP)
**300 copies** The quintessential ZF. "'Shouting at the Ground' showed a dramatic improvement in sound quality and production from their earlier albums - all of which, by the way, are excellent in their own right.  What we have here are an arsenal of hand made instruments, mostly stringed and percussive in nature, that are squashed through various delay and echo filter machines, creating an otherworldly, timeless and overwhelming creepy atmosphere.  Outside this website Zoviet France are classed…
LPx2 | €27.90
To the Quiet Man From a Tiny Girl (yellow vinyl) + Merzbild Schwet (blue vinyl) - 2LP Bundle
**Special Bundle, yellow and blue vinyls. Very few copies available** Two absolutely stunning, long out of print early artifacts from Nurse With Wound's seminal catalog - 1980's To the Quiet Men from a Tiny Girl and Merzbild Schwet - reissued on vinyl in limited editions from Dirter, that can't be missed. Both take huge strides toward rethinking notions of avant-garde music was during the dawn of the 80s, and remain as pregnant with the potential for contemporary influence today, as the already …
2LP bundle | €47.00
Theme From The Gay Man's Guide To Safer Sex (LP)
**Orange edition** Entirely a category of their own, fifteen years after the untimely passing of John Balance and the project’s demise, it remains impossible to calculate the importance of Coil. For just over two decades, following the band’s founding by Balance in 1983, it stood among the great emblems of underground music - a full realisation of the seeds and potential planted by punk, bred with the higher realms of experimental and electronic music. Their sprawling, deeply emotive catalog of …
LP | €23.90
Sara Dale's Sensual Massage
CD digipack ed. Sara Dale's Sensual Massage was a delightful erotic video with a mystic soundtrack by Coil. Quite unusual for the band dreamy ambient, almost spa-relaxed soft harmonies, bland tribal rhythms, chimes, and birdsong but still with dark mysterious and inimitable Coil musick's charm. However, the second part of the album explores more rhythmic structures that remind 'Gay Man's Guide...' soundtrack.  Besides the OST recordings, the edition includes bonus tracks from the "Basilisk prod.…
CD | €16.00
Altered States (Coloured LP)
* 2020 stock. 180 Gram Purple and Violet “Hallucination” Swirl vinyl * Waxwork Records is thrilled to release the deluxe LP re-issue of Altered States. Directed by Ken Russel, the film focuses on Professor Edward Jessup’s (William Hurt) research conducted in isolation tanks under the influence of psychoactive drugs like mescaline, ketamine, and LSD. The film is also the film debut of actors William Hurt and Drew Barrymore. Waxwork’s new release is a deluxe re-issue of the now classic 1980 score …
Coloured LP | €24.90
The Visitor (2 LP)
* 2020 stock. 2 LP in deluxe gatefold jacket, pressed on 180 gram vinyl. Limited edition pressed on black vinyl and randomly-inserted Sunburst vinyl * The film "Stridulum" (Aka "The Visitor") was directed in 1979 by Giulio Paradisi. Starring Mel Ferrer, Glenn Ford, John Huston, Franco Nero, Shelley Winters, Sam Peckinpah, Joanne Nail, Lance Henriksen, Paige Conner, Ja Townsend, Jack Dorsey, Hsio Ho Chao. Franco Micalizzi has written one of the most beautiful scores of his entire career (and one …
2 LP | €21.90
The Black Swan (7")
* 2020 stock. Last Copies * Originally found on Jansch’s final album of the same name, The Black Swan is featured here on a 7” single, flanked by an early demo. The two songs are at parallels; where the demo shows the bare bones of the track (working title: ’Space Highway’), the finished article is something altogether more orchestral, with Helena Espvall’s (then of Espers) soaring cello providing a foil for Jansch’s supremely melodic refrain. Fans will surely be intrigued to see the process inv…
7" | €10.00
Music For Nine Post Cards (Lp)
** 2020 (much needed) small repress. ** Despite his status as a key figure in the history of Japanese ambient music, Hiroshi Yoshimura remains tragically under-known outside of his home country. Empire of Signs – a new imprint co-helmed by Maxwell August Croy, Spencer Doran and distributed by Light In The Attic – is proud to reissue Yoshimura’s debut Music for Nine Post Cards for the first time outside Japan in collaboration with Hiroshi’s widow Yoko Yoshimura, with more reissues of Hiroshi’s wo…
LP | €26.90
Misty Flats (LP)
* 2020 stock * Barry Thomas Goldberg was 23 in 1974, the year his Minneapolis power pop group, The Batch, split up. Rudderless, he set about recording solo album Misty Flats, and though few would hear it in its day, he hit on something very special indeed. “In 1974, the world was weary, the Vietnam War was ending, America was at this place where it didn’t know where it was heading, it was the fumes of Watergate days,” says Goldberg now. “I’d just left my band, and I didn’t know where I was headi…
LP | €12.90
Prayers Of A One Man Band (LP)
* 2020 stock * We feel this is an essential piece of music. This “Prayers Of A One Man Band” album is unlike any other in regards to scope & originality (except for his first Axonda album). Both produced an recorded entirely by Bobby. Now known as Bobby Frank Brown. His solo style of playing his many invented home made instruments, many at the same time, has been witnessed all over the world. From the first ever performance by anyone allowed to play Red Square in Russia, to historic performances…
LP | €20.90
The End of Nothing, the Beginning of Everything (LP)
**300 copies** Never released before 1990 album. More information is coming soon.
LP | €16.90
Just an Illusion (2LP)
**300 copies**  Just An Illusion represents a continuation of the Zoviet France electronic style of the late 80s early 90s. Together, Acend A Fall and Caught In The Square comprise a hypnotic masterpiece. A combination of industrial grinding, modified guitar and electronics. Other tracks apply synthesizers and tape loops with far more sophistication and impact than on the earlier albums. With longer mood pieces and shorter works that highlight the Middle Eastern and Asian influences which have o…
LPx2 | €27.90
Russian Heterodoxical Songs (LP)
**300 copies** Never released before 1988 album. More information is coming soon.
LP | €16.90