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New Arrivals

The Rise and Fall of the Third Stream (LP)
Pioneering keyboardist Joe Zawinul will always be remembered for spearheading the fusion project Weather Report and for his input on important Miles Davis LPs. After classical training in Vienna during his youth, Zawinul began working with leading Austrian jazz musicians in the early 1950s, including the pianist and composer Friedrich Gulda, and after moving to the US in 1959 he joined Maynard Ferguson’s big band, accompanied Dinah Washington and Sweets Edison and rose to prominence in Cannonbal…
LP | €17.90
Waltz For Debby (LP)
The inventive jazz pianist and noted Miles Davis collaborator Bill Evans made lasting impact from the mid-1950s. After a New Jersey childhood disrupted by his father’s alcoholism, Evans obtained a scholarship to study composition in Louisiana. Arrivinging in New York in the '50s, he began working with composer and multi-instrumentalist George Russell, releasing his debut solo album, New Jazz Conceptions, in 1956. Evans' true breakthrough came through his membership of Miles Davis' sextet, where …
LP | €17.90
Restoration Ruin (LP)
Gifted american pianist Keith Jarrett is one of the jazz world’s greatest musicians. Born in suburban Allentown, Pennsylvania in 1948 with a mixed european cultural heritage, Jarrett was a child prodigy that played piano at the age of two, appeared on television, aged five, and gave his first classical recital, aged seven. After studying at the prestigious Berklee college of music, he moved to New York in 1964 to perform at the Village Vanguard and then joined Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers. Drumm…
LP | €17.90
Automat (LP)
Officially licensed and remastered reissue! Tempo Dischi's second release is an electronic music seminal LP: Italian space disco album Automat by Automat. A year after the release of Oxygène by Jean Michel Jarre, a milestone for electronic music, Automat was released in Italy, a timeless record that has influenced the years to come. Released in 1978 by EMI Italia, the album has been produced by two veteran italian songwriters and composers, Romano Musumarra and Claudio Gizzi, after meeting Mario…
LP | €16.90
Boxes of Toys (LP)
With Boxes of Toys Orbeatize introduce a new series of limited edition compilations. On this first volume they managed to gather 13 tracks taken from some of the most obscure Electronic Libray Music and private press releases that you can think of. The original LPs and cassettes from which this selection of goodies is culled, have been published between 1983 and 1996 and most of them - when not impossible to find - are quite rare to say the least, try Discogs if you don't believe it! Boxes of To…
LP | €21.90
Live Electronic Music (LP)
Peter Frohmader, also active with his alias Nekropolis, is a German artist known for his distinct and very dark athmospheric electronic compositions as well as his extreme visual art-projects leading to many exhibitions, films, multi-media events and collaborations in the field of art and music, including H.R. Giger and Chris Karrer. In 1981, at age of 23 Frohmader released the album Musik aus dem Schattenreich, the first in a long series of productions. Italian label Orbeatize presents his late…
LP | €21.90
Voyage (A Journey Into Discoid Funk) (LP)
**2019 stock*** Isle of Jura's first LP reissue is the highly sought after Voyage - A Journey Into Discoid Funk by Brian Bennett, originally released in 1978. A cosmic disco classic completely re-mastered from the original master tapes by Matt Colton. Brian Bennett is best known as the drummer of the UK band The Shadows and as a composer of music for Films and TV. During the 1980’s he was awarded two Ivor Novello awards and wrote music for a wide range of programmes including Dallas, The Sweeney…
LP | €20.90
Morricone Groove (2LP)
This double LP set is the absolute first release of Ennio Morricone’s lesser know bet beautiful scores from the '60s and '70s. A very cool way to introduce the amazing music of this legendary Italian composer to the younger fans. This selection of the best of the Lounge style tracks from his film music production has been a true enterprise. At the end of this very cool listening experience through four sides, the listener will have surely know and enjoyed all the colors of a musical giant. The '…
LPx2 | €46.00
**CD digipack version** The infamous Italian sexy-comedy genre now has its own saucy compilation. 21 cuts, including 13 tracks never published before on any format, taken from the finest original soundtracks of the genre. From groovy disco bangers and charming jazz-funk, sleazy-listening and rock blends, to analogue electronic experiments, pure “aerobic groove" that spells out the melodic action of female starlets like Gloria Guida, Edwige Fenech, Nadia Cassini, Lilli Carati, and all the other h…
CD | €15.00
Superground (LP)
**500 copies, never released before on any format!** And what if the infamous Underground and Overground albums had a third psychedelic chapter, still secret and unreleased until today? This Superground LP is sonically akin to the legendary pair for which composer Sandro Brugnolini will always shine worldwide, and ideally brings the trilogy to a close. Composed and recorded in two sessions between July 1969 and November 1970, the album echoes the shocking 1969's Charles Manson massacre, with tra…
LP | €25.90
Futuribile (The Life To Come) (2LP)
This retro-futuristic Italian classic from the cosmic era is now finally reissued in a double LP edition that will surely bring joy to DJs worldwide. Underrated jazz musician and composer Gianni Safred is one of the great pioneers of Italian electronic music, and had proven his talent in a couple of ultra-rare and highly sought-after library records released by renowned Italian label Music Scene. Futuribile (The Life To Come) was the second of the batch, composed and recorded in 1978 in his Trie…
LPx2 | €26.90
King of Noise (LP)
**500 copies only, remastered & the first vinyl reissue EVER of this legendary Japanoise LP. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl. Wow!** On King of Noise Hijokaidan is pared down to the duo of Jojo Hiroshige (on electric guitar) and Toshiji Mikawa (on drums, electronics, and voice.) In it’s early years, Hijokaidan saw as many as 19 members, but whether it be 19 or just two, Hijokaidan creates the same sheer wall of noise that gives them their apt title, King of Noise! On the opening track The Wreck of a O…
LP | €26.90
Entropic (LP)
On the verge of their 40th and in the midst of their 20th anniversaries, respectively, Hijokaidan and Sissy Spacek merge in Tokyo for their first collaboration, featuring Jojo Hiroshige, Junko, T. Mikawa, Charlie Mumma, Futoshi Okano, Tentenko (guest), and John Wiese. Hijokaidan formed in 1979, marking the first wave of groups in Japan exploring extreme noise. Sissy Spacek formed in 1999, often playing in large ensembles of players, and frequently exploring grindcore as a base for creating extre…
LP | €23.90
Freaked With Jet (LP)
**100 copies** No guitars and fuck two-second gaps. A collection of six 7-inches (Gutter Splint, Fortune b/w The Eyes of Men, Epistasis, Vacuum, Vanishing Point, and the split with Agathocles). Performed by Mumma / Ronnau / Wiese. The only band to make a Milton and a Mentors reference on the same album. Silk screened cover.
LP | €23.90
Pitched Intervention (LP)
Finally available on vinyl! Recorded in Los Angeles in February 2018, Pitched Intervention consists of a Concrete and collage session by Charlie Mumma and John Wiese with Don Bolles (The Germs, Ariel Pink) and Mitchell Brown (Gasp), and one session with Mitchell Brown and Joseph Hammer (Solid Eye, Joe & Joe, LAFMS). "For 20 years, Sissy Spacek, the LA duo of Charlie Mumma and John Wiese, have churned out excellent noise that runs the gamut from gut-wrenching drums / guitar / growl grindcore to h…
LP | €23.90
Shock Industrialization (10")
**100 copies** Linekraft and Alberich, the two modern masters of industrial noise and cacophony collide on this crushing 10” intersecting at the little known and largely forgotten cold war crossroads of the cambodian civil war and which some could argue, its deep predecessor of the korean war. Two decayed and corrupted tracks from each artist spreading rotten winds. Fold-over cover. Includes download virus code.
10" | €19.90
Generic Targz (LP)
**300 copies** Soda Gong presents a razor sharp collection of rigorous and imaginative new music from Russian musician and producer Flaty. Generic Targz places Flaty's precipitously complex drum programming and keen ear for atmosphere and space at the forefront, offering up a dynamic array of techno, ambient, generative footwork, and other tougher to pigeonhole rhythmic experiments. It is a dizzying and cohesive document in which ethereal productions, such as Praaai wherein a bewitching vocal pa…
LP | €17.90
Eleven Pieces For Synthesizer (LP)
**330 copies** Umor Rex presents Eleven Pieces for Synthesizer, a collection of synth instrumentals by German composer Carl Oesterhelt. Oesterhelt has been recording a mixture of straddling kosmische and classical traditions for years on his own reel tape machine, overdubbing stacks of analogue gear to create a compelling body of work that brings fresh emotional depth and rhythmic experimentation to the syntax of the modern synthesizer. Born in Munich in 1968, Carl Oesterhelt has worked in a var…
LP | €19.90
Threaded Habitat (LP)
**300 copies** Beacon Sound and Jacktone Records introduce a limited-edition joint vinyl release by Hugo R.A. Paris entitled Threaded Habitat. The new LP from Paris follows two of Jacktone's most popular releases: Mystique Youth (2015) and Horizons Beneath the Surface (2016), which appeared under his alias Lavender. The transition to the Hugo R.A. Paris moniker with this album marks a more personal shift in approach. Threaded Habitat combines ambient textures and techno rhythms to reflect tensio…
LP | €23.90
Freedom Flight (LP)
**2019 stock** 1971's Freedom Flight is perhaps, in its own way, every bit as adventurous and regal as Shuggie Otis' masterpiece, Inspiration Information. Produced by Shuggie's father, R&B legend Johnny Otis, the album features seven stellar, genre bending cuts, most of which were written or co-written by Shuggie. Oh yes, he was 18 at the time. Shuggie not only arranged the date, he played everything from guitars and bass organ to various percussion instruments. Additional musicians include Wilt…
LP | €22.90