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New Arrivals

Heavy Invertebrates (LP)
Tip! *99 copies limited edition. In process of stocking* “This particular brand of home brew lysergia falls in and out of underground fashion, but it's to Todd's credit that he doesn't seem to give a shit, carrying on as he would regardless. That's what legends are made of, kid… if the hall of fame doesn't give my dude a lifetime achievement award soon, the whole of Greatest Imaginary Hits might be reason enough to start storming the gates and demanding action.” – The Quietus   “AN remain a puzz…
LP | €32.00
A Story Of A Global Disease (LP)
*115 copies limited edition. In process of stocking* After a crush at the Brussels World Fair in 1900, King Leopold II decided, for his own personal pleasure, to have the Japanese Tower and Japanese Gardens built. In order to create this little relocated Asian paradise, he had the wood, sculptures, paintings, ornaments, trees, workers, and their know-how imported. For a few years, he invited his entourage to enjoy it during large banquets and private receptions. He then had the idea of transform…
LP | €21.00
Rara Avis (LP)
A compilation of Hearn Gadbois' tracks, published here and there along the years (1983- 2020). Most of them are home recordings with very little or no diffusion, so this release tries to shed some light on these amazing compositions. A sound related to Hassell's 4th world, but developed in a very personal way (he even designs & makes some of his instruments) that feels different and goes far beyond. Using mostly acoustic instruments, Hearn combines a love of traditional trance/ecstatic rhythms w…
LP | €21.00
Big Weather (LP)
*In process of stocking* First ever vinyl release of this tribal ambient gem. A plethora of exotic rhythms and sonic meteorological phenomena. Loops, leftfield beats, and all kinds of textures from the 4th world and beyond. Originally released in 1994 on CD, it is a true beauty of electronic hypnotism and sonic exoticism. Through a highly developed process of layering, Jeff Greinke composes and performs music rich in texture, depth, mood, and subtle detail. His blend of electronic and acoustic i…
LP | €21.00
Ago (LP)
*300 copies limited release. In process of stocking* An original and particular approach to rhythmic electronics, with an incredible sound, like in all of Colin Potter's works. Six hypnotic tracks from Colin's archive of rarities, for the first time on vinyl, perfect to play really loud. These six pieces were recorded between the late 80s & mid-90s at IC Studio, which was then located in Tollerton, North Yorkshire. “I wanted to make some tracks which were much more rhythmic. By then the studio w…
LP | €21.00
Richard Twice (LP)
Fuzz guitars, organ, celestial vocal harmonies, a single effort and then…eternity (or obscurity if you look at the other side of the coin).  In 1968 leader Richard Atkins  - Richard Manning his artistic partner & co-writer, hence the name - was building toward success, his musical adventures and philosophy not that far from the likes of The Byrds or the more eccentric Simon & Garfunkel. He’d won a contract with Mercury Records, and recorded with the Wrecking Crew members, a group of Los Angeles …
LP | €19.90
Compuesto De Hierro (2LP)
Esplendor Geométrico, the influential industrial pioneers of the pulsating, hypnotic and mechanical rhythms, present the extended version of their album "Compuesto de Hierro" to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its release. "The rhythms, hypnotic and very elaborated, are combined with mastery with lots of manipulated voices, analogical electronic sounds, and oriental (mostly Chinese) music recordings." label press
2LP | €29.90
M_Sessions – Rare Originals (LP)
*In process of stocking* »M_Sessions – Rare Originals« is offering a selection of Malaria!, Mania D., Matador's music for the 40th anniversary. Bringing the past into the now and into the future. The original core team of Beate Bartel, Bettina Köster, Manon P. Duursma and Gudrun Gut selected 'Rare Originals' from the repertoire of the 3 bands where they saw special relevance and beauty. There are live tracks, living room recordings and demo versions from times long gone. The project M_Sessions f…
LP | €21.90
Island Friend (Tape)
*In process of stocking. 100 copies limited edition* Gylden on the album: "Tuned to the bells, buoys, and ocean sounds surrounding a small island off the coast of Maine where I spend most of my time. Contra alto clarinet, Elektron Digitone, and cassette tape were used to convey the feeling of loneliness and comfort it provides me. »Island Friend« is dedicated to my father who passed away at this time last year."
Tape | €13.00
Bias (Tape)
*100 copies limited edition. In process of stocking* Through its focus on process and materiality, Bias opens the practice of sound ecology beyond the acoustic to consider the audibility of the chemical composition of soil. From scraps of muddied media buried across three sites in Austria, Greece and Italy, Lami crafts a series of melancholy studies which seem to question the inevitable legacy of human culture and industry in the geological strata.
Tape | €8.00
Uusi Aika (LP)
Uusi Aika is a fresh new ensemble from Finland. Their self-titled debut album will be released by We Jazz Records. The band's music could be described as introspective and meditative, but that's only a part of the story. The instrumentation is acoustic and their sound organic to the bone, but the music's slowly unfolding character brings to mind some deep abstract electronic music or experimental dub explorations at times. That is, there's power just under the surface, just beautifully out of fo…
LP | €23.90
11 schegge. musica italiana avventurosa (Tape)
**Edition of 200. In process of stocking** Compilation of Italian adventurous music featuring Andrea Borghi, Fabio Perletta, Dominique Vaccaro, Lorenzo Abattoir, Giovanni Lami.... A true gem on Tsss Tapes.
Tape | €8.00
Beyond the dark zone
*Limited edition of 300 copies. In process of stocking* "Cristiano Bocci’s Beyond the Dark Zones does just what its title promises. It takes us beyond the heavy sounds of dark ambience—not only beyond them, but through them. Bocci’s poetics is rooted in the electronic soil of texture-based music; the plant that grows from it is a multi-faceted, many-branched thing. First, the electronics. Bocci is a skilled creator of audio software; many of the programs he uses to generate and manipulate sound …
CD | €14.00
Kotoba (Tape)
*140 copies limited edition. In process of stocking* Japanese electronica and ambient composer Morimoto Naoki presents his 3rd album for Seil Records. »Kotoba« is a mesmerizing collage of sounds and the most beautiful, gentle phrases. Each sound tells a story, each word has a sound.
Tape | €13.00
Gainer (LP, Red translucent)
*In process of stocking* Critically acclaimed harpist and experimental composer Mary Lattimore and big amp ambient pioneers Growing have united for their first collaboration: Gainer. Remastered here from its original release (previously digital only) Gainer is now available for the first time on vinyl in plush packaging including UV spot gloss ‘invisible ink’ style jacket printing. Comprised of two side-long pieces, Gainer is less a meeting point of harp + drone guitars and much more a singular …
LP, Coloured | €29.90
Cold + Liquid (LP)
*In process of stocking* Anita Clark’s new Motte album, »Cold + Liquid«, builds glacial atmospheres, frozen moods and isolated impressions. Portraying New Zealand through socio-geological sound, breathing in Christchurch cultures and locales, the album embodies an artistic simulation of the Kiwi environment. Motte borrows from an array of sound sources to create an immense entity, with each piece situated precisely along the path. »Cold + Liquid« offers this rich sensory experience, transporting…
LP | €27.90
Gainer (LP)
*In process of stocking* Critically acclaimed harpist and experimental composer Mary Lattimore and big amp ambient pioneers Growing have united for their first collaboration: Gainer. Remastered here from its original release (previously digital only) Gainer is now available for the first time on vinyl in plush packaging including UV spot gloss ‘invisible ink’ style jacket printing. Comprised of two side-long pieces, Gainer is less a meeting point of harp + drone guitars and much more a singular …
LP | €28.90
Mediocrity and the Master Narrative (Tape)
*In process of stocking* “Mediocrity and the Master Narrative” is about coming to terms with having grown up with unrealistic expectations of life. Moose Malloy spent multiple years crafting this many-layered 19 minutes masterpiece by masterfully molding a plethora of reference points and influences, ranging from Free Jazz to portraits by Lucian Freud, from geographical sites he never visited to mistakes in the broadest sense of the word. In a way, this album is not even an album; it's an incohe…
Tape | €11.00
Il Conte Dracula (LP, Coloured)
*300 copies limited edition* Our series “Bruno Nicolai for Jess Franco” comes back, years after, with this divine soundtrack composed and directed by Bruno Nicolai. Although  the film was released in theaters in 1970, it was only in 1982 that Edipan released a LP record (CS 2013)  containing twenty stereo tracks selected by the author. In 1994 that same material was released on CD (CDS 2502). Thanks to the stereo master tapes of the original recording session, ten unpublished tracks were discove…
LP, Coloured | €29.00
Delitto in Fourmula Uno (7", Coloured)
After almost 40 years since its theatrical debut, in collaboration with Ribot, we are proud to present the original motion picture soundtrack of the penultimate movie of the "Delitti" series interpreted by the Cuban star Tomas Milian, score signed by Maestro Frizzi. Thanks to the finding, in one of the Maestro studio, of some master tapes of the original recording sessions, it was possible to realize 3 releases that will make all fans of this music excited: a CD, a 12" 180 grams black vinyl and …
7" | €20.00