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New Arrivals

Simphonie In X Major
Edition of 300 copies in digipack. Re-issue of noise classic Simphonie in X Major (1989) plus Simphonie in O Minor (1991).Quoting audion magazine'  The New Blockaders certainly make one hell of a racket. Simphonie In X Major makes Whitehouse sound like minimal art! 'TNB are in a world of their own and always have been. Ripped out of the grooves and positively bleeding out of the speakers Simphonie In X Major takes Stockhausen's baby and abuses it cruelly. Once the bloody and battered carcass has…
CD | €15.00
Sentimientos / Fluence (2 LP bundle)
This special bundle collects two Pascal Comelade LPs recently reissued by États-Unis, namely the following:Pascal Comelade "Sentimientos" (1982)Fluence "Fluence" (1975)   Pascal Comelade "Sentimientos"Originally released in 1982, Pascal Comelade's Sentimientos is one of the most elusive and sought after LPs in the French composer's vast catalogue. Recorded on a two-track Revox machine, the album is an eclectic series of brief pieces -- only two of the twenty tracks exceed four minutes -- showcas…
2 LP bundle | €48.00
Parallel Words
Eventless Plot is the collective name for three musicians from Thessaloniki, Greece, who compose together. Vasilis Liolios, Aris Giatis and Yiannis Tsirikoglou have been collaborating in this way since they met as students 20 years ago. They bring in other musicians from Greece and Holland (where Yiannis now lives) as their compositions develop. The CD presents three of their recent and most compelling chamber works. "The title reflects the basic idea of the composition. There is a contradiction…
CD | €14.00
Two improvisations from an astonishing Munich performance in May 2019 by the Berlin-based duo of Lucio Capece - bass clarinet, slide saxophone, room acoustics and mini-speakers & Werner Dafeldecker - double bass. "The two pieces were recorded last year during our live performance at the ‘Offene Ohren’ concert series in Munich. On the disc are two unedited improvised sets. Lucio and I have known each other for many years and play together periodically. So the music was maybe ‘pre-planned’ to some…
CD | €14.00
Good Day Good Day Bad Day Bad Day
A unique and extraordinary 45-minute composition for piano & keyboards + percussion, written for the GBSR duo: George Barton & Siwan Rhys. Composed by Oliver Leith in 2018, and recorded in March 2020 by Mark Knoop. "I like looking at and framing everyday life, sometimes banal things. Good day good day bad day bad day is almost an incantation, I was interested in the rituals, habits, things we tell ourselves to keep going, invasive irrational thoughts, odd pleasures and reliefs of life. Mainly be…
CD | €14.00
Monument of Diamonds
Epic 45-minute microtonal composition by Kraig Grady, using a 17-tone scale, the Meta-Slendro tuning, created by Erv Wilson. Composed in 2020. The instruments were specially built or adapted for the unusual tuning system. "The idea of Monuments came from the sound of the brass, in which I include the saxophone here. Brass seems to be used much less in newer music than strings, winds and percussion which is unfortunate. Since they are used less than strings or winds in new music, they seem to inv…
CD | €14.00
Repetition of the Same Dream
Five works for flute, percussion & electronics, recorded during Covid-19 lockdown in a church in Basel, Switzerland, March 2020. Commissioned by Another Timbre and performed by Mara Winter - flute and Clara de Asís - bowed objects, percussion & electronics. "There were some pieces that I composed and others that were formed by Mara and I, where the roles of composer / performer dissolved into each other. ‘A passage through’ was composed specifically for Mara’s bass flute, also relating very much…
CD | €14.00
Organic Music Societies (Book)
Archival documents and new writings on the intermedia collaborations of avant-garde jazz trumpeter Don Cherry and textile artist Moki Cherry
BOOK | €19.90
Nothing but the Music (Book)
The sounds of late '70s and '80s east coast avant-garde jazz, soul, and punk rock are well documented, but in Nothing but the Music Thulani Davis gives us something beyond, delivering a collection of synesthetic, transportive documentary poems that breathe anecdotal and impressionistic life into a sonic-social history about which most can only speculate. Davis' verse takes free flight with its muses, scatting and leaping off the page and the shoulders of the musicians, nightclubs, and choreograp…
BOOK | €19.90
Selected Writings and Interviews (Book)
The life and work of Maryanne Amacher are as vast as they are as yet unknown. A heterodox and idiosyncratic selection of largely unpublished documents spanning the bandwidth of the still unprocessed contents of the Amacher archive.
BOOK | €39.90
The Plastic Cow Goes Moooooog (LP)
"With sound engineer and synth wizard Bernie Krause and Paul Beaver on board, this record falls easily in the realm of space-age pop. Originally released in 1970 on Dot Records and distributed by Paramount Pictures, the album would have been a dj tool favorite for quite a while, thanks to some heavy breaks and proto-electro loops. Featuring amazing rendition of pop-rock classics such as Born To Be Wild, Sunshine of Your Love, Lay Lady Lay and The Ballad of John and Yoko, this is a truly welcomed…
LP | €15.90
Permissive Polyphonics (LP)
"As if the title doesn't give it away, Permissive Polyphonics finds Enoch Light, the king of studio kings, attempting to make it in the groovy, quadraphonic age. Featuring the gassy Puppet Man, a futuristic rendition of Sergio Mendes Mas Que Nada – with bass flute courtesy of veteran Don Ashworth - and Pass and I Call You with Dick Hyman stunny organ and Vinnie Bell fuzzy guitar, this album is an extraordinary example of easy listening at the turn of the revolutionary flower power era. Originall…
LP | €15.90
Mzui (LP)
** Edition of 500, with six-page, 12" foldable printed sheet with photos in a plain black sleeve, within a clear PVC cover ** Spittle Records present a reissue of Mzui, originally released in 1982. Originally conceived for a multi-media installation, the music contained in this album represents one of Lewis and Gilbert's earliest steps in their immediate post-Wire period. With the band's break-up in February 1980, the duo began to take a more explorative approach through various projects (Dome, …
LP | €16.90
Fire From Heaven (LP)
Spittle Records present a reissue of The Good Missionaries' Fire From Heaven, originally released in 1979. Born out of the ashes of Alternative TV, The Good Missionaries embodied Mark Perry's new and advanced experimental-post-punk vision. Avoiding all kinds of average rock cliches, Perry got more and more deeply into an uncompromised form of music. A totally new area where his solid Punk roots were confronted by a more free, radical approach to the sound material. During their lifetime, The Goo…
LP | €16.90
Streichquartette V
Ruedi Häusermann 5th release of strinquartets from his music Theatre productions. CD with digipak and 8-page booklet. Born in 1948 and residing in the medieval Swiss town of Lenzburg, and virtually unknown outside of the German-speaking world, Häusermann is a multi-instrumentalist and enormously prolific composer who works primarily in the medium of absurdist music-theater. A virtuoso wind player and free improviser who also composes for traditional classical instrumentation, his work is charact…
CD | €12.00
Post-Materialists (LP)
**Came inside hand silk-screened foldover sleeve with two-color riso printed insert. Edition of 150** The only known studio work of Post-Materialists that was recorded in 2015. Iconic album for Russian underground scene showing the most powerfull side of experimental punk free form music. Contains the most well-known "songs" performed in their original live style. Produced by Sergey Efremov and the infamous Russian store Stellage. Single sided colored vinyl in edition of 150 copies came inside h…
LP | €17.90
Kave (LP + CD)
New quartet by Samuel Rohrer, Max Loderbauer, Stian Westerhus, and Tobias Freund. In the present era of media saturation, the artist's dilemma has shifted away from the question whether to fuse disparate stylistic elements, towards the decision of which energies to draw upon: a situation most rewarding for those who listen to musicians navigating this limitless terrain. One such journey, the captivating full-length release from Samuel Rohrer's new Kave quartet, is bringing together players who a…
LP + CD | €17.90
Morning Flare Symmetries (LP)
**Edition 250** The fourth album that Samara Lubelski and Marcia Bassett have recorded as a duo -- the second for us, following 2017's Live NYC -- is much less about drones than some of their previous work. Morning Flare Symmetries blares like a ram's horn blown as a call to angelic battle. Everyone has been unanimous in agreement that this improvising duo has achieved a new highpoint in the musical histories of both Samara and Marcia. They each have deep roots in the East Coast sub-underground,…
LP | €26.90
Livin' In The Jungle (LP)
**Edition of 250** Cardinal Fuzz and Feeding Tube Records present the napalm blast that is the forthcoming new Banshee record, Livin' In The Jungle. Hailing from Boston and blazing red hot cinders through your eyes Banshee channel widescreen, kick out the jams motherfuckers psyche-rock-a-rama with a singer doing his best to channel both Alice and Iggy. Yes, they rock like crazy and play with the fired-up fury of The Stooges, MC5, and The Alice Cooper Group as they let their freak flag fly. On Li…
LP | €26.90
Duets (LP)
**Edition 200** Mind-blowing set of duo improvisations from a string player once known as the King of the Dobro, and the original drummer for Morphine. Long based in the Boston area, Lloyd Thayer is a master musician as well as a teacher, a street performer (retired, I think) and a collector of esoteric stringed instruments (many of which are played with a slide). We were introduced to his work by Glenn Jones, who more or less grabbed us by the collars and hauled us to see him down at the 1000 I…
LP | €26.90