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New Arrivals

The Incredible Nana with Agustín Pereyra Lucena (LP)
Often missing in Naná Vasconcelos' discographies, this is in fact the first recorded work to his name, one year before recording for Pierre Barouh's Saravah label in France the records that introduced him to a wider audience. Offering an early glimpse of his unique approach to music, The Incredible nanà features the first recorded version of "Concerto pra Mae Bio", a composition Naná redid for his ground-breaking album Africadeus, which effectively appointed him as the world's most skilled maste…
LP | €23.90
Initiation Dream (Book)
1981 original copies of this beautiful artist book - A vivid dream of passage narrated by experimental composer Pauline Oliveros and realized through the exploratory photographs of Becky Cohen.This book carries us deeply and graphically into the world of ritual and meditation that is integral to Oliveros' life and art.
Book | €20.00
Software For People: Collected Writings 1963-80 (Book)
Second Edition. Pauline Oliveros's much sought-after 1984 publication Software For People: Collected Writings 1963–80 is back in print. Originally published in 1984, it’s an anthology of essays that covers a broad range of the US composer, philosopher and accordionist’s interests. “I am publishing this collection of twenty-six articles partly to show the growth and change in my attitudes, interests and perceptions over the seventeen year period presented,” explains Oliveros in her introduction. …
Book | €38.00
The Roots of the Moment: Collected Writings 1980-1996 (Book + CD)
This volume of collected writings by Pauline Oliveros is presented in an unique polytextural format includes essays and scores along with a CD. Introduction by Jackson Mac Low. Excerpt. Publication of this book by Drogue Press has been made possible with the assistance of The Institute for Electronic Arts, School of Art and Design at Alfred University with generous support from Pamela Joseph. Essays, poems, scores, dreams, and HorSpiele (German for, literally, "ear-plays") are presented as sim…
Book | €40.00
Pauline Oliveros: Deep Listening Pieces (Book)
Deep Listening Publications, 1990. Second edition. Stapled wrps., 42pp. Illustrated. Fifteen pieces some including audience participation (1971-1990). Through her Deep Listening Pieces and earlier Sonic Meditations (1971), Pauline Oliveros helped introduce the concept of incorporating all environmental sounds into musical performance.  This requires focused concentration, skilled musicianship. and strong improvisational skills, which are the hallmarks of Oliveros' form.
Book | €25.00
It is surely significant that both Lovens and Stoffner use all four limbs to control their instrument. Lower limbs used principally to play bass drum and hi-hat in the case of Lovens, volume control and effects pedal for Stoffner. Right and left limbs, right and left brain hemispheres  It is not surprising that there is plenty going on in their music. “Whatever happened to the Art of the Individual?!” Han Bennink once asked rhetorically to a crowded backstage.  Well here it is, alive and well an…
CD | €14.50
Spirits Rejoice & Bells - Revisited
Together, ‘Spirits Rejoice’ and ‘Bell’s encapsulate a four month period where long-gestating ideas of Ayler’s were birthed, helping to usher in a conception of music unlike virtually anything else extant, paving the way for his own adventures of the next several years and, perhaps more importantly, providing an extremely fertile bed for a generation or two of musicians to come. – Brian Olewnick Albert Ayler’s recording career was a short one, spanning only the years 1962 – 1970, yet he went thro…
CD | €14.50
Kimmeltie (LP)
"This record makes your speakers drip with rainwater. The room fills up with mist and you can feel a warm breeze. Little sparks of magic float in the air, and the room spins 360 degrees with every chord played on the piano. It feels like the windows and doors are suddenly wide open, and the outdoors pour in. The chairs and the sofa turn into the ledges of Kiasma. It might be a dream, a memory, or a leap through time. There are stars above the sea of clouds." - Olli Aarni
LP | €23.90
Kuja Orchestra (LP)
* Edition of 250 * Finnish Funk/disco group with afro tropical influences. Privately recorded.
LP | €19.90
Live at Molde International Jazz Festival 1976 (LP)
Classic Cool/Bop session from 76, and regarded as one of the finest Norwegian jazz live recordings of the seventies featuring an impeccable performance by alto sax player Carl Neumann, playing mostly original songs by pianist Christian Reim, Bjørn Kjellemyr on Bass and Ole Jacob Hansen on drums. First time on vinyl format and with great sound quality, new pictures, new notes.
LP | €21.90
Mona Lisa - Moldejazz 73 (LP)
* Edition of 500 * An amazing loft tape find of a Norwegian Jazz concert suite taped at Molde Jazz Festival 1973, Christian Reim’s sextet Mona Lisa features Norway's top jazzmen at the time and it’s a rollercoaster post-bop showcase with influences from modal and spiritual jazz with folk undertones and pop psychedelia, one of a kind, never previously released and in great sound quality!
LP | €21.90
Live in Avignon, France 1989 (LP)
On October 14th 1989, Horace Tapscott, founder of the Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra, performed alongside his close friend and musical partner Michael Session at the Théâtre du Chêne Noir in Avignon, France. This was during a tour in which they traveled across Europe. The duo presented compositions by Leimert Park musicians Jesse Sharps, Nate Morgan and Tapscott himself. The stark instrumentation of this concert led to minimal arrangements of compositions typically performed by much larger ensembl…
LP | €34.00
Front To Front (LP)
* Edition of 300 * It took a while before Fred Van Hove and Peter Brötzmann reached their spot on the stage of the Summer Bummer Festival in 2019. This was a highly anticipated concert of two legendary musicians that wiped the floor with just about any concept of jazz and improvised music when they and their peers came to prominence in the second half of the sixties. While the audience started applauding and cheering all the other participating artists of the festival – amongst them good folk li…
LP | €21.90
Rock N’ Roll Station (2LP)
**small repress available, in process of stocking** Reissue of this mesmerizing record including an unreleased alternate mix of "Subterranean Zappa Blues". Hypnotic rhythms made of slow minimal beats, industrial textures, intoxicating drones and repetitive voices that seem to merge from dreams. Everything built by two of the most brilliant industrial music minds: Steven Stapleton and Colin Potter.  "This album arrived somewhere after a dream meeting of several individuals, Graham Bond, Joe Meek,…
LP | €26.00
Autobahn (coloured LP)
**180g translucent blue vinyl, Includes full-size 12-page booklet and picture inner sleeve.** The fourth studio album by the German electronic band. It was the band's first album to fully embrace the repetitive electronic sound they would become known for, although organic instruments still remained part of their sonic palette, and was inspired by the titular German highway system."Though they'd recorded three previous albums, Kraftwerk's modern pop legacy starts with the sounds of a few footste…
coloured LP | €25.90
Radio-Activity (coloured LP)
**180g translucent yellow vinyl, Includes full-size 12-page booklet and picture inner sleeve.** Released in 1975, Radioactivity was Kraftwerk's fifth full-lenght release and their first fully electronic album. It is a concept album centered around radioactive decay and radio communications. As such it boasts a few big theme anthems surrounded by shorter variations of those themes with interconnecting shorter pieces of electronic music, sounds, and digitized voices."Kraftwerk built upon the inter…
coloured LP | €25.90
Trans Europe Express (coloured LP)
**180g clear vinyl, Includes full-size 12-page booklet and picture inner sleeve.** "Although Autobahn was a left-field masterpiece, Trans-Europe Express is often cited as perhaps the archetypal (and most accessible) Kraftwerk album. Melodic themes are repeated often and occasionally interwoven over deliberate, chugging beats, sometimes with manipulated vocals; the effect is mechanical yet hypnotic. Thematically, the record feels like parts of two different concept albums: one a meditation on the…
coloured LP | €25.90
The Man-Machine (coloured LP)
**180g translucent red vinyl, Includes full-size 12-page booklet and picture inner sleeve.** "The Man-Machine is closer to the sound and style that would define early new wave electro-pop - less minimalistic in its arrangements and more complex and danceable in its underlying rhythms. Like its predecessor, Trans-Europe Express, there is the feel of a divided concept album, with some songs devoted to science fiction-esque links between humans and technology, often with electronically processed vo…
coloured LP | €25.90
Atlantean Fusebox (Tape)
* Edition of 75. Cardboard slipcase, with insert card. * Recorded in Dunedin and Turku, 2019 Mastered by Forbes Williams. Sleeve art & design by Tim Cornelius. Atlantean hieroglyphs by Jani Hirvonen.
Tape | €7.00
Spatial Awareness (Tape)
* Edition of 60 * Spatial Awareness includes David Edren - Spelonk, Sunhiilow - Waves of Sunlight, Pulse Emitter - The Road to Thrax, Embla Quickbeam - Radiant Abyss, F. Ampism - Saṃśaya, Matthewdavid - Art Music.
Tape | €7.00