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New Arrivals

**213 copies** III, as the title clearly implies, is the third album by Ihan (Yan Arexis, member of Coume Ouarnède, Stille Volk and Cober Ord). After the first Ihan album released on Mille Plateaux back in 2000, with this project Arexis continues to explore minimal electronics, rhythmical archaism and mineral textures. This is the fifth volume in the «Synesthetic Alchemy» serie curated by 213 Records and comes with a silkscreened insert.
LP | €16.90
Julien Louvet & Damien Schultz (LP)
**300 copies** Multi-instrumentalist Julien Louvet, owner of 213 Records and member of Devilish Cheat, The Austrasian Goat and many other groups and projects, teams up with sound-poet Damien Schultz for this untitled collaboration. Schultz declaim his verses in an energic and almost unstoppable fashion over Louvet's electronic layers made with Power Electronics elements, harmonium, piano and various electronic trickeries. Best cuts: 13 Juillet and Juste un Petit Bisous.
LP | €15.90
1969 (2LP)
Reconstruction of The Velvet Underground's Fabled Lost 1969 album, available on vinyl for the first time with bonus tracks. To honour The Velvet Underground's 50th anniversary, Grammy-winning producer Bill Levenson has lovingly recreated the band's much-mythologized lost album, 1969. Nearly fifty years later, much remains unclear about these mysterious recordings. While there's been reports that the album was intended to be the band's fourth record only to be rejected by MGM, it's also possible …
LPx2 | €23.90
Sounds of the Studio (LP)
Sounds of the Studio, Anthony Gormley first audio work, has been trailed as a "teleportational sound portrait of Gormley's cathedral-like studio". In other words, it's an evocative snapshot of his working environment, mixing high-grade field recordings (Chris Watson would be proud) with elements of music concrete. Hammers, grinders, fans, welders, and all sorts of other beasts reverberate in the vast caverns of an extraordinary acoustic space. A true AAA valve mastered mono recording, direct to …
LP | €19.90
Grande Liquidacao (LP)
(180 gram pressing) Quite incredibly, this is the first vinyl reissue of the earliest and best work by legendary Brazilian musician, Tom Zé. 'Grande Liquidação' was originally released in 1968, the same year Zé contributed to the Tropicália blueprint 'Tropicália: ou Panis et Circenses' alongside the perhaps better known Caetano Veloso, Os Mutantes, Gilberto Gil, Gal Costa and Nara Leão. His first LP was recorded shortly after moving to Sao Paulo from the regional capital Salvador, Bahia, and fea…
LP | €33.00
Ausgewählte Kurze Hörstücke 1961-1987 (LP)
**300 copies** Unlike previous Gerhard Rühm editions on Tochnit Aleph which portrayed his phonetic poetry and longform radio-plays, the pieces on Ausgewählte Kurze Hörstücke are more conceptual, actionist, and (mostly) sound-based works recorded between 1961 and 1987. Liner notes by Gerhard Rühm in English and German.
LP | €19.90
Universal Silence (2LP)
Lucky restock, few copies available next week **Edition of 300, gatefold cover, newly remastered from the original tapes for optimal sound** What can be said about Don Cherry that hasn’t been said? He was musical bridge between countless cultures - a titan of the avant-garde and jazz - one of the great, visionary voices of 20th century music for whom there was, and remains, no equivalent. A giant. Like Miles, Ayler, Mingus, Bird, Dizzy, Trane, Ornette, and Pharaoh, the power of his voice carved …
LPx2 | €28.00
Aéroproducts (2CD)
Rotorelief presents a reissue of Alésia Cosmos' Aéroproducts, originally released in 1985, with bonus material. In the '80s, Alésia Cosmos was one of those pioneering groups that invented a handful of things: uprooted electro, pop-shifted funk. With some synths, rhythm boxes, magnetic tapes, crazy guitars and hallucinated voices, they rocked the underground for four years, with two albums, playing live in France and Europe. The dazzling epic of the magic combo has become legendary in the margin …
CDx2 | €16.50
Black Box (6xCD Wooden Box)
**200 copies** Vomir - the best HNW artist around - returns on Urashima with a 6 CDs set that come in a black wooden box with laser engraving. HNW stands for Harsh Noise Wall - or Wall of Noise - and Romain Perrot, who is best known for his habit of wearing a black bag over his head when playing live as Vomir, is its master. This six solid CDs resolutely occupy a narrow and strictly defined dynamic band, with shifting textures of distortion and heavy low end. In retrospect it's quite surprising …
6xCD Wooden Box | €48.00
The Nylons of Laura Antonelli (4xCD Wooden Box)
**300 copies** "Here we have The Nylons of Laura Antonelli, a multi-item release by The Rita, Sam McKinlay. The version you have here is its third issue. This release is the sound of different models of nylon for legs used according to Sam's own purposes. If filled with a spirit of non-literalism, what is "Laura Antonelli"? Forward movement-wise I think of it as a series of inhibitors of varying volume. You can conceive of silence being the underlying reality on this release, and it allows you t…
4xCD Wooden Box | €39.00
New Noise (6x7" Box-Set)
**Limited to 25 hand numbered copies. Comes in a silkscreened wooden box and includes all the original artwork and inserts + additional silkscreened artwork.** In the 90’s Peter Zincken of Nihilistic Recordings started a sub-label called New Noise records for 7” releases and tapes with special packaging. While digging through his archives for Odal material we found these boxes of unsold New Noise 7”s. After sending out artist copies and only selling a handful of each release the remaining reco…
6 x 7" Box-Set | €50.00
How To Die (Spell I - VI) (7" EP)
**125 copies** Rudolf needs little introduction; except to those not yet privileged enough to be a witness to the madness and discomfort he creates. But maybe his work represents the segments of life that most of us chose to ignore or pretend that we are unaware of their existence. Yes, Rudof’s work as a performance and sound artist is evocative, visceral and downright bloody frightening at times. He’s not simply a noise artist, an experimental musician or just a performance artist. …
7" EP | €6.00
On Shores (LP)
Buoyed by the success of Endless, their 2015 primer on forgotten electronic explorer Dimitris Petsetakis, Into The Light Records has worked with the Greek composer to compile a follow-up album that takes an even deeper dive into his archive of previously unreleased material. Like its predecessor, On Shores draws on music recorded in the '80s and early '90s. It contains just two previous released tracks, the humid Clearance (Part 2) and poignant On Endless Shores, both of which first featured on …
LP | €18.90
Paint A Lady (LP)
2019 edition. A mythical and misplaced masterpiece of lost soft rock and acidic folk funk by a one-hit wonderer lost in the wilderness for four decades. From the producer of Margo Guryan, writer behind Wool, Gerry Mulligan collaborator, Tarantino sound tracker, and Wendy & Bonnie confidant, Paint A Lady now emerges from folkloric obscurity. Within certain record collecting circles, especially those who gather under the umbrella that covers fragile niches like "acid folk" and "soft rock", it…
LP | €19.90
End of the Night (LP)
End of the Night was conceived based around a simple, yet extremely emotionally resonant concept. Late one evening the musician and myself were listening to records at home. After many hours it got to the point where everything became completely still, the silence permeating the walls, reverberating. We agreed to listen to one more record, but what would it be? What music could answer that existential quandary of the perfect last record of the night at home? I instantly asked him to make me the …
LP | €21.90
Königsforst (3LP)
Following the 1997 release of Zauerberg, Wolfgang Voigt’s GAS project returned with Königsforst, a full length that has stood the test of time as a template for introducing fundamentals of 90’s techno into the principles of contemporary electronic music. Originally released in 1998 on the iconic Frankfurt imprint Mille Plateaux, and then reissued in 2016 as a part of GAS Box, Königsforst is now released on his own label Kompakt on a 180 gram 3LP vinyl set in its original artwork. Königsforst bri…
LPx3 | €26.90
Keep It In the Ground (LP)
**300 copies on bone coloured vinyl** Six self-recorded improvised drone rock waves from Eric Quach (Thisquietarmy) and Aidan Girt (Godspeed You! Black Emperor). Chords loop, pedals get pushed, pounding drum parts get added and subtracted, it starts quiet and gets loud. Eric no longer needs to worry about the rhythm, Aidan no longer has to worry about the song structure. All four ears stay cocked and listening even if neither of them are very good at keeping eye contact. One life to live, pound …
LP | €19.90
A Porthole (I) (LP)
**300 copies on aqua blue vinyl** French modern-classical quartet Astrïd return with the first part of a new release entitled A Porthole. Conceptually the two records work in unison, focusing on portholes into the abyss, with part one delving into the depths of the deep sea. The tracks are named after various strains of seaweed, the artwork depicting dark waves and uncertainty. Part two will follow in a year time and will turn its attention to the night sky and constellations. A Porthole continu…
LP | €19.90
Château (LP)
**300 copies** O you singer, solitary, singing by yourself—projecting me;
O solitary me, listening—nevermore shall I cease perpetuating you;
Never more shall I escape, never more the reverberations,
Never more the cries of unsatisfied love be absent from me,
Never again leave me to be the peaceful child I was before what there, in the night,
By the sea, under the yellow and sagging moon,
The messenger there arous’d—the fire, the sweet hell within,
The unknown want, the destiny of me. O give me t…
LP | €21.00
Peür (10")
**300 copies** Originally, Peür acts as a duo, armed with an electric guitar sharpened like a billhook, a saturated drumkit that hammers the sound space like a construction machine, and other sources of sound transformed by DIY devices. Sometimes, and this is the case, Fabrice Decemme and Mathieu Gratedoux, are joined by Didier Bourgoin, historical figure of the music scene from Poitiers, France, and creator of the Fanzinotheque, for the voice, the text thrown without artifice in the music, in a…
10" | €14.00