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New Arrivals

Doxy present a reissue of George Russell Sextet's Ezz-thetics, originally released in 1961. The sextet features George Russell, Dave Baker, Don Ellis, Eric Dolphy, Steve Swallow, and Joe Hunt. Includes bonus track. Edition of 300 (numbered).  "With a group of musicians assembled for the occasion, pianist/composer/theorist George Russell goes into Riverside's studios in 1960 to record Ezz-thetics. Nowadays frequently found on 'greatest jazz albums' lists, this fantastic record is difficult to cat…
LP | €16.90
Hyper colourful and shiny modular synthesis and effected Clarinet ecstasies from the American contemporary avant garde...“As the duo Golden Retriever, Matt Carlson and Jonathan Sielaff have explored an ocean’s worth of sound. Primarily working with the intersection of modular synthesis and amplified/effected bass clarinet, the duo has done eight releases for labels like Thrill Jockey, Root Strata, and NNA Tapes. Their music combines an intense emotional immediacy and meditative focus with strong…
LP | €19.90
Beauty Reaps The Blood Of Solitude
Formed in 1983 by iconic English artist, musician and composer Michael Cashmore (who also worked with Current 93), Nature And Organisation utilised a mix of acoustic instruments, surreal sound collages, cut-up super 8mm film and tape loops to create a sound that would later be regarded as influential in the genre of post-industrial music. This album, originally from 1994, is now reissued on black vinyl (limited to 500 copies) and presented in a gatefold sleeve (foil blocked in gold and red). The…
LP | €33.90
In The West
Max Johnson may be the only musician to have worked with legendary improvisers Anthony Braxton, John Zorn, Muhal Richard Abrams & William Parker, bluegrass royalty Sam Bush & David Grisman, in addition to rock pioneers Adrian Belew, Vernon Reid & the Butthole Surfers.  That eclecticism is at work on his new album, “In the West”, featuring piano trio, augmented by pedal steel guitar.  The album features Kris Davis on Piano, Susan Alcorn on pedal steel guitar, and Mike Pride on drums, in addition …
CD | €15.50
" 'In the long run, this album will establish Klaus Schulze as an outstanding composer of electronic music', said the reviewer of Record World back in 1977 when he heard Mirage. Mirage is a masterpiece. Schulze's flexibility in terms of spirit and final production is shown here in a bizarre electronic winter landscape. The music used for this re-release was carefully transferred from original old analog master-tapes to digital equipment. And for those who have already everything of Klaus Schulze…
CD | €14.90
From 2008 until 2017 Danai has been working on the project WORMS. WORMS is a study on how inflictive memories can affect the present time. A research on sexuality, the human body, fears and desires, either through the use of her own body or over her close surroundings. Shot from the time Danai was seventeen years old until now. She has used DSLR, mirrorless, compact cameras and smartphones.
zine | €11.00
L'Alibi (Lp)
Dagored present a reissue of Ennio Morricone's soundtrack for the 1969 film L'Alibi. Written and directed by and starring Vittorio Gassman, Adolfo Celi, and Luciano Lucignani, L'Alibi is a 1969 comedy drama about a trio of friends who reunite after many years apart. The score brims with '60s cool, lots of cheerful tunes, pop arrangements, lounge jazz, and dazzling vocals, all of them featuring that unmistakable Morricone air. It's light music that is highly entertaining, listenable throughou…
LP | €21.00
Free Jazz (LP)
Cacophonic present a first time vinyl reissue of a pioneering album of French free jazz, François Tusques's Free Jazz, originally released in 1965. Comprising some of the earliest, uninhibited performances from musicians behind groundbreaking European records and films, Free Jazz captures the birth of an exciting movement that would soon earn its Parisian birthplace as the go-to European spiritual home of improvised and avant-garde music. Spearheaded by pianist and composer François Tusque…
LP | €19.90
Smoke / An Ally
A hypnagogic narration that evolves in a dream-state, hazy atmosphere intrinsically embodies Dead Gum's thirteenth release. “Smoke / An Ally”, freely curated by the subconscious, evolves on sonic interpretations that emerge from a specific vocal pattern of indelible words. Variations of monad launch a descent to translucent memory fields. Numb listening, ceaselessly transformed inwards, unto the inner light of the night, nearing, until it dims down once again to blackness. Dead Gum is the solo p…
TAPE | €9.90
Concept Bongo
"Concept Bongo"'s completely minimal logic is not exhausted in the fact that it is an album that is only played with bongos. Because beyond this conception, the music we find in its thirty minutes is characterized by a mystagogic feeling which, through an abstracted and repetitive ambience, keeps you totally transfixed, marginally helpless to react to it. References to the musical culture of the percussion instruments are stimuli left to the listener's own discretion: you can understand "Concept…
TAPE | €9.90
London Taximi
Taximi is the improvisation during the performance of traditional musical pieces, using soloistic folk instruments. It has roots in the eastern Mediterranean and Arabic culture and can be commonly found in Greek music and specifically in rebetiko. Taximi is a free rhythm melody, an author's imagination, alternating between various emotional paths with a passion respective to each one who carries it. The main prerequisite in order to play a taximi is not to have excellent technical knowledge, but…
TAPE | €9.90
Guitars From Agadez (Music Of Niger)
Group Inerane is the now sound of the Tuareg Guitar Revolution sweeping across the Sahara Desert and inspired by the rebel musicians that started this music as a political weapon used to communicate from the Libyan Refugee camps in the 1980s and 1990s. Spearheaded by the enigmatic guitar hero Bibi Ahmed, Group Inerane has been together for several years and carries the rich tradition of Tamachek guitar songs for another generation. These ten tracks are a combination of amplified roots rock, blue…
CD | €13.00
Ecstatic Music of the Jemaa El Fna
For centuries, the Jemaa El Fna (Rendezvous of the Dead) has remained the stage for one of the most spectacular social forums on the planet. By day, this central square in the city of Marrakesh, one of Morocco's great imperial cities, fosters a kaleidoscope of entertainment for its local inhabitants; storytellers, acrobats, magicians and snake charmers all create intriguing displays of bewitching spectacle. As the sun sets, the evening grows frantic with the pulse of the crowd; it is then that t…
CD | €15.50
Mastic Boréal
Blick : voice and texts. Jean-Marc Foussat : AKS Synthi, voice. Recorded in 2016. Voice imprecation and electronic environement, both always in movement.
CD | €15.50
Débris d'orgueil
Christiane Bopp : trombone. Jean-Marc Foussat : Synthi AKS, voice. Jean-Luc Petit : contrabass clarinet & sopranino saxophone. Makoto Sato : drums. 2016
CD | €15.50
la nuit circonflexe
Benoît Kilian, horizontal big drum. Jean-Luc Petit, contrabass clarinet, alto and sopranino saxophones. Recorded by Antonin Rayon, 2016.
CD | €15.50
Dans les courbes
Xavier Camarasa : piano. Jean-Marc Foussat : AKS Synthi, voice. 2017.
CD | €15.50
Trost present Schraubenlieder, unreleased songs by Sven-Ake Johansson and Alexander von Schlippenbach from 1988, recorded by Radio DRS Bern. Personnel: Sven-Ake Johansson - vocals; Alexander von Schlippenbach - piano.
LP | €21.90
10 Situazioni (Lp)
Historical Italian Jazz session originally released on legendary vinyl LP from 1973. Outstanding and magnificent Jazz Funk jewel and first album ever by this killer combo led by Dino Piana & Oscar Valdambrini. An original Jazz Library recording used for the soundtrack of Rai TV programme "Serata al Gatto Nero", 1973. Top Italian groovy Jazz and mental album, easily a grail of the genre featuring some terrific breaks, killer Wah Wah guitar and Funky Hammond job, with a solid backing studi…
LP | €25.90
Science & Technology (Lp)
Impossible-to-find Italian library music oddity from semi-mythical producer and Fabio Frizzi collaborator Giuliano Sorgini, aka Raskovich. Best regarded for his groundbreaking electro-acoustic and concrète sound design input to The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue and Zoo Folle , Raskovich is also linked to a wealth of impossible-to-find cult LPs with Alessandro Alessandroni’s Braen, Giulia Alessandroni’s Kema, and their mysterious supergroup The Pawnshop, all amounting to a catalogue which …
LP | €17.90