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New Arrivals

Time of Others (LP)
** In process of Stocking. Limited to 150 copies. Includes a 18 x 14 cm printed photo taken by Francesco Bartoli Avveduti ** Laboratorio Palestro presents Time of Others by Family Underground. All sounds, recording and mixing by Sara C. Czerny & Nicolas F. Kauffmann at S.O.S 2020. Instruments used were Buchla Easel, guitar, Minikorg 700s, Novation Bass Station, piano, percussion. Recordings from Indonesia (Pejarakan-Bali and Yogyakarta) made by Czerny/Kauffmann.
LP | €16.90
Solve (LP)
** In Process of Stocking. Limited edition of 150 copies. Clear vinyl with insert on recycled paper ** Laboratorio Palestro presents Solve by Sermonizer. All tracks recorded at The Crypt and Agucchi Home Studio 2016/2019. Photographs by Francesco Bartoli Avveduti. A1= Optical Ectoplasm: A cinematic cornucopia. References include "Pas De Deux" by Norman Mc Laren and "Il Plenilunio delle Vergini" by Paolo Solvay. A2= Ambrosia: a brief sequence from the "Caligulation Method" commissioned by Frank L…
LP | €16.90
Querimònia (2xTape)
** In Process of Stocking. Limited edition of 50 copies. ** Laboratorio Palestro presents Querimònia by S. Querimònia is two field recordings taken in two different times and places split into N. 2 audio cassettes. All audio involved in the making of the release was recorded live between Summer and Autumn 2019 in Genova by S. Tape 1 was recorded in the port area during dock maintenance work phases. Tape 2 was recorded in city center public gardens during a warm morning of June. Zoom H2N hand rec…
2xTape | €10.00
Diazoma (Tape)
** In Process of Stocking. Limited edition of 50 copies. Cassette album produced and arranged by Biomas, which comes out together with a photobook of his recent snapshot work and a usb card with the audio digital version ** Laboratorio Palestro presents Diazoma by Biomas. Far ranging modern mellow experimental/ambient excursions covering wide electronic landscapes. Laboratorio Palestro is an Independent Italian multidisciplinary platform which operates in different fields as music, photography, …
Tape | €15.00
The Divine for Me Is Whatever Is Real (Tape)
** Edition of 80 ** Alexandra Spence and MP Hopkins are sound makers living and working on Gadigal land in Sydney, Australia. Using foil, flutes, tuning forks, tones, tapes, tiny bananas, stones, mouths + more, their work explores the spatial and sculptural elements of a practice in experimental sound. Their debut release, The Divine For Me Is Whatever Is Real, was recorded on the cusp of Spring one evening in 2020, at Tempe Jets; a disused sports club hall in Sydney. During this session, a stat…
Tape | €8.00
Arena (LP)
This is the first official re-release on vinyl under licensed courtesy of BMG Rights Management, UK, remastered from an original master copy out of the vaults of BMG. The album was originally released in 1971 on Transatlantic produced by Peter Bardens (Camel). Marsipulami's sombre and slightly spooky flute- laden music, often evoking mythology, certainly was groundbreaking stuff and should've caught many more "underground public" ears. Side one: “Prelude to the Arena” starts quite violently with…
LP | €24.90
Marsupilami (LP)
This is the first official re-release on vinyl under licensed courtesy of BMG Rights Management, UK, remastered from an original master copy out of the vaults of BMG. The album was originally released in 1970 on Transatlantic. Marsupilami is one of those early 70's groups that should've emerged but didn't, like Audience, Gravy Train, Gnidrolog and a few more. This south-west England sextet, built around the Hasson brothers Fred (vocals) and Leary (keyboards) and the latter's girlfriend Jessica C…
LP | €24.90
In Trux We Pux 02 (LP)
In Trux We Pux is a compilation conducted by Favela Discos, that seeks to register and expose a series of sound tendencies and collaborative practices that have been developing in the experimental music scene of Porto. The music included in this volume was created from a Favela Discos’ collective audiovisual piece named “Desilusão Óptica”, resorting to recordings made in Stop and in the Serralves em Festa 2017 presentation. David Machado - flute, saxophone, guitar. Dora Vieira - flute, flugelhor…
LP | €19.90
Fields of Divination (Tape)
Roaming far and wide from the industrial blueprints of his main outlet as Divorce Ring, Kelby Clark's debut solo release on Eastern Nurseries sees him embrace the eerie melancholia of the pedal steel guitar. Following on his recent contribution to Eastern Nurseries anniversary compilation, "Fields Of Divination" is a pristine, enduring six track journey through haunted spaces. Dark wood, faded postcards, rye on the rocks - the wind is howling.
Tape | €8.00
Sundowning (Tape)
Enshrouded in high-pitched static and elusive fumelike oscillators come "Sundowning", a new mini-album signed by Preston Weippert's most prolific alias, aka Volunteer Coroner. Co-founder of the Colorado-based Trust Collective label, Weippert's music vectors a collection of desolate murals often painted with industrial-grade fuel. A low-resolution picture of oil fields burning from your window seat. Closed eyelids against the sun, into the red. “Loss as gain- forever in blood”
Tape | €8.00
Introvert Musik (LP)
Eastern Nurseries is proud to bring you its first vinyl release, a reissue of "Introvert Musik" by Copenhagen resident and multi-instrumentalist, Bjarke Rasmussen. Curator of the excellent Infinite Waves imprint and working often under his Grøn alias, Rasmussen’s body of work sets to explore composition through means of repetition and minimal instrumentation. Composed for cello and grand piano and intended as a study on spatial ambience, “Introvert Musik” was recorded as part of a number of sess…
LP | €19.90
La Langue de l'Ophiolite (LP)
This configuration of a duo composed by Yann Gourdon (Vielle à Roue, or Hurdy-Gurdy) and Filipe Felizardo (guitar&amp) is the result of a mutual invitation which occurred already seven years ago. In January of 2020, thanks to Trás-os-Montes Records, both musicians had the chance to finally meet and play almost without interruption for three days, proving to one another that their intuitions and hearts were in place - always converging the density of the timbric and poetic languages of both their…
LP | €19.90
Live Performance, 2018 (LP)
Trás os Montes Records presents Live Performance, 2018 by by Gabriel Ferrandini, Maria Reis and André Cepeda. Recorded at the Blues Photography Studio, Lisbon, November, 2018. Voice - Maria Reis, percussion - Gabriel Ferrandini, Smoke Machine, Slide projection and Photography - André Cepeda, Recorded and Mixed by Miguel Abreu, Master by Tó Pinheiro da Silva.
LP | €18.90
Dinner at Eight (LP)
Reissue of this amazing 1986 album where drum machines meet improv jazz. Wayne Horvitz gathers together his drum machine and synths along with his talented friends -Elliot Sharp included- for this really original record that is both composed and improvised. An obscure gem by one of the most spirited musicians to populate NY 80's avant-garde, a golden era for vanguard attitudes and sounds. Horvitz, keyboard player at Naked City (along with John Zorn, Bill Frisell, and Fred Frith) had classical mu…
LP | €20.90
Ultimum (2CD Box)
*Edition of 10 (!) * Ultimumelectronics, ultimumwaves, ultimumdrones, ultimumpictures. Recorded at Emoptyc studio, during the beginning of the year A. S. (Anno Secundo) of the second pandemic era. Multimixing and multimequalization by Pharmakustik. "When you write an epitaph on your grave, the temptation is to write a famous phrase that lasts over time, demonstrating the yearning for eternity. Instead in the case of MB, there is no epitaph or famous phrase, but only a simple description of its o…
CD | €38.00
Abstractions of the Industrial North (10")
* Edition of 500 * This is music from one of Basil Kirchin's most creative periods. Basil had finished his world tour of weird discovery, and came back to the UK to make, in his words, music for imaginary films. This is basically library music, but lead to quite a few original film compositions. The music we are releasing here is Basil's work for the De Wolfe library, all from the 1966 period. Although you will imagine the music to be a little later, it's just that Basil is always a little ahead…
10" | €21.90
Faculty Canon
** Edition of 75 with with insert. Translucent Voices Piled Into Strata--accordion Folded On Polyester Film ** Faculty Canon is artist Tim Simonds' first audio publication: a group reading of his book ╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲, including reading exercises, rehearsals, and canons. ╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲╱╲ is a book composed of text and images taken from hesitations, misspellings, auto-corrections, and concealed errors in a teacher's marginalia, comments, and endnotes. Printed on the occasion of the exhibition I sai…
CD | €18.00
** 2021 Stock ** The drum duo "Dada Rhythm" was formed in 2008 by Uzamashi Okamoto and Kasei Yamada, and since 2018 they have changed their name to "Dinarzum", and also work as "Nichientai", playing only seven cymbals. The duo creates a tapestry of syncopated movements where inorganic and tribal organic qualities, which are similar to minimal electroacoustics, intertwine in a dense way. Rhythmelogic was recorded on April 16, 2016 at their base of activity, Shin-Imamiya Nchichi Building, and was …
CD | €21.90
Great Prairie Plains: Studies of American Minimalism (Tape)
** Edition of 150 copies on risograph sleeves ** Dauw presents Great Prairie Plains: Studies of American Minimalism by Dylan Henner. The album starts with an arrangement of Terry Riley's In C. During his school-time, Henner was allowed by his music teacher - with plenty of persuasion, in an environment of mostly much straighter classical music - to study this piece. He not only had a deep familiarity with it, but also the pdf scores that he transcribed for his homework. The arrangement was creat…
Tape | €10.00
Atmosfera (Tape)
** Edition of 120 Realtime Dubbed Cassettes on Chrome Tape ** Love All Day presents ‘Atmosfera’ a new album of electronic compositions from acclaimed artist & composer, Koen Holtkamp (of the duo Mountains, as well as the creator of solo works for labels such as Thrill Jockey, Type, and Umor Rex). Featuring something of a break from the sound & compositional palette of his most recent releases, Holtkamp spent a year paring down and reconfiguring his modular system focusing on creating a new sound…
Tape | €10.00