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New Arrivals

Raga Virga (Live At Montalbâne 17.6.2011)
**2019 stock* * Indian Dhrupad songs meet the chants of Hildegard of Bingen: this extraordinary encounter took place in 2011 at the Montalbâne Festival. It was a successful experiment in a concert that linked together two worlds that at first glance have nothing in common. But this is deceptive, since both musical worlds follow the rules of modal music and can thus lay, intertwine, and harmonize wonderfully with one another. And both worlds come from the context of contemplation in monasteries a…
CD | €14.50
Ocean of Colours (A. Cuni Sings a Homage To Pandit Bidur Mallik)
**2019 stock** Amelia Cuni was born in Milan and lived in India for more than ten years learning dhrupad singing from renowned masters (i.e. R. Fahimuddin Dagar and Bidur Mallik, Pt. Dilip Chandra Vedi). She also studied kathak dance and pakhawaj drumming. She received a three year scholarship from the Indian government. Since 1987, she performs internationally and since 1992, she is based in Berlin. Her music is featured on several solo CDs and collaborations. She has recorded for radio and TV …
CD | €12.50
Swiss electro-acoustic artist Israel Quellet's fifth opus, Instrumental, is a new work focused on the Church organ. Complex and mysterious, secular and modern - it makes for another challenging listen. Born in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, 1972, Israel Quellet worked in the psychiatric field for several years. At 16, he discovers on his own some different soundworlds, such as Miles Davis's electric era, Sun Ra, Dub, German cosmic music, Magma, Zappa and many more. In 1997, he stepped into the action a…
CD | €13.50
Iroha Ni Konpeitou (LP)
Wewantsounds continues its Akiko Yano reissue programme with the release of Iroha Ni Konpeitou, her second superb album and one of her funkiest, highlighting her unmissable singing and songwriting talents. Recorded in Tokyo and New York City in 1977, the album features a superb line up of the best musicians from both cities and sees Yano mixing Japanese pop with funk and a touch of electronics, playing a wide array of keyboards programmed by YMO synth wizard Hideki Matsutake. Iroha Ni Konpeitou …
LP | €26.90
Un Homme Dans L'Univers (LP)
**500 copies** Originally recorded in 1978, legedary album Un homme dans l'univers was composed by Janko Nilovic and it's the most cinematic record he ever made and. A long sought-after item, it is repressed on vinyl by Broc Recordz for the first time! "My Belgian friends invited me to record an album again. I had the pleasure of bringing André Ceccarelli with me who impressed the musicians! For the first time, the director of MP 2000 came with us which resulted in a meal at Paul’s with a menu o…
LP | €26.90
The Island of Taste
**300 copies** Some of us will never forget when we first heard Idea Fire Company's majestic and tremendously beautiful The Island Of Taste. One of the absolute favorite albums of the last 10-15 years in the IDDB Gothenburg HQ, and Fördämning Arkiv are extremely proud to now actually be a small part of this album's legacy. Over the seven tracks, Idea Fire Company core members Karla Borecky and Scott Foust were joined by Jessi Leigh Swenson and Meara O'Reilly as well as Frans de Waard, Graham Lam…
CD | €12.50
Blod & Miljö (7")
**200 copies** Inevitable collaboration from Arv & Miljö and Blod, two decent examples of the Gothenburgian bullheadedness that has occured around the FFFM/never gonna fit in circles in town. A weird 9-minute collage split up over two 45rpm sides, cuts from the past fades in and out with Svensk Sommar I Stilla Frid session leftovers straight from the floor tangled up with spicy snippets from limited to 14 cassettes, some 2018 live action and newly recorded nonsense. It's a poor man's mash up, an…
7" | €9.90
Suns Movement Across Darkening Skies (7")
**200 copies** Unearthed 1993 recordings caught on melting master tapes in the back of a second hand bookshop in Hamilton, New Zealand. A rare and temporary teen heat trio-incarnation of Armpit, which besides Clayton Noone and Jon Arcus also had Gordon/Nodrog joining in on drums. Four or five tracks were apparently recorded with this line up that also performed live once or twice. Some twenty-five years later, the hazy magic that occured in the back of that bookshop falls in somewhere in the mid…
7" | €9.90
Chondros and Katsiani on the Mountain (CD+Book)
Back in 1998, and starting as a play on the big operas of American Minimalism (Philip Glass’ Einstein on the Beach and John Adams’ Nixon in China), Costis Drygianakis, together with Thanasis Chondros and Alexandra Katsiani (two thirds of the group Dimosioypalliliko Retire), devised a radio opera based on their own exotic studio travels and throughout the musics of the world. Built around an improvised libretto by Thanasis and Alexandra, Costis’ work develops emphatically though with a light-hear…
CD + Book | €16.50
See Through (LP)
Limited edition of 300 copies. White/Clear splatter vinyl, housed in a heavyweight 350gsm, matte-finished sleeve. See Through is a new collaboration between Aidan Baker (Nadja), Faith Coloccia (Mamiffer, Mara, Sige Records) and renowned percussionist Jon Mueller. "The project was brought to life through Baker exploring textural rhythms created by sampling small, sharp and abrupt sounds on the electric guitar and then sequencing them in a drum machine to form the bedrock of the tracks. Mueller th…
LP | €17.90
Ganzfeld (2CD)
Von Tesla is an electronic musician originating from the north-east of Italy. He uses analog / digital hardware and programmable softwares to investigate all the different aspects of beat driven electronic music. He does it from an unexpected point of view, using asymmetrical rhythms and pulses as sounds. Von Tesla creates intricate sound structures for imaginary worlds, pop music for complex AI algorithms, soundtracks for self-driving aircrafts. Ganzfeld is a phenomenon of perception caused by …
CDx2 | €14.50
Hyperbeatz Vol.1 (LP+CD)
dTHEd is Fabio Ricci (Vonneumann, Routine), Simone Lanari (Ask The White, Ant Lion, Walden Waltz, Sycamore Age), Isobel Blank (Ask The White, Ant Lion, Isobi, Vestfalia) and machines/AI. dTHEd was born in 2018: during the organization of the debut of Ask The White, Sum and Subtraction. Seeking some uninterested feedback, Fabio invited Simone and Isobel to listen to some of the hyperbeatz he had been working on after the release of vonneumann's album NorN. What he got back was an embryo of a very…
LP + CD | €18.90
Il Ciclo del Vuoto (LP)
Neunau is an artistic project focused on sound research, started in 2015 in Valcamonica. This ancient name was found carved on a rock surface in the LOA area, an Iron Age sacred place of recent discovery. The project is carried out through an archaeological and musicological approach to the sound research. In 2017, under a commission by Comme des Garçons, Neunau produced the music track 'Concrete', also working along with Vice France on the creation of the video documentary 'Sound of Concrete', …
LP | €16.00
The Blue Horse
Sholto Dobie is an artist and performer born in Edinburgh and living in London. His solo output is marked by live performances that are characteristically delicate, evocative, and absurd. He uses his own instruments, crudely assembled from materials such as reeds, whistles, bin bags, fans, and air compressors, alongside loose performative structures, to respond to places and situations. He plays in Al Fresco (with Lia Mazzari and Tom White) and regularly collaborates with Ben Pritchard, he has a…
CD | €10.00
Precious Waste In Our Wake (LP)
**280 copies** Debut full-length from London-based three-piece originally hailing from New Zealand (Matthew Hyland), Germany (Anja Büchele), and Romania (Dennis Debitsev). Precious Waste In Our Wake (full title written nowhere: "The Fucking Terrible Receding Shapes, We Shed Precious Waste In Our Wake") is an endlessly beautiful, dense, and chaotic crawl through so many forms it can be difficult to ascertain what is actually at play here. Ostensibly a "rock" band carved from the same plank as pre…
LP | €19.90
You Are Tired (7")
**300 copies** You Are Tired features amazing finger-pick style utilising both a calm and destructive mood, the tracks title producing imagery whilst you are listening and to a degree the sounds send you back to a time. similarly to other such guitar luminaries within the same genre such as John Fahey, Sandy Bull, Robbie Basho to name a few. Rob is an extension of their ideas, using his guitar to express meaning and emotion and he does it very elegantly on the opening track. Nightmare Study is a…
7" | €9.90
Drift (7")
**25 copies** Brand new sparkling hard-bop in the Quintet formula, from aspiring Finnish drummer talent Aleksi Heinola featuring a top cast of Finnish jazz-men: Mikael Jakobsson on keys (Five Corners Quintet), Mikko Gunu Karjalainen on trumpet and flugelhorn, Manuel Dunkel on tenor saxophone (UMO Jazz band) and Swedish Daniel Franck on double bass.
7" | €14.90
Tales of Life and Miracles (LP)
**250 copies** More music from trumpeter extraordinaire Etuk Ubong! We’ve run a limited hand-stamped vinyl run with the best tracks from his first album and EP from 2016 and 2017, 'Miracles' and 'Tales of Life'. The music is simplistic yet thoughtful modal jazz that was written around the time of the death of Ubong’s mother Margaret. The Quartet features an all-star Nigerian rhythm section rounded up with Ubong’s unique voicing. "Short and snappy, ‘Battle For Peace’ opens with a tight electric b…
LP | €19.90
Aleksi Heinola Quintet (LP + CD)
Brand new sparkling hard-bop in the Quintet formula, from aspiring Finnish drummer talent Aleksi Heinola! This is the full album by Aleksi Heinola Quintet, featuring a top cast of Finnish jazz-men: Mikael Jakobsson on keys (Five Corners Quintet), Mikko Gunu Karjalainen on trumpet and flugelhorn, Manuel Dunkel on tenor saxophone (UMO Jazz band) and Swedish Daniel Franck on double bass. Aleksi wanted to make his debut album where his heart lies musically, in the modern hardbop landscape of past gr…
LP | €21.90
Gold Fiction Loop Garden (LP)
Field Records present the first vinyl edition of John Elliott's previously cassette-only album titled 'Gold Fiction Loop Garden' from 2016. Aside from curating the Spectrum Spools imprint and taking part in the bands Emeralds, Organic Dial, and Outer Space, Elliott has put out two absorbing solo albums over the last ten years. His solo works as Imaginary Softwoods fit in the tradition of kosmische greats without ever delving into pastiche. This third album from Elliott features a collection of s…
LP | €16.90