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New Arrivals

Ultrasonic Bathing Apparatus
Ultrasonic Bathing Apparatus is an apotheosis of the deep sound. Built around the concept of numbness and sensorial deprivation, the album unfolds in seven movements. An ideal path that alternates between dives alienating themselves from external tension and re-emergences, where the sounds become palpable and consistent.  A continuous transition from deep tense drones, making you feel disconnected from body perception, and actual sounds, that make you fall quickly back into the outside world. Un…
CD | €13.00
Beyond Repair
Beyond Repair is its latest solo cd. Eleven short tracks for modular synth, home made electronics and tape recorders. A true union between coarse substance of analogical devices and voltage of tense electronics. The core of Beyond Repair is the fusion of its contrasts. Permanent tension between chiselling and bare deconstruction, meditation and frontal sound, cold stasis and unstable dynamics.  Eleven tracks that run without pause as a single composition that hits like a strong cut-up aggression…
CD | €8.00
Alchemy Box Is Stupid (11cd + 2 Dvd box)
Box is Stupid is a really luxurious and rather neat boxset that brings together 11 CD and 2Dvds cd's worth of early out print 1990’s tape releasers by Japanese noise tearing duo The Incapacitants. It's really a must have item item for any serious and discerning noise fan. "As far as I'm concerned, the Incapacitants are THE best noise band to ever come out of Japan. While they aren't as prolific or esoteric as some of their contemporaries, they've consistently been responsible for some of …
11 cd + 2 dvd box | €110.00
A new release on Hideaki Shimada (Agencement) label. It is new title after 13 years! Double CD of subtle-Tokyo Group improvisations by Tetuzi Akiyama (guitar), Junji Hirose (tenor sax), Hideo Ikegami (contrabass), Ko Ishikawa (sho), Kazushige Kinoshita (violin), Toshihiro Koike (trombone), Madoka Kouno (tape recorders), Maresuke (contraviola), Kenichi Matsumoto (tenor sax), Hideaki Shimada (violin)Manabu Suzuki (electronics), and Daysuke Takaoka (tuba).Recorded two concerts with septet of differ…
CDx2 | €18.50
Stratosphere Sound
Hironari Iwata began his solo project Toukaseibunshi (Transparent Molecules) in 1985. In the same year he formed a second unit called Haiginsha, and began collaborating with Merzbow and Agencement. Iwata also ran the independent label Angakok, releasing several albums on cassette and curating a compilation that featured some the most radical musicians of the period including H.N.A.S., Asmus Tietchens, P16.D4, DDAA, etc. But in 1988 he suddenly ceased all musical activities. He returned to public…
LP | €20.90
No. 2
A Quarterly Journal of Post-Rock Cultural Pluralism. In this issue: Todd Abramson, Steve Albini, Alan Bishop, Bree, Rej T. Broth, Joe Carducci, Benoit Chaput, Sharon Cheslow,Byron Coley, Karen Constance, Nigel Cross, Chris D,Georganne Deen, Lili Dwight, Erika Elizabeth, Ray Farrell,Andrea Feldman, Eddie Flowers, Tom Givan, Tom Greenwood, Mats Gustafsson, Lisa Marie Jarlborn, Ira Kaplan, Maria Kozic, Matt Krefting, Tom Lax, Ted Lee,Heather Leigh, Donna Lethal, Owen Maercks, Marc Masters, Hisham M…
MAG | €7.00
Sintetizzatrice is the first recorded document of the collaboration between veteran DJ and producer Donato Dozzy and female vocalist Anna Caragnano. Through his solo work, and in his collaboration with Giuseppe Tilleci (Neel) asVoices from the Lake, Dozzy has achieved some of the most remarkable vistas contemporary electronic music has seen since the turn of this century. By removing himself from his areas of mastery to shift his focus on the voice, he has achieved a new peak with Sintetizzatric…
LP | €15.90
The sound of the fifth Benoit Pioulard full length is lush and verdant, a temperate rain forest of ear ecstasy that reflects the environment surrounding the artist. A mostly instrumental work, it is an adept melding of song and sound, melody and texture, the intangible and the palpable, that in an abstract sense recalls the more fractured and loose end of the 70's krautrock movement."The basis of the album was a series of field recordings of tones and unintentional harmonies that I made in the s…
LP | €18.90
Small Leaves
Prolific chinese artist Torturing Nurse returns to vinyl format. 4 tracks of harsh and abundant noise but with psychedelic touch in vein of CCCC. 22 minutes long, black vinyls, printed labels and inner sleeve, one time limited pressing of 100 copies. Single sided LP.
LP | €15.90
My Last Works
Sten Hanson passed away on November 1st 2013. During the last year we discussed with him to make a record with four of his unreleased works from the last then years period. Sten had the title for this record: My Last Works.' Daniel Rozenhall & Leif Elggren, August 2014. My Last Works is a hommage to the work and life of Sten Hanson (1936-2013). Sten Hanson, the Swedish artist, who, working as a sound-poet, created pioneering work in the visual arts as well as performance art, is no more. Strong,…
CD | €14.50
‘Whispers’ was co-produced by Bob Gilmore, who sadly died before the disc was released. The CD is dedicated to Bob’s memory. Bob was a longstanding champion of Frank Denyer’s music, and wrote the notes both for this CD and for the previous Another Timbre release of Denyer’s Music for Shakuhachi.Here is an excerpt from Bob’s sleevenotes for the ‘Whispers’ CD:“The experience of listening to Frank Denyer’s music is extraordinary, quite distinct from other aspects of our contemporary musical lives. …
CD | €13.00
Would Fall From The Sky, Would Wither And Die
Your work with the larger group Skogen is now relatively well-known, and indeed successful. Why the change of group formation for this release? And in particular why the absence of electronics, which was such a feature of your two Another Timbre discs with Skogen?Well, partly because of some quite trivial, practical and arbitrary reasons, actually. Firstly, I had some sort of desire to be part of an ensemble performing my music playing the clarinet instead of the piano, as I normally have done t…
CD | €13.00
Continue reprints of the amazing tapes by Pierpaolo Zoppo aka Mauthausen Orchestra released on Aquilifer Sodality in the early eighties. Tape after tape Mauthausen Orchestra constitute, in a few years, the backbone of what we will know as an alienating and extremist style, made of metal nightmares and sonic torture , often dilated, dissected and extended up to the limit of endurance. Conflict carry us, once again, as real rituals of a civilization without gods, in a pure world of sufferin…
LP | €18.90
Whitewashed With Lines (Common Objects)
"My first encounter with cup and ring marked stones was in 2007 while working on Half Life, a co-production between The National Theatre of Scotland and NVA with the sound curated by Barry Esson. Angharad Davies and I were composing and performing the music for two weeks for this outdoor production in the forest, in the dark, near the entrance to Kilmartin Glen in Argyll. Lee Patterson was also making sound art installations with Toshiya Tsunoda around significant prehistoric locations in the re…
CDx2 | €17.90
Patterns Of Penetrations
Damien Dubrovnik are Loke Rahbek (Lust For Youth, Var,Croatian Amor) and Christian Stadsgaard, two Copenhagen residents who run the prolific Posh Isolation label. "Penis Corset" is driven by a crude and primitive rhythm made from an electronic bass pulse and blown-out synth noise, punctuated by feedback and guttural vocals. On the flip, title-track "Patterns of Penetration" presents a calmer side of the duo's work yet also finds them at their most complex and rich, sonically-speaking, with a …
Vinyl 7" | €9.90
Featuring John Zorn - New York
Recorded at Tonic, Norfolk St., New York, 17 & 19 April 2001Alto Saxophone – John Zorn (tracks: 6)Cello [Violoncello] – Mark WastellDouble Bass – Simon H. FellHarp – Rhodri Davies
CD | €11.00
Mindblowing double LP taken by a Maurizio Bianchi impossible-to-find early tape (from 1980!) "decomposed" in October 1980 using cacophonelectronics, and dedicated to the physical attraction to Sylvia Simonelli (September 1980/June 1981) “The genesis of this work is  incredible. In the office where I worked, I had found a stamp with ‘’COMPRESA’’ (in English, included) written over it, and so I came to the starting point for a new experimental work. Erasing before the second, fourth, sixth and ei…
LPx2 | €26.00
Recorded in concert at Église Saint-Merry, Paris, 27.06.2014 
CD | €11.00
Horns 1.2
Recorded at Atelier Polonceau Thomas-Roudeix, Paris, 18.05.2014 Alto Saxophone – Pierre-Antoine BadarouxTenor Saxophone – Bertrand DenzlerTrombone – Fidel FourneyronTrumpet – Louis Laurain
CD | €11.00
This marvellous release from Mark Wastell’s Confront label documents a meeting of these three heavy hitters convened at Dalston’s Cafe Oto, last March. This was the first time all three had played together, although, as John Eyles remarks in his liner notes, they had all worked with each other, before, in outfits such as Powelchsel (Butcher and Beins), The Sealed Knot (Beins and Wastell) and Chris Burn’s Ensemble (Wastell and Butcher). This familiarity, combined with rigour and expertise o…
CD | €11.00