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New Arrivals

Characters at the water margin
These recordings were made at the edge of Washington state's Olympic Rainforest, where the Hoh River meets the Pacific Ocean. The point of entry to this landscape, named Oil City on the map, is no more than a place where the road widens before coming to an end at a trailhead. Just north of the road, through the trees, and on the homestead of the late Captain Hank who one day disappeared at sea, is the ghost of an oil rig and some comings and goings along a plank road. Early 20th century settlers…
CD | €15.50
Music made with balloon and/or needle
The idea was to gather artists working with balloon and/or needle! With Davide Tidoni, Judy Dunaway, Una Lee, EVOL, Attila Faravelli, Enrico Malatesta, Gen 26 (Matjaz Galicic), Choi Sehee, Benedict Drew, Eugene Chadbourne, Jin Sangtae, Ricardo Arias, Dave Phillips, Horio Kanta, Hong Chulki, Luciano Maggiore, Umeda Tetsuya, Frans de Waard, Lee Miyeon.
CDx2 | €19.90
Tschirtner tunings for Twelve
Antoine Beuger\'s \'tschirtner tunings for twelve\' played by Konzert Minimal. A beautiful and delicate long-form composition by Wandelweiser founder Antoine Beuger, exquisitely interpreted by the Berlin ensemble Konzert Minimal, which includes Pierre Borel (alto saxophone), Lucio Capece (bass clarinet), Johnny Chang (viola), Catherine Lamb (viola), Hannes Lingens (accordion), Mike Majkowski (double bass), Koen Nutters (double bass), Morten J. Olsen (vibraphone), Nils Ostendorf (trumpet), Derek …
CD | €13.00
"An often inspired study in post-noise atmospherics, Malus brings together three pioneering improvisers in their late thirties. Nate Wooley deploys vocalisation and extreme extended technique to turn his trumpet into a hissing steam engine and a bubbling cauldron, channelling electricity to create groggy lo-fi textures. Chris Corsano is in a reflective, exploratory mood, dragging objects across amplified skins to create queasy high-pitched drones and dull metallic rings. Double bassist Hu…
LP | €18.90
Live in Lisbon
The Freedom Principle is an album crackling with energy.  Consisting of three long tracks, none shorter than 11 minutes, the album is full of bristling creativity and expression, never feeling tired or lost. Rodrigo Amado is a musician and photographer from Lisbon, Portugal (check out his artist home page; in addition to his discography, he had a link to his pictures and a photo book, all very nice), who was involved in the burgeoning free jazz scene there in the mid to late 90's.  The start of …
LP | €18.90
Inevitable Music #1: Variations on Sol LeWitt's Wall Drawing #26
Future Audio Graphics is pleased to announce Inevitable Music #1: Variations on Sol LeWitt's Wall Drawing #260, composer Sébastien Roux's investigation of Sol LeWitt's Wall Drawing #260, with a commissioned essay from artist and composer, Seth Cluett and featuring the work of conceptual artist Sol LeWitt (1928-2007). Inevitable Music #1 is the first collection in a series of compositions from Roux dedicated to the conceptual processes of LeWitt's seminal wall drawings, which LeWitt began to prod…
LP | €17.90
Kanalgerausche LP
First ever sound-edition by famous Swiss sculptor and conceptual artist Roman Signer (b.1938). Recorded 1982 in the River Steinach, St. Gallen, Switzerland. One-sided LP, transparent Vinyl. Edition of 300 copies. Over the past three decades, the Swiss artist Roman Signer has exhibited his work in hundreds of solo and group exhibitions and public performances around the world. For Signer, each work is an event, an experiment in which a force such as wind, water, gravity or fire transforms every…
Vinyl LP | €29.90
Three studies on what surrounds us and which remains sometimes invisible.   
CD | €12.00
Takahiro Kawaguchi
mixing (guitar by katsuyoshi kou, composed by takahiro kawaguchi); skit2; tuning (tuning by yosuke yamagishi, guitar by shinjiro yamaguchi, composed by takahiro kawaguchi); skit1; watching (story by cal lyall, composed by takahiro kawaguchi); doing (improvised by giuseppe ielasi and takahiro kawaguchi). Recorded by Takahiro Kawaguchi, except 6 recorded by Attila Faravelli. Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi, photography by Ujin Matsuo. Inspired by “Realm of the dead” by Hyakken Uchida.
CD | €12.00
Bizarre Uproar is one of the colossal phenomenon in Finnish harsh noise scene. Throughout the years, this artist has gradually taken the Bizarre Uproar concept to more and more extreme level not only sound wise, but also ideologically fulfilling the ideas behind the sounds. Hate Meditation. Wrapped in darkness, tight as second skin. Suffocating (like) latex mask. Purification in filth and violence, cleansed in flesh and blood that are shit and piss, enlightenment in everlasting ejaculation. New …
LP | €16.90
L'Appel du Vide
Subterranean, nearly-inaudible restraint and a rushing, stuttering throb rule the night on this new record. Its electric moods are so resolutely alien they suggest worlds unknown rather than create them. Irregular heartbeat thumps are set against high end atmospheres explored in microscopic detail. Haunting overlays of tones fluctuate and tremble, and not one moment feels forced. The music is meticulously constructed and consistently surprising. The electronics spin away, shooting off int…
LP | €14.00
Mental Shake
LP version. Cafe OTO\'s tenth Otoroku release sees a return to the group that kick-started the label -- the veteran German reedsman and free-jazz pioneer Peter Brötzmann with the long-running London bass/drums partnership of John Edwards and Steve Noble. After the release of The Worse The Better, that group went on to play a series of devastating shows in Europe and to emerge as one of Brötzmann\'s finest working groups. Over the same period, Peter was developing a deep rapport with Jason A…
LP | €21.00
Lacing the Air
Lacing the Air finds the Baltimore-based Gene Pick in fine form, combining insistent rhythmic decay with modular screed and crackle. Lobotomized the Air spreads Gene Pick’s discreet, homespun electronics over three percussion collapses into deep gutters of glacial interference. Lacing varied tracks which retain a caustic internal consistency. The limber dynamics of Entre Vifs are a touchstone, as are the cracked, everyday electronics of prime-cut Voice Crack. Patience and deterioration across an…
TAPE | €10.00
Region VI
Vitrine is thrilled to announce its first release of 2014, the debut cassette from Texas duo Safe House. Region VI utilizes ghost electronics, distant voice and material repetition over a small banquet of ten tracks. The sub-basement claustrophobia found on ADN’s Out to Standard compilations and the Mask of the Imperial Family’s rhythmic torpor are soft reference points for an impressive volley of electronic sound. Tactics learned from the verdant mail-art culture of the 80s and 90s, refracted i…
TAPE | €10.00
Lo-fi real time sound collage… Archaic rhythm machine, stream of consciousness guitar, voices, cassette cutup/manipulations. Human Machinery Sci-fi Sound.* Kitchen sink sound poetry and crude, no mixer tape collage across two tracks and thirty minutes. Raw basement ambience and dirty amp hum.
TAPE | €10.00
Gelbe Musik Editions 1999 - 2000
An amazing re-issue of three extremely rare and highly sought-after CDRs only made available during exhibitions curated by Ursula Block's Gelbe MUSIK shop & gallery in Berlin, Germany: Akio Suzuki: '75.6.30. Akio Suzuki: Suzuki-Type Glass Harmonica "De Koolmees". Akio Suzuki: Tanabata. Because it has since been discovered that one of the discs was given a title based on a mistaken performance date ('75.6.30) and another was copied from an incorrect audio master (Tanabata) in addition to th…
CDx2 | €12.00
Bestiario vol.3
Bestiario is a series of short Enrico Malatesta compositions for acoustic percussions, recorded live with no overdubs or editing; these pieces are meant to explore a multi-directional sonic dimension, still keeping a high level of tension. All the studies in the series feature extremely dense micro-structures, broken rhythms and fast tempi. The third and last volume of the series is composed by two pieces for cymbal, frame drum, bow and the crackling effects between the cymbal's edge and the ski…
7" | €8.00
Musical Sculptures & Other Devices
A sonic journey into John Cage and surroundings by renowned Italian composer Agostino di Scipio and his talented students. On December 9th, 2012, upon invitation from the Associazione Scarlatti, Agostino di Scipio and his students at the San Pietro a Majella Conservatory gave a performance of a very rare piece -- John Cage's Sculptures Musicales. The performance was planned out by Dario Sanfilippo, based on the few annotations left by Cage (which in turn followed an idea Cage took from Ma…
CD | €15.00
*Edition of 200* Minimalist Chicago trio return to Entr'acte with a mesmerising 40 minute study of whispering keys and crackling lower case noise. But don't get it twisted - this is not some beige modern classical, nor is it a rough copy of Basinski's 'Disintegration Loops' - it's perhaps best compared to a location recording of Morton Feldman duetting with an industrial air vent at midnight in a breezy and secluded location. The first quarter of the piece is used to shape the surroundings…
CD | €12.90
Two interlocking pieces dedicated to Hans Keller, Desmond Leslie and Lester Bangs. I Only Asked uses an interview recording — questions only — to modulate various sound parameters, and is a reworking of a piece first performed at Café OTO, London in March 2011. Hatchet Job is based on a computer speech recording of all the negative reviews Moliné has penned for The Wire magazine in the last ten years. These amount to around 50,000 words.
CD | €15.00