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New Arrivals

London Brixton Ace
Live Industrial action from S.P.K., showing the good people of Brixton a beautifully bleak and heavy vision of existence in the year 1983. London Brixton Ace is brimming with clanking metal percussion, tortured howling and unidentified textures, with an all-pervading sense of doom. Great stuff, reissued on Therapeutic / Adverse Recordings.
Vinyl LP | €19.90
Telephone Explosion reissues for the first time on vinyl ever Bruce Haack's cult masterpiece Haackula. This legendary dark electronic work from 1978 partner to 'The Electric Lucifer' (1970) finally sees light of day on vinyl thanks to Canada's Telephone Explosion.Deemed to be too dark and offensive for release when it was recorded in 1978 and bootlegged ever since, this is the first official release of Haackula. Haack's anger with society is palpable as he hisses and cusses his way over elas…
LP | €21.90
A Certain Degree of Stasis
**sold out at source, few copies avaialble** Often associated with sparse electronic music, A Certain Degree of Stasis sees Thomas Brinkmann in command of a maximalist's palette. A sonic counterpart to Agnes Lux's visual work, featured on the sleeve, the piece explores both fiercely distorted textures and sustained crystalline calm. A new work in two parts, to be played individually, together or with previous Frozen Reeds releases. The music will be available in no other form, physical or d…
CDx2 | €19.90
PoorManMusic (Art Edition)
Box set, edition limited to 30 copies. Art edition of “PoorManMusic”, a classic Fluxus work by Philip Corner from 1966 and first released by alga marghen in 2015. Edition limited to 30 copies (+ 5 A.P.) including: A signed and numbered LP sleeve with hand-drawn calligraphy on front and hand-drawn score on the backA signed and numbered black-vinyl LP record with hand-written labelsA signed and numbered print with hand-made graphic interventionsA signed and numbered score printA signed and numbere…
LP box (artist multiple) | €560.00
Force The Hand Of Chance
Angry Love Productions presents the official reissue of the first studio album Force The Hand Of Chance (1982) by Psychic TV. Back on vinyl for the first time in over 25 years. Cut from the original masters in the WEA UK vaults, this limited-edition pressing is sure to sell out fast. Force The Hand Of Chance remains one of Psychic TV's most seminal albums boasting classic tracks such as "Just Drifting" and "Ov Power" as well as a vocal feature by Marc Almond of Soft Cell on the haunting "Gu…
LP | €27.90
Deep Red
"Debut LP, following a cassette, by Mark Cunningham's latest unit, Blood Quartet. Based in Barcelona, the mostly-instrumental band plays insanely great avant garde rock music, with Mark's electro-Miles trumpet spread across the top like brass icing. Cunningham has been based in Spain for many years now, and his groups there (Raeo, Bestia Ferida, etc.) have been excellent, but Blood Quartet seems like the apex of a musical quest he started with Don King, following the dissolution of his legendary…
LP | €23.90
Mums Milk Not Powder
"First vinyl reissue of the second LP released by Alavaro Pena originally released in 1979 following the runaway success of his debut album, Drinkin My Own Sperm (FTR 174LP, 1977). Although recorded in Germany, Alvaro again employed his regular drummer, Antonio Narvaez, with a few assists on the second side from Hilde Schneider, Alvaro's then-wife. The first side was recorded by a German engineer, Olaf Dung, who carried his rig around with him in his briefcase. How this exactly worked is uncle…
LP | €23.90
Raag Manifestos
Includes download code. "Part of a collaboration with Jack Rose's estate and Three Lobed Records to restore all of his LPs to print, VHF presents new vinyl editions of the celebrated guitarist's first three solo albums, newly cut by John Golden Mastering from the original source material. Originally issued on LP by Eclipse Records between 2002-04, these releases chart an eclectic, more experimental approach left behind as his technique and compositions became more refined and deliberate…
LP | €22.90
Opium Music
Includes download code. "Part of a collaboration with Jack Rose's estate and Three Lobed Records to restore all of his LPs to print, VHF presents new vinyl editions of the celebrated guitarist's first three solo albums, newly cut by John Golden Mastering from the original source material. Originally issued on LP by Eclipse Records between 2002-04, these releases chart an eclectic, more experimental approach left behind as his technique and compositions became more refined and deliberate on…
Vinyl LP | €22.90
Musiques concretes 1988-91
Brocoli continues to unearth Michel Chion’s unreleased gems, after the concrete melodrama Tu and the collection of early works Musiques Concrètes 1970-71. This time it focuses on the period from 1988 to 1991, starting with 10 études de musique concrète, a series of obsessive pieces, sounding in turns dry and liquid. While Variations smashes a waltz theme to pieces, Crayonnés Ferroviaires is a work and manifesto, an ode to the tape recorder and to the possibilities offered by the microphone and m…
CD | €15.50
Lea Tanttaaria / Great-God-Father-Nieces
Another Lenka Lente book/CD combo where you get to discover that ‘Les Ventres et Autre Contes’ translates as ‘The Bellies and Other Stories’ and that Félix Fénéon was an Italian anarchist, art critic and literary stylist with a tremendous goatee beard who didn’t like the portrait that Paul Signac painted of him because he painted it in profile, not face on as requested, but he hung it on his wall anyway.  Five short stories here that first saw the light of day in various French literary magazine…
| €9.00
Musica Amore
"Musica amore" is an extraordinary album (1972) by Maestro Piccioni which includes songs from various soundtracks showing his many facets. He utilizes the gorgeous voice of Shawn Robinson in "Right Or Wrong" and "Once and Again" (from giallo thriller “...Dopo di che, uccide il maschio e lo divora” aka "Marta” e "La Volpe Dalla Coda Di Velluto” aka "Eye Of The Hurricane”), the choir I Cantori Moderni di Alessandro Alessandroni, the band of I Marc 4 (M. Majorana, A. Vannucchi, R. Podium, C. Pes) a…
LP | €23.90
Quel Pomeriggio Maledetto
A tough, funky ‘70s instrumental score that perfectly fits the insane violence of this seldom-seen Lee Van Cleef hitman film! Quel Pomeriggio Maledetto (aka The Perfect Killer) is one of the wildest, sleaziest Eurocrime movies ever made; it ultimately got made with Lee Van Cleef as the star and featuring such sexualized violence as a female getting shot in her nether regions, a straight-razor fight with trans women and some rapes that make you feel more uneasy than do most. But no rundown of the…
LP | €24.90
Amazing psych invocations from the psych/improv supergroup Æthenor, arguably amounting to their most surprising and wide-reaching work to date. "Hazel is the fifth record from Æthenor, the group of eclectic travelers that includes Stephen O'Malley (SunnO))), KTL), Daniel O'Sullivan (Ulver, This is Not This Heat, Grumbling Fur, etc.), Kristoffer Rygg (Ulver), and Steve Noble (Brötzmann Trio, N.E.W.) Together they bring their considerable pedigrees into play with unexpected and original result…
LP | €21.00
Voice Model
Koen Holtkamp’s music is never quite what it seems. There are distinct textures, tones, structures, relationships, and references —the things that bring us back again and again, but the undercurrent remains elusive. For listeners unaware of Holtkamp’s solo efforts, most will have encountered him as half of the Brooklyn based duo Mountains (Thrill Jockey) —a project which has pushed musical boundaries for more than a decade. Voice Model wades effortlessly into this same ambitious territory, but f…
LP | €17.90
Exquisite Lus
The 10th Anniversary edition of this classic album from the master of drone and Kosmiche Musik was originally released on CDr by Kill Shaman in 2006. Sonic Meditations presents a first time vinyl and cassette edition, newly mastered after being out of print since 2009. "Gorgeous drifting ethereal krautrocky ambience is what Expo '70 is all about, and eyes closed, you'd be hard pressed to not think this was some Ash Ra Tempel disc or some long lost A.R. and The Machines lp. Crafted entirely from …
LPx2 | €29.90
Transmission in an Expanse of Firelight, Hear Me!
A linchpin of Montreal's experimental community for over two decades, Jean-Sébastien Truchy has performed with Fly Pan Am, Set Fire to Flames and Avec le soleil sortant de sa bouche among countless others as well as co-running the presently defunct Los Discos Enfantasmes label. After a string of tape releases on LDE, Digitalis, Sic Sic & others, Transmission in an Expanse of Firelight, Hear Me! is Truchy's first proper full length record. Combining elements of Musique concrète, field recordings,…
LP | €15.90
Knock On Life's Door
There’s a particular twinkle in the great expanse of American songwriting. This has seen countless nostalgic exploitations over the years – collections of popular songs strung together under the banner of the so-called Great American Songbook that have reiterated the form of many of these songs without contemplating their depths. In terms of thoughtful, emotive synthesis, few have understood it in the way that Cara and Mike Gangloff understand it on this new album. They take have taken older Ame…
LPx2 | €19.90
Lichter is the first piece in a new series of electroacoustic dub compositions by Mouse on Mars. It is a massive, lurching, up-tempo percussive epic – a long-haul runaway train that keeps switching tracks without ever losing sight of its destination. Like much of Mouse on Mars’ output, Lichter deftly traverses a varied sonic landscape, encompassing elements of jazz, dub, krautrock juke and psychedelia. Lichter incorporates trigger robots built by Sonic Robots’ Moritz Simon Geist and features And…
CDx3 | €21.00
More than to reward the artistic ambitions of the artist, the majority of Library records were generally functional to sonorizations and conceived for a commercial use. So the main difficulty for the artist was to demonstrate his compositional versatility that allowed the use of his songs in different contests : documentaries, spaghetti western movies, television programs and dramas, news reports. “Clouds”, fourth chapter of this new and exciting Spettro series, is a classic library release in i…
LP | €23.90