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New Arrivals

Le Septieme Deguise En Neuf
An enigmatic new record from Michael Northam* tracing a reorientation process of moving from over a decade of nomadic life across Europe (2001-2013) to settling into rural life in the unique bioregion that is Southern Oregon. The tracks are improvisations recorded in distinct locations, each carrying a certain feeling-seed of this movement between September 2012 and September 2013. From resplendent Villa Waldberta in Bavaria to a humble shack along South Pacific Highway in Jackson County, Oregon…
CD | €10.00
Shangai Atelier
'I think it was in 2009 when i received email from Lionel... Wow, it's long enough to scheme a coup. Maybe two... Since then we discussed a lot about release his work on Sub Jam label and invite him to China... I wrote this long story into the book The Only Authentic Work which has been published with Lionel's CD 23 Formes en Élastique as one work in 2013.Then he came to China for a release tour. The day he arrived in Beijing was one of the heavy pollution days. On taxi to my home from airport w…
CD | €10.00
Four Manifestations On Six Elements
**Edition limited to 120 copies in white vinyl** One of Charlemagne Palestine's most well-known works, Four Manifestations on Six Elements is presented here as 2LP record edition limited to 120 numbered copies pressed into white vinyl. The gatefold sleeve is silkscreened in one color and presents the original score from 1970. In 1973 Charlemagne Palestine was commissioned to make Four Manifestations on Six Elements by the Sonnabend Gallery in New York. As the gallery was well-known for its p…
Vinyl LPx2 | €99.00
Electric Pure Land
Staggering ultra-limited out-of-nowhere double LP set of primo acid-drenched psych from the most legendary Japanese underground group of all time, the late Les Rallizes Denudes: reputedly sourced from the collection of an ‘insider’ Japanese underground musician and coming from the same source as the all-time epic France Demo Tapes LP, Electric Pure Land represents the second phase in this Dick’s Picks style on-going vinyl presentation of the hands-down greatest live moments of Mizutani’s …
LPx2 | €24.00
Inverted Torch
Wisconsin's Jon Mueller and New Orleans' Duane Pitre are both towering figures in the world of avant-garde sound. Mueller has notched up an astounding amount of albums and collaborations in the past (including two on this very label) and while most of his time is spent eking out unusual textures from his plethora of percussive instruments, he can also be spotted moonlighting as the drummer for main-stage indie act Volcano Choir. Pitre, having retired as a professional skateboarder (serious…
LP | €18.90
Black To Comm (2LP)
Hamburg's Marc Richter has been busy with his Black To Comm project since his last appearance under that name on Type, 2009's genre-bending and critically acclaimed Alphabet 1968 (TYPE 053CD). Aside from helming the prolific Dekorder imprint, he's put out a number of musical curios, including 2012's excellent film soundtrack EARTH. Now Richter is back with Alphabet 1968's proper follow-up, a self-titled double album pieced together from crumbling samples, vocal snippets, and an arsenal of no…
LPx2 | €21.90
Statu Nascendi
This is Mamiffer’s first solo release since 2011’s "Mare Decendrii". The line up for this incarnation of Mamiffer consists of the core duo of Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner. "It can be difficult to keep tabs on the elusive entity known as Mamiffer. Originating as the a studio project centered around Faith Coloccia, former mastermind of the Southern California desert-based experimen-tal music collective Everlovely Lightningheart, the first Mamiffer recordings were driven by somber piano in…
LP | €23.50
Movement Building Vol.1
Over the past few years Gabriel Saloman has developed a reputation for releasing penetrating works of haunting beauty in his new role as a solo performer and composer. Known for his part in the seminal electronic-noise duo Yellow Swans (alongside Pete Swanson), Saloman has taken the sweeping drones and fried electricity of his former band and embedded them within an expanding pallette of bowed strings, martial percussion and resonant piano. The majority of his work to date has been develo…
LP | €16.50
Song Project (6 x 7" single set)
Limited edition of six 7" singles with a 32-page book filled with lyrics, notes and rare photos. Features contributions from Mike Patton, Jesse Harris, Sofia Rei, Marc Ribot, John Medeski, Kenny Wollesen, Trevor Dunn, Joey Baron, Cyro Baptista. Flying Blind and more* "In celebration of his 60th Birthday, John Zorn asked his most acclaimed vocal collaborators to write lyrics to select compositions from his vast musical catalog. Including music originally written for Naked City, Masada, The…
6x7" box | €58.00
Reconsider Lounge
Trans-american Joe Knight recently caravanned his custom duffel bags of woozy jukebox esoterica from the Bay to the plains of central Texas but, before and during so, crafted and released the double-volume Scrap collection for multifaceted Midwestern organization, Bezoar Formations. "Reconsider Lounge" distills a portion of this material into different arrangements, intercut with an assortment of unreleased curiosities and classics, comprising an essentially new album in the instrumental …
LP | €16.90
The Hierophant
"The Hierophant" is the final Burial Hex album, a project whose closure has been calculated from its inception. Burial Hex is a pioneer of the horror electronics movement and over the past decade has released albums on Cold Spring, Aurora Borealis, Brave Mysteries, Blackest Rainbow and Turgid Animal. In 2009 he released an acclaimed split with Zola Jesus.
LP | €22.90
Temple Vinylbox
The box set includes four mini-LP's Jan Jelinek has released on his own Faitiche label, inclusing works commissioned by museums and archives (Cosmo Caixa – Barcelona, Cinesonic / Stichting Film & Media Festival – Amsterdam), music for dance choreography (Slvain E´mard – Montreal), radio collages and radio plays (Ars Acustica, SWR Radio), as well as live recordings with Japanese vibraphone player Masayoshi Fujita. "On the occasion of the label anniversary, Faitiche presents Jan Jelinek’s Te…
4XLP BOX | €54.00
Natura Morta
Andrea Belfi's Miasmah debut, consisting of a set of six rhythmically-anchored pieces for floating electronics & creaking drones that pay homage to Roberto Cacciapaglia while keeping their contemporary sensibilities intact. Natura Morta, "dead nature" or "still life". This album can be understood as a powerful study of the minute details of the art of electro-acoustic composition, as much as the Renaissance "nature morte" were a masterful display of the artist’s skill in portraying t…
CD | €14.90
Boxset with the six Perigeo original RCA albums ("Azimut", "Abbiamo tutti un blues da piangere", "Genealogia", "La valle dei templi", "Non è poi così lontano", "Live at Montreux"), the double album "Live in Italy 1976", released on Contempo label and one DVD with three live shows and an interview, Comes with a 52 colour pages book which features a new and detailed history of the band throughout their discography, written by Marco Giorgi with really rare photos.
8xCD BOX+DVD | €55.00
Live At Club Boltax, NYC, Oct. 13, 1979
Limited to only 35 hand-numbered copies on black vinyl with a paste-on cover. Great previously unissued recordings from Mr. Roy Brooks and his Artistic Truth, live at the Detroit Jazz Fest!. Available here for the first time.
LP | €29.90
Industrial Tape
Maurizio Bianchi began to produce music in 1979, since 1980 using electronic equipment with the avowed goal "to produce technological sounds and in such a way to work on complete realising of the modern decadence". In the beginning, he published tapes under the alias Sacher-Pelz. Industrial Tape was one of the first release under the name MB, recorded in May 1980. Maurizio Bianchi elaborates his abstract and exhausting art with care and great detail. Industrial Tape is a concrete example of …
LP | €19.90
The Ultimated Sign Of Burning Death
His legendary first tape finally reissued / Vidna Obmana (stylized vidnaObmana on many album covers) is a pseudonym used by Belgian composer and ambient musician Dirk Serries. The name Vidna Obmana, a phrase in Serbian, literally translates to "optical illusion" and was chosen by Serries because he felt it accurately described the music. Serries created music under the Vidna Obmana pseudonym from 1984 until 2007, when he official retired the name.  Vidna Obmana's music has often been described a…
LP | €19.90
‘Pedwar’ is a comprehensive retrospective covering Welsh harpist musician Rhodri Davies’ career from 2002 to the present day. Presented in a beautiful deluxe vinyl box set, the set contains three completely remastered versions of the ‘Trem’, ‘Over Shadows’ and Wound Response’ LPs, alongside the new LP ‘An Air Swept Clean Of All Distance’, all of which are on coloured 180g vinyl and housed in screen printed quality card sleeves, featuring original artwork by Jean Luc Guionnet. What’s more, …
4xLP Box | €99.00
An Air Swept Clean Of All Distance
Stunning!! Davies settles obsessively on tumbling phrases, arpeggios and articulate rhythms, turning them over and over, letting them develop only within strict limits, as though this fine, prolific and adventurous musician is freshly discovering a harp that has been there all along.' Julian Cowley, Wire Magazine, October 2014. Limited edition of 500 of which 250 are only available in the Rhodri Davies 'Pedwar' 4 LP box. Pressed on 180gm vinyl and housed in a hand screenprinted sleeve with …
LP | €23.00
They Tore The Earth And, Like A Scar, It Swallowed Them
**Translucent Red Vinyl - Visceral psychogeography of settler colonialsm via field recordings - 30+ remote areas across Australia recorded over 12 years - pipe organ, guitars, dubplates** "Rendered via field recordings gathered over 12 years in over 30 remote locations across Australia, mixed and expanded within immense, shimmering harmonics wrought via pipe organ, dubplates, guitar, bass and turntable feedback, piano, and low frequency oscillators. "Imagine you have found a new country. …
LP | €17.50