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New Arrivals

Previously only available on tape cassette in 1975, now remastered and available as a download and on limited edition CD for the first time. Released with the cooperation of Chris Laurence, Stan Sulzmann, Chris Bolton Levin, Mark Wheeler, Norma Winstone and John Taylor’s sons.  This is John Taylor’s third album as leader. John’s first was ‘Pause, And Think Again’, released on Turtle Records in 1971. Stan Sulzmann, Kenny Wheeler, Chris Pyne, Chris Laurence and Tony Levin make up the sextet on bot…
Global Terror Split
Tip! 75+ Minutes of harsh noise from the Japanese noise veteran Hiroshi Hasegawa in collaboration with amplified vocal noise artist Kazehito Seki, French HNW pionneer Vomir and Canadian Stutter Noise artist Lolipoop.
Horizon, Volume 1
* 2020 stock * Almost completely unknown in the west, Masahiro Sugaya has been composing and producing music since the 1980s in an exceptionally wide range of fields and practices. From arrangements for musical acts like the acoustic guitar duo Gontiti to acousmatic diffusion at spaces like Paris’s Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM), Sugaya’s reach is almost exhaustive in its breadth, but it was in the 80s bubble-era kankyō ongaku scene that he first found his musical voice. Horizon, Volume 1 …
Afro Psych (Journeys Into Psychedelic Africa 1972 - 1977)
Whilst the continents contribution to the global funk, boogie and disco canon has been well documented for decades, the strong presence of rock and psychedelia in 1970's African music has been a more slowly evolving story over the years. Pockets of young Africans, turned on by Hendrix, the Doors, Santana and more, started to add heavy guitar riffs to rumbling, ever present funk, and built an afro psych scene that is still turning up gems to this day. With Lagos an epicenter for the emergent scen…
Time Bends
*In process of stocking.* Turn up the volume and look how time bends before your eyes because that is what Robyn Schulkowsky and Andi and Hannes Teichmann do with their music. They bend time. They make a ring out of it or some sort of ellipse, and then they pull it straight again, they transform it into a rope, and then, of course, they balance on it, forwards, backwards, half speed, double speed, 33 rounds per minute, or was it 45? Just try both.World percussion meets Techno and Berlin club cul…
La bête noire/Paris n'existe pas
From deep in the vaults of the Parisian composer who arguably created the stylistic blueprint for decades of orchestral French funk and symphonic psychedelia, "the arranger's arranger" Jean-Claude Vannier (Histoire de Melody Nelson/L'enfant assassin des mouches) finally liberates two previously unreleased and fabled film soundtracks that mark significant milestones in the career of this legendary composer and his close connection to the French free jazz scene. Comprised on this one vinyl disc yo…
King Of The World
*2022 stock. In process of stocking.* Formerly a musician, cinematographer and lighting designer with The Residents and a student of "Blue" Gene Tyranny, Philip Perkins issued this astounding release on his own Fun Music label in 1983. Perkins often worked in topographical realms, crafting environment-enriching soundscapes, albeit on a micro level. Taking cues from minimalism, environmental field recordings and home-baked ceremonial mantras, King Of The World is a meditation on the lives of thre…
*In process of stocking.* The latest reissue from chOOn!! is Giedrius Kuprevičius' Erotidijos, the sixth release from the label that specialises in obscure, archival and forgotten releases.  Erotidijos translates from the Lithuanian to "Erotidies" - these were festivals held in honour of Eros, God of Love in Ancient Greece. They were organised every five years and were famous for their celebrations, decorations and luxury. Ritual games were played during the festivals, musicians and poets compet…
Incan High Priestess
The so called 'Nightingale Of The Andes', a necessary introduction to the life and music of the one and only Yma Sumac. The Peruvian singer who startled audiences in the United States and Europe with her remarkable voice, beauty, and mysterious "Inca" princess/priestess persona. Literally bridging the gap from folklore to exotica, Yma Sumac was the forerunner of a new philosophy.
La edad de oro de la cumbia colombiana
Cumbia is a folkloric genre and dance from Colombia. Hereby a compilation showcasing the early developments of a large crosspollination. Since the 1940s, commercial or modern Colombian cumbia expanded in fact to the rest of Latin America, after which it became popular throughout the continent, including Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, El Salvador, United States, Uruguay, and Venezuela.
Stochastic Regions
*In process of stocking. Limited edition of 60 copies.* A New Wave Of Jazz is entering the realm of cassette albums again. Consider it a side series for the more abstract, electric and noisy in free improvisation and avant-garde. That label curator and guitarst Dirk Serries has a knack for the abstract and wilful isn't a secret and it was only a matter of time when he would hook up with French soundartist Anton Mobin (France) either.  So here he's teaming up with Anton, using his impressive prep…
Good To Be Back In Reality
*In process of stocking. Limited edition of 60 copies.* A New Wave Of Jazz is entering the realm of cassette albums again. Consider it a side series for the more abstract, electric and noisy in free improvisation and avant-garde. Saxophonist Colin Webster (London) and electric guitarist Matthew Grigg (Bristol) hooked up for a relentless session that is equally abstract, full-on in your face and interactive. Their duo is the other side of the coin, both artists with their four feet in free impro …
The Sage Flower
Limited edition of 100 copies.* Cellist Guilherme Rodrigues (Portugal, residing in Berlin) and guitarist Dirk Serries teamed up for a chamber music-esque session at the Sunny Side Inc. Studio (Anderlecht, Belgium). The Sage Flower is that collection of detailed interaction, acoustic outbursts and linear minimalisme.
*In process of stocking.* Next Festival Records is thrilled to announce that the new album 'Prosperity' from Mats Gustafsson & Christof Kurzmann, has been added to the catalogue. Mats Gustafsson is a Swedish saxophone player, composer, and improviser. Gustafsson works on the boundaries of noise, electronica, contemporary rock, and free jazz, as well as contemporary dance and theatre production. He performs solo and in various all-star impro projects. He has gone on international tours with artis…
Am Frankfurter Tor
*In process of stocking* Anna and Jan first met in 2004 when they started playing together in different combinations as the Kaluza Quartet (with trombonist Christof Thewes and drummer Kay Lübke), trios with pianst Niko Meinhold or with drummer Michael Griener and various others. In 2020 they played their first duo concert on a boat in Berlin (Hosek Contemporary) and decided to continue with their work as duo. The same year they went to Christian Betz’ studio in Friedrichshain to record their mus…
When No One Around You is There but Nowhere to be Found
*In process of stocking* As both an instrumentalist and composer, Jessica Pavone explores the tactile and sensorial experience of music as a vibration-based medium. Since 2012, she has established an individual body of material for solo viola, concentrating on these elements of performance. The structured yet indeterminate pieces stem from intensive long tone practice and an interest in repetition, song form, and sympathetic vibration. "When No One Around You is There but Nowhere to be Found," i…
Aaron Burnett is “a standout new voice on the saxophone. In a very short time, the young musician has already lent his personal and unhindered approach to a breadth of bandleaders including Esperanza Spalding, Wynton Marsalis, Anti-Pop Consortium‘s HPRIZM, and Weasel Walter. He also toured with three time Grammy winner, Esperanza Spalding in her 2012 world tour with Radio Music Society. Aaron has the also retained the true nature of jazz in his music and his playing, constantly searching for new…
The Embalmer
Matthew Bourne is a renowned pianist with a reputation as a fearlessly unpredictable improviser. Emil Karlsen is an independently minded drummer who plays with power and delicacy. The Embalmer documents one of Karlsen and Bourne’s first meetings. Recorded in a single session in 2020, The Embalmer sees a wide-ranging musical discourse between the two musicians unfold in its most lean form across the six improvised tracks.
*In process of stocking* Freely improvised music for baritone saxophone and double bass. Cath Roberts and Olie Brice found an escape from the musical isolation of lockdown with the amazing discovery that it was possible to play (and record) online in almost real time - these are the results.
*In process of stocking* Vocals, bass, drums, Masked Pickle is three singular "voices" who express their ideas in a unique way, follow their flow but also like to break it, deconstruct the easy path of the sound by yelling, whispering, blowing, bawling, roaring, scraping, declaiming, knocking.