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Tomoyoshi Date

Tomoyoshi Date was born and raised in San Paulo, Brazil, until the age of three. He currently resides in Tokyo, Japan. He creates acoustic and organic sounds with a little touch of digital processing. He began to create electronic music in 1998. Soon, his tracks were introduced to the Fat Cat and Mille Plateaux websites and to radio stations in the US.

In 2003, he forms the group Opitope with Chihei Hatakeyama (Kranky, Room40), in 2012 the group ILLUHA with Corey Fuller (with releases on Spekk and 12K), and the group Melodia with Federico Durand (with release on Own Records). His solo albums were released from Flyrec (2009, Japan) and Own Records (2011, Luxembourg).

His profession is an Emergency Room doctor, using both western and oriental medicine. Now he also researches the relationship between sound and the physical body at graduate school.

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