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The band see the light as Confusional Rock Quartet between 1977 and 1978, not a good period for refined and silky sonorities. Punk rock is spreading also in the “fat” Bologna. The quartet is made by Marco Bertoni (keyboards), Enrico Serotti (guitar), Lucio Ardito (formerly in the band Lizard, bass) and Gianni Cuoghi (drums). At the memorable “Bologna Rock” festival, 2nd April 1979, it’s one of the few bands who doesn’t get booed from the audience…The name is shortened to Confusional Quartet…The new decade starts with the “Volare” 7inch single and the “Confusional Quartet” LP, both released in 1980…The so called “No Wave” found its sun spot in Bologna too! The year after the band is ready to publish the second LP as a nice 10”. “Confusional Quartet” (1981) lacks some of the experimental solutions of the first work, heading to a more synthetic form of avant-garde and radiophonic jingle. A few months later here is the triple flexi “Documentario” (1981), a skilled proof of cut&paste, art with which Confusional Quartet is pretty comfortable
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