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Guillermo GREGORIO

The Argentinian clarinettist and alt-saxaphonist Guillermo Gregorio was born in Buenos Aires in the 1940s in a musical family. Already as a teenager he took an active interest in jazz. From this experience and from his interest in Ornett Coleman and the early musique concrète, Gregorio developed a taste for exploring the limits of sound. Influenced by the modernistic spirit of the 1960s he was at first loath to perform in public and carried his experiments out in studios. Evidence of this radical research was first made accessible recently as part of John Corbett"s series "Unheard Music" ("Otra Música: Tape Music, Fluxus, and the Improvisation in Buenos Aires 1963-1970"). Gregorio was otherwise busy as a professor of architecture and as a writer of many articles and essays about classical and modern avant-garde forms of music.
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