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Dracula\'s Music Cabinet

Label: B-MUSIC

Format: CD

Genre: Rock

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Great strange psyched out scary(huh?!) wanna be LP.German jazz/library musicians Horst Ackermann & Heribert Thusek’s incredible, dark foray into the world of eerie samples & spine-chilling funk. Electronic effects,screams,moans for your kraut /psych Halloween party! How does Finders Keepers just keep raking these albums in? The latest diamond to be unearthed from their endless mine of crumbling treasures is one of my favourites to date - a lesser heard fried psychedelic marvel from the aptly named Vampires of Dartmoore. A German band who purportedly made library records, Vampires of Dartmoore intended 'Dracula's Music Cabinet' to be an 'imaginary movie soundtrack', but of course like so many other records of its era and ilk, it later became lost in the deep dark vaults of some Central European record shop or other, never to be heard again. Or so they thought; in recent years the album surfaced as a rare collector's prize - a record begging to be re-issued by the right label, and what better home could there possibly be than Finders Keepers? Being a rabid fan myself of all things horror/sexploitation related, an album rumoured to be coming from the same fetid tomb as the legendary Vampiros Lesbos soundtrack could only really be seven shades of awesome and it doesn't disappoint. Exhaustingly psychedelic from the off, the record explodes in a burst of horns, breaks and echo-chamber vocals, giving the kind of atmosphere crate diggers literally salivate over (I've seen it, it's not pretty). An un-tapped seam of samples, 'Dracula's Music Cabinet' is sure to be appearing on various hip hop productions over of the next couple of years (see also : Selda), but despite this it's actually a great and shockingly listenable record. Sequenced and envisioned as an 'OST', the tracks move with an enviable narrative, jumping in and out of graves, chambers and the beds of undead harlots. I would challenge you to find a more purely bonkers psychedelic record that kept the same amount of coherence as 'Dracula's Music Cabinet - it's just that good. You shouldn't need much more convincing - go on, you know you want to. Ace. (Boomkat)


Cat. number: bms015cd
Year: 2010

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