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Horology III - excerpt 1
Horology III - excerpt 2
Horology III - excerpt 3

Clock DVA

Horology III / Tape, Reel - Recordings & Art 1978-1980

Label: Vinyl-On-Demand

Format: 4LP Box

Genre: Electronic

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Subtitled 'A comprehensive Approach to recondition the early years of ClockDVA' and covering the years 1978-1980, this 4LP edition (housed in slipcase holder and limited to 400 copies only, plus shirt) is a sequel to the 2012 Horology boxset which scanned Adi Newton and ClockDVA's pioneering Sheffield electronics circa 1978 - 1980. Formed in Sheffield in 1978, around the core lineup of Adi Newton, Steven Turner, David Hammond, and Simon Elliot-Kemp, ClockDVA built upon the havoc created by their industrial forefathers, Throbbing Gristle, sharing their subversive taste for sonic, moral and political deviance. They were part of a virile and prolific scene, collaborating and consorting with the likes of Coil’s Jhonn Balance, Chris Watson, Martin Ware, and Richard H. Kirk in their earliest days to forge a distempered and visceral sound.

During these periods of late 1977 through to late 1979 prior to the release of  'White Souls' on Industrial Records ClockDVA recorded a large catalogue of material some of which was issued in very limited edition on cassette releases only. Horology I contains among other recordings Lomticks Of Time / 2nd Tape / Sex Works Beyond Entanglement / Fragment / which where all recorded during this period along side the recordings here on Horology III & Horology II . (The Future and Radiophonic Dvations)
It is with these three ClockDVA Horology editions that  an understanding and  a realisation will begin regarding the true nature and position of ClockDVA in the Fabric of the history of Industrial / Experimental music which has perceived DVA has emerging at the White Souls / Thirst period,which is untrue as without the full history of ClockDVA's earlier electronic experimental work the picture is fragmented and incomplete. To see the whole picture Horology 1 / 2  & 3  editions are essential as a map to the formulation and the morphology of ClockDVA and the occult influence which was derived from it.

It is my hope that through these recordings and associated conceptual foundations ClockDVA's evaluation in the history of  Experimental music will be re-evaluated and understood. (Adi Newton)

Cat. number: VOD 154
Year: 2019

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