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Lucas Trouble

In a fit of delirium: 1979-82

Label: Vinyl-On-Demand

Format: LPx2

Genre: Electronic

In stock


VoD expose the nether regions of obscure French minimal/synth music with two LPs of ultra-rare recordings by Lucas Trouble. In his many guises - The Gitanes, Jerking Idols, The Mystic Riders From Spectral South, Temple Gates, Vietnam Veterans, to name a few - he's notched up over 300 releases in the past 30 years, oscillating wildly between unhinged avant-pop to spiky punk and spookily evocative synth instrumentals. 'In A Fit Of Delirium' sums up his nascent aesthetic nicely, presenting one side of early, and previously unreleased recordings from '78 and '79, plus one side of tracks from the sought-after 'Le Roy Defigure' LP on Invisible Records and another disc collecting his even-lesser known tapes 'Theatre Cruel / Euphoric Pubelle' (1980) and 'Kaiserthon Suite Music for Anormal Movies and Sonic Lous' (1982). Collected, they form an eerily enticing world, dryly psychedelic and almost cinematic in parts, seeming to perilously teeter on the brink of some kind of paranoid breakdown. A must-have for every serious collector of early and obscure minimal/wave electronics and synth-music.

Cat. number: VOD98
Year: 2017

Edition of 500 individually numbered copies, remastered and housed in a double gatefold sleeve

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