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In Aeternam Vale

In Aeternam Vale

Label: Minimal Wave

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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Minimal Wave presents a full length album by cult French band In Aeternam Vale. Having made over 200 recordings, I.A.V. were one of the most prolific bands of the French underground scene. Headed by Laurent Prot, the band released many cassettes all featuring his wonderful collage work. Their sound is extremely original, overflowing with character, and crossing between genres: electro, minimal, noise, and even garage. “With the passing of time, In Aeternam Vale’s work remains astonishingly powerful, cold and caustic with its uncompromising minimalism, but also provocative and capable to smash your ass on the dance-floor”(-Douche Froide Magazine, 2002). The record is pressed on 180 gram clear vinyl and comes in a heavyweight matte jacket with cover artwork by Laurent Prot.

Cat. number: MW021
Year: 2012

A Minimal Wave release, pressed on 180 gram clear vinyl. Selections from over 150 cassette recordings made between 1982-1989. Artwork by Laurent Prot.

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