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Live At F.W.

Label: The Tapeworm

Format: TAPE

Genre: Rock

In stock

Cassette only - limited edition of 250 copies. A: Part One. B: Part Two. Cover features an illustration by SaxX, after Martin Sharp. Who on earth are The Van Patterson Quartet? The Tapeworm stumbled upon the lost psych rock recording, 'Live at F.W.' by The Van Patterson Quartet, late during a sleepless night. A link started a chain of events the Wormery would not sleep until the answer had been found! 'Who on earth are The Van Patterson Quartet?' we asked ourselves We sent out feelers via our contacts. We waited. Replies came back Ð digital shrugs, all expressing a deep fascination that something sounding so splendid could remain unearthed for so long. Then, 'Mr. Big' stepped in. Quite by chance, he was neighbours with one of the band. Such serendipity. He hooked us up. Letters were written, requests made, permissions granted, and a few short weeks later a copy of 'Live at F.W.', mailed with a blurry Polaroid, landed on our desk. We sat back, and listened properly for the first time. We were blown away. We had just been given possibly the last great unreleased psych rock recording. Who on earth are The Van Patterson Quartet? This recording dates, we believe, from the late 60s. It features this hitherto unknown band in full flight, live. It needs to be heard to be believed. Funky, fuzzed-up, flipped-out, fucked and fried. Forty minutes of hallucinating Hammond and ferocious feedback. That's who they are.
Cat. number: TTW#05
Year: 2009

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