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Todd Tamanend Clark

New gods: Aardvark through Zymurgy

Label: Burka for everybody

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Rock

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Here’s an album of truly out-there (and Julian Cope-approved) psychedelia from the proto-punk era."Analogue synthesizers swirled and farted, totally fogging up the vocals and undermining the perpetually descending/ascending Inna-Gadda-Da-Sunshine-Of-Your-21st-Century-Schizoid-Lord-Of-This-World-ness of their NIB. New Gods music was like Hinduism, constantly threatened by wave upon wave of successful new invaders, each leaving their cultural mark, irrigating and edifying but ultimately becoming subsumed into the general polytheistic whole. And so, with its dizzying arsenal of cultural references and perpetually shifting undertow, 'New Gods-AARDVARK THRU ZYMURGY' is a truly psychedelic masterpiece." Julian Cope.

Cat. number: BFE0000014
Year: 2013

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