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Re.Sort (LP)

Label: Mitsuko & Svetlana Records

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

In stock

Sora’s celestial 2003 Japanese electronica LP Re.Sort released on vinyl for the first time. Conceived by Sora aka Takeshi Kurosawa, Re.sort is a miracle of Japanese electronica. Widely unknown but very necessary. Fragments and textures playfully flirt with each other, bossa nova and jazz records float in the air, an old phonograph sits by the sea. Leftfield that feels like a home away, where joyful nothings are everything. Sweet minimalism and micro melodies. Kyoto composer and producer learned classical piano as a child before discovering electronic music via Warp Records in the early ‘90s. Sora’s Re.Sort was his first album, though he also contributed to various compilations and created music for Issey Miyake’s fashion imprint Tenalys.

Sora means sky. Let's drift.
Cat. number: Mitsuko 001
Year: 2019

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