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    Label: Some Fine Legacy

    Format: Vinyl LP + signed art print

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    Mirror is the pairing of Christoph Heemann and Andrew Chalk, an accomplished sound and visual artist whose catalogue has seen rapid expansion in recent years. Recorded in 1998, Ringstones presents two long drone pieces of immense beauty and dimension. The liner notes (words by "Sarban" from 1951) speak of a great silence suddenly encountered by a traveller who finds himself alone on the moor. These words find their perfect compliment in these two pieces. From their starting points in complete silence, they develop very slowly using a subtle combination of high and low frequencies to create an atmosphere of stillness and solitude. An incredible record, packaged with stunning artwork by the two artists. Limited to 250 copies, numbered and signed by C. Heemann
    Cat. number: SFL2
    Year: 2008
    Genre: Electronic