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Short Stays - Excerpt 1
Short Stays - Excerpt 2

Max Schreiber

Short Stays (Tape)

Label: Raash Records

Format: Tape

Genre: Experimental

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Short Stays” marks the debut release on Raash Records By Max Schreiber, a founding father of Jerusalem’s electronic sound - better known for his Acidic club work as Mule Driver and as the bass player for legendary Industrial/Post-Punk outfit Mujahideen. Clocking at almost a full hour, Ironically enough “Short Stays” is also his first full-length release under the Max Schriber alias. Both sides of this tape are live improvisations, Schreiber dives deep into the abstract. Drowning in texture and sound to Create an eerie narrative, gradually twisting and turning. it’s a far stretch from his Dancefloor oriented work, though the same heart beats through both.

Side A: Futuristic Mongolian space tribe, starts with throat singing like sound which is later followed by hollow war drums and twisted untuned mantras. The haunted atmosphere increases wherein metronomic pulses slowly creep into a dimly lit zone of groaning synths.
Side B: A death angel choir is heard from an oily machine room, against the choir a meditative rhythm slowly creeps until It finally takes over the composition.
The music is patient but intense, Building up space and time, a hum of internal workings.

Cat. number: RCA005
Year: 2020

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