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Artificial Memory Trace


Label: Tentacles Of Perception Recordings

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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Awesome! Exploring abstract textural and aural potential of animal voices and environmental sounds on various surfaces of time and scale. Metamorphoses. Synchronous Chronicles based on various field recordings collected in South Africa, Brazilian Amazon, Basque Country and Eire. Composed by Slavek Kwi in Autumn 2014.
Co-production of Noise-Below and Tentacles Of Perception Recordings 2015.
Limited edition of 300 CDs in digipack.

Additional notes:
1. Various insect, amphibians, birds and underwater activity recorded during "1st Sonic Mmabolela" organized by James Webb and Francisco Lopez in Limpopo, South Africa in November - December 2013. Special thanks to The National Concert Hall in Dublin, Ireland for kind support.
2. Sounds of whistling frogs, insect and barking dogs recorded during "Mamori Sound Project" organized by Mamori ArtLab in Amazonas, Brazil during years 2007 - 2011. Thanks to Francisco Lopez and Asier Gogortza.
3. Underwater recordings during workshop "Entzute Animalia" led by Slavek Kwi and organized by Arteleku in Donostia, Basque Country, 2010. Special thanks to Xabier Erkizia and Asier Gogortza.
4. Sounds of ice particles falling from trees, boiling oil and hot steam, fire crackles, espresso machine, wind, crows and black birds, cats and dogs from Robertstown, Meath; sea surf from Sligo, Ireland - all recorded during years 2002 - 2014.
5. Various bull roarers ... and probably some more, forgotten recordings ...

Cat. number: TOP001

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