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The Chelsea Sessions 1967


Format: CD

Genre: Rock

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This album is essentially the first recording by Robin Williamson and Mike Heron as a duo. What's most exciting about this album is that fans can witness these songs take creative flight for the first time. Most of these selections found their way onto subsequent studio recordings, but there are also a few unreleased songs, including Williamson's "Born in Your Town" and Heron's "Lover Man," which was later recorded by Al Stewart. The discovery of these tapes was made in 1985. They finally saw release a dozen years later--a full 30 years after they were recorded. THE CHELSEA SESSIONS 1967 is essentially a collection of demo recordings that were made just prior to THE 500 SPIRITS OR THE LAYERS OF THE ONION. The Incredible String Band recorded its first album in 1966 as a trio. Clive Palmer left shortly thereafter. Incredible String Band: Robin Williamson, Mike Heron.
Cat. number: PWMD 5022
Year: 1997

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