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Years Of Struggle Against The Lies, The Stupidity And The Coward

Label: Dark Entries

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Rock

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"Dark Entries has tapped into their Gothic roots to unearth a 29-year old lost album now available for the first time on vinyl. Years Of Struggle Against The Lies, The Stupidity And The Cowardice was written, recorded and produced by a trio of Danish 18-year olds during a weekend in December 1981. Unable to pay for the recording session, the master tapes were confiscated and the album remained unreleased until the summer of 1985 where it was issued as a bonus cassette with the Danish art magazine Atlas. This is the first and only album from Pesteg Dred, a trio from Denmark made up of Martin Hall (Ballet Mécanique, Under For, Before), Per Hendrichsen (Dialogue, Uté-Va) and vocalist Inge Shannon, who later starred in Halls project SS-Say. The band combines dark rumbling basslines with austere guitar shrieks and the occasional cello/violin/autoharp to create the perfect tension of soft/loud synthesized post punk. But what steals the spotlight of Martin Halls well-crafted production are the dynamic vocals of Inge Shannon who ranges from cold Teutonic monotone to shrill cacophony at times bringing to mind Nico, new romantic chanteuse Ronny or Simona Buja from Kirlian Camera. This landmark album could have fit perfectly on the 4AD or Factory Records roster alongside A Certain Ratio, Bauhaus or Joy Division. " -Dark Entries

Cat. number: DE-008
Year: 2010

Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies. Recorded at Karma, December 1981. Mastered at Fantasy Studios by George Horn, August 2010. Includes printed interview with Martin Hall and silkscreened image of the original master tape.

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