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Chrs Galarreta

Chrs Galarreta (Peru). Very active in the South American experimental scene since 1995. Founder member of the independent label and association Aloardi and of bands like Sajjra (current solo experimental-song project), DiosMeHaViolado (soloist project sometimes in collaboration with Claudia Machuca, Fabian Escalante, Yuri Gutierrez and Aldo Castillejos), Evamuss (as soloist), Azucena Kántrix (with Wilder Gonzales), Tica (with Fabiola Vasquez), Garrapata (with Gabriel Castillo and Rolando Apolo), Ninguna Ninfula (with Sabrina Melenotte), Miasma (with Sergio Sanchez), 50 Otages (with Mathiu Finisterre, Bernard Bruit and Julien Otavi) among others.

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