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Dave PHILLIPPS, Chrs Galarreta

The Invisible Cage Of Comfort

Label: Fragment Factory

Format: TAPE

Genre: Experimental

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Live collaboration recorded at Oslo 10, Basel, Switzerland, 31 May 2014 on side A plus a fully new piece by DP (CH) and CG (Peru) on the flipside, based on their solo live sets performed and recorded the same night. Processed and mixed by DP/CG.
High bias C30 chrome cassette with white on-body print, housed in printed cardboard slipcase.

"…One side of the next tape is a live recording from Basel, Switzerland of May last year by Dave Phillips and Chrs Galarreta, while on the B-side they each have a piece together, taking their solo concerts from that night as source material. It’s interesting to note that both sides are very much a like. The live recording on the A-side has more sound information it seems, with deep end drones and Phillips’ voice and other electronics. I expected this to be noisier I guess than it was, as this was all rather subdued and quiet, it seems. Maybe the volume wasn’t up too much here? It made an excellent impression. On the B-side these sounds were also present, but it seemed more torn apart, separated from each other, but also more poignant and working on extremer sound levels, with deep end drones and piercing feedback manipulations. Maybe all of this was a bit too brief for my taste. I wish this was all a bit longer and perhaps it would have been even more powerful than it is now. Yet it is an excellent powerful release as it is."- Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

Cat. number: frag33
Year: 2015

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