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Motor for an Unknown Vehicle - Excerpt 1
Motor for an Unknown Vehicle - Excerpt 2
Untitled (Side A) - excerpt

Leif Elggren

Motor for an Unknown Vehicle (LP)

Label: Fragment Factory

Format: LP

Genre: Sound Art

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** 2021 Stock. Edition of 300. Includes signed and numbered insert. ** "Motor" is the second part in a trilogy, preceded by "Das Baank" (Fragment Factory/Rekem Records) in 2016. The Motor started a long time ago with small basic fragments used for different steps (phases) like installations and performances. Those fragments were put together over the years into a longer piece presented on this LP. Motor is now a 32 minutes long continuous piece of sounding matter. Autonomous and free in itself. Like an homunculus it can now leave its birthplace and head for the future, for something else. The initiative (the basic source) was taken already in April 1949, as an inevitable starting point.

Leif Elggren is a Swedish artist who lives and works in Stockholm. Active since the late 1970s, he is a writer, visual artist, stage performer and composer. He has many sound-works to his credit, both solo and with the Sons of God (with Kent Tankred), on labels such as Ash International, Touch, Radium and Firework Edition Records (which he co-runs with Kent Tankred). His music usually presents carefully selected sound sources over a long stretch of time and can range from quiet electronics to harsh noise. His wide-ranging and prolific body of art often involves dreams and subtle absurdities, social hierarchies turned upside-down, hidden actions and events taking on the quality of icons. Together with artist Carl Michael von Hausswolff, he is a founder of the Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland (KREV) where he enjoys the title of king.

Cat. number: FRAG48
Year: 2019