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Kostis Kilymis, Leif Elggren

If other people exist then they are totally sealed secrets

Label: Firework Edition Records

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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'Kostis Kilymis - electronics, objects. Leif Elggren - voice, text and dance. 'I now feel - when listening to the recording - like we opened a dark negative window in that respectful old event hall, for the 14 minutes we played. Like corpses and spirits marching through, only to be sucked back at the press of a pause button.' - Kostis Kilymis

Recorded live at 'spiti politismou - f.e.x.' on december the 4th 2010 during absurd's farewell edition (absurd #84) 'bye bye butterfly' Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi. Thanks to Nicolas Malevitsis.' Co-prod between Firework and Excrete Music.

Cat. number: FER 1092
Year: 2011

edition of 200

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