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The Phantoms Of Purgatory Souls

Label: Firework Edition Records

Format: flexi

Genre: Electronic

In stock

EVPs from Case File PAW159. Part of an ongoing collection of essays and observations into the nature and experience of Electronic Voice Phenomena. The collective, entitled The Phantom Monographs, will have future releases which will be available over time and may be assembled in a final completed monograph.
Cat. number: FER1104
Year: 2012

EVPs from Case File PAW159.

Includes Part Two Text, "The Godforsaken" for the collective Essays Relating To Theories Of Electronic Voice Phenomena By Michael Esposito entitled "The Phantom Monographs"

PAW/PM1002(2012). Includes Insert Of A description Of The Most Important Relices Of The Piccolo Museo Del Purgatorio (Museum Of Purgatory Souls) in Rome, Italy.

Michael Esposito is published by Field Music [MCPS].

Limited Edition Of 250.

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