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Brendan MURRAY

Active since ten years into avant-garde/experimental scene with studio recordings, live sets, compositions for films, Brendan Murray is an artist (actually living in Somerville, Massachusetts) who deals primarily with electronics, analog instruments and digitally processed sounds. Sedimental, Intransitive and 23five are some labels which have published his works; Howard Stelzer, Richard Garet, Seth Nehil are some musicians who collaborate(d) with him. The entire Brendan's work is guided by a meticulous attention to details and focused on the concept of repetition. To this purpose, he makes a large use of drone-based structures and iterative patterns. An approach accentuated (more than in the past) in “Commonwealth”, a 49 minutes hypnotic piece (released this year) built on guitar and organ digitally manipulated, which cross-refers to the best tradition of minimalism.
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