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Demetrio STRATOS

One of the most creative artists in the whole italian rock scene of the 70's, Demetrio Stratos (real name Demetrious Efstratios) was in fact born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1945 from a greek family, and came to Italy in 1962. In 1972 he formed Area, one of the most interesting and influencial italian progressive bands. His works with Area are well known and documented, but Stratos kept following his studies on the use of the human voice, and his solo albums are a great demonstration of his capabilities. He collaborated with various italian and international avantgarde artists, and guested on many contemporary music albums. Stratos underlined the link between language and the psyche and highlighted their connection with the sounds made by the vocal chords, which he considered as musical instruments. The result of this van be heard in the two recordings of his compositions "Metrodora" and "Cantare la Voce" where what sounds like an instrument is in fact his voice.
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