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Radius - 1
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Italian Experimental Progressive

File under avantgarde, free-spirited, and creative music from the Italian Progressive scene

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Best of 2021

Alberto Radius

Radius (LP, red vinyl)

Label: Numero Uno

Format: LP

Genre: Psych

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**Red vinyl, numbered edition** Alberto Radius first solo album - Originally released on Numero Uno label, cat. # ZSLN 55153. September, 1972.
- and regarded as one of the Italian prog rarest though not particularly representative of the genre, was issued in 1972 when Formula Tre were still active, and was a sort of jam session with important Italian musicians of the time, including Franz Di Cioccio from Premiata Forneria Marconi and Area's Demetrio Stratos and Giulio Capiozzo along with Gianni Dall'Aglio and Vince Tempera that were later with him in Il Volo. The album was produced by Lucio Battisti under the fantasy name of Lo Abracek

Cat. number: 0194398567617
Year: 2021