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Italian Experimental Progressive

File under avantgarde, free-spirited, and creative music from the Italian Progressive scene

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Toni Esposito

Processione Sul Mare (LP Color)

Label: Sony

Format: LP

Genre: Psych

Preorder: May 14th


Tip! Tony Esposito (a one time member of both Saint Just and Alan Sorrenti's band as well as Luciano Cilio's collaborator on Dell'Universo Assente, and he also appeared on other international names like Shawn Phillips and Don Cherry) is one of those characters revered by his peers, and kind of big in Italy, yet relatively unknown beyond the experimental cognoscenti. Processione Sul Mare catches Esposito at a real creative peak, and reveal him to be a master of musical magik with a finely honed percussive discipline and instinctive appreciation of timbre, the sort that makes complex pieces sound as though they were played effortlessly.

Through his minimalist percussive formation Esposito navigates polyrhythms as structurally fascinating as a deep space image of a distant constellation, seemingly moving on eight legs along steep vertical and fast-flowing horizontal axes with a shocking grasp of precision and pointillism. The arrangements, stereo imaging and the endless peppering of pinprick percussive detailing make it plain that this is a drummers album, though Processione Sul Mare is an absolute master class in dynamic sense from all parties involved and overflows with that tell tale quality of airy, fluid and life giving expansiveness that you find in so much of the best Italian fusion of that time from Area to Perigeo to Napoli Centrale.

Cat. number: 0194398568416
Year: 2021