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Toni Esposito

Toni Esposito (Rosso Napoletano)

Label: Sony

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

Special price, limited stock. First solo album, for the Luciano Cilio percussionist Toni Esposito. "Jazz and the Mediterranean: two worlds merging into one with the suspended atmospheres of "Rosso napoletano". A magical record, capturing the most alluring aspects of Bitches Brew-era Miles Davis and elevating them to an almost mystical lightness. Hypnotic funky grooves and a miniaturistic work on percussions are the key element - and the most discreet one - of the sound, equally tipified by charming keyboard brushstrokes (piano, e-piano, synthetizers, all unfolded with calm, equilibrium and an elegant sense of obliqueness) and wavering saxophone themes, metamorphosing Southern-Italian folklore into a new melodic language. The album succeeds in being both relaxing and thrilling at the same time: its delicate stream cradles and bewitches, but the everchaning breeze of its details won't ever let you yawn. (Il golpe e l'uva)

Cat. number: 0888750003829
Year: 2014

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