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Italian Experimental Progressive

File under avantgarde, free-spirited, and creative music from the Italian Progressive scene

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Arturo Stalteri

Andre Sulla Luna (LP)

Label: Sony

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Psych

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* 2021 stock. Edition of 500, remastered * The mastermind behind the sublime Italian cosmic rock group Pierrot Lunaire, Arturo Stalteri's work both within Pierrot Lunaire and here on his solo debut (1979) occupies a perch in that rarified strata of Italian kosmiche godhead that also includes Franco Battiato, Franco Leprino, St. Tropez, Luciano Cilio and a mere handful of others. Absent the contributions that Gaio Chiocchio or vocalist Jacqueline Darby brought to bear in Pierrot Lunaire, keyboardist Stalteri's penchant for the systemic is much more consistent and overt here, liquifying Glass-Ian percolations into acid hazed panoramas that serve as beds for gently insistent piano cycles, interventions of sustain acid guitar burn and occasional bursts of rock drums and acoustic guitar.

Cat. number: 88691989001
Year: 2021

LTD 500 copies, remastered edition