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Stomu Yamashta, a Japanese percussionist and keyboardist has had a varied career. He has toured with the Chicago Chamber Orchestra, worked with the jazz-rock band Come to The Edge, and has recorded works by Henze and Maxwell Davies. From 1964-1969 he studied in the United States with both jazz and classical musicians. His earliest releases were interpretations of classical music or neo-classical pieces written especially for him. His 1971 album "Red Buddha" is an avant-garde all percussion solo work which has been repeatedly reissued. Beginning in 1972 Yamash'ta began recording jazz-rock fusion albums blended with Japanese traditional influences. He has written highly successful theatrical and multi-media shows like The Man From The East and Raindog, as well as the score of the "Shukumei" for the British Royal Ballet. His music has been used in films including "The Devils" and "The Man Who Fell To Earth.
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