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A bas la culture marchande


Format: Vinyl LP

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Back in stock! It's a real joy to see one of computer music's outstanding talents in such prolific form at the moment. Peter Rehberg first turned heads (or rather blew them clean off) with a number of releases through his own, pioneering Mego imprint. These were compositions which alongside labelmates Farmers Manual and Hecker innovated a new form of glitch music informed as much by techno and punk as they were by the more academic disciplines evident in this highly ornate, elaborate music. Rehberg is currently to be found alongside Stephen O'Malley working on their ongoing KTL project, but away from the doom-heavy dark circuitry that goes into those recordings, he's dropped this stunning LP for Carlos Giffoni's No Fun imprint. The four pieces here take in some brain-meltingly obscure digital music, with first track 'PKN' blasting out some seriously eviscerated audio, stretched into remorselessly hammering beat structures. That's about as straight-forward as this album gets however. Later on you can expect a dense tapestry of concrète sounds shrouding deep, shadowy drones, while at other times there are moments of near silence, with only the faintest murmuring of field recordings to be detected. In amongst all this is Rehberg's persistently fresh-sounding approach to digital sound design, and as you'd expect from an artist of his pedigree there's plenty here that will take you by surprise. Props to Carlos Giffoni for putting this out - there's plenty here for the current generation of noise scenesters to learn from. Highly recommended.

Cat. number: NFP-11
Year: 2007

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