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Vincent Epplay

Audio technic catalog

Label: PPT

Format: LP + DVD

Genre: Experimental

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After Sound Effects and Le disque contre l'insomnie (hypnose), Audio Technic Catalog is the third release of a series that reinvents sound library. With this one (LP + DVD with videos and audio, in a gatefold sleeve) the visual artist
musician Vincent Epplay tackles the category of didactic records and movies (education, method, technique, instruction of use), with a lot of humour, weirdness and poetry. Like the first two releases, the graphic design, the texts and the music are combined in a global work. It's not a parody or just electronic music with some absurd ingredients, it's a specific and very suggestive composition that gives a special experience. Face A : Sound technics & musical teaching methods Ð Face B : Challenge and learning of progress & modern life. A multiple uses record
Cat. number: stembogen 22
Year: 2013