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Yves De Mey

Bleak Comfort (2 Lp)

Label: Latency

Format: LPx2

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One of Belgium’s premier sound artist/designers shapes up the remarkable Bleak Comfort as his 3rd solo album, and first with discerning Parisian label Latency, who’ve previously proffered aces by Bellows, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, Nuel, Madteo a.o.

In Bleak Comfort, as the title suggests, Yves De Mey takes solace from aesthetic. It locates the arch sound explorer pushing his interdimensional electro-acoustic praxis in probing new ways, finer entangling their putative dichotomy of dynamics to an indistinguishable, light and space-bending blend of immersive viscosity and visceral, psychedelic effect that leaves the listener heavily disoriented and quite possibly motion-sick.

In badder hands and to sicker minds that could mean some proper deviant dancefloor business, while to others it’s serious brainfood for your ears to masticate, or vice versa. Either way, it’s just highly impressive electronic music, spelling out an uncommon complexity of spatialized rhythm and geometric proprioception that makes each part of the set indivisible from the whole, yet strongly applicable as dancefloor melters, as with the post-techno spine curvature of Stale, the sloshing Autechrian steps of Wearing Off, or the morphing electrollcages of Vecto and Bleak Comfort.

Cat. number: LTNC013
Year: 2018
Genre: Electronic