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Geoff Mullen

Bongo Closet

Label: TYPE

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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*Strictly limited vinyl-only album* Geoff Mullen is a hugely respected member of the New England experimental/improv scene, often found in the same circles as Keith Fullerton Whitman aka Hrvatski. He makes his Type debut with an utterly bewitching, secretive set of sounds which were originally heard on a cassette released by the 'Razors And Medicine' label earlier this year, containing six tracks of personal, heavy and undeniably magical drone music. He uses a modest setup of treated guitar together with the Yamaha CS50 synthesizer (a baby sibling of the CS80 used so definitively in Blade Runner), plus mottled FX and loops to create fascinating music which gracefully darts away from any clear pigeonholing. Over the course of this album he vividly evokes the spirit of some towering avant-garde/drone figures but consistently holds his own with a unique sense of arrangement and innate inner movements. This is evident from the first track, with its subterranean core of symphonic movement shyly guarded with layers of tape hiss and stray drones, followed by a loop-based piece of reversed rustic drums and bloopy '60s electronics. As we wind deeper in, he continues to change discipline, conjuring cavernous ambient scapes and darker skylines, but there's a distinct, silvery thread of positive emotion flowing through his ferric silt which makes writing about these sounds an almost fruitless task as they continue to shift focus and beguile at every turn. Ultimately, Mullen has an uncanny grasp of melody, mood and harmony which should be ignored at your peril.

Cat. number: TYPE079
Year: 2010

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