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United Bible Studies

Cave Hill Ascension (Red LP)

Label: Pariah Child

Format: Red LP

Genre: Experimental



** 2021 Stock ** Four tracks, including two of epic length, on heavyweight red vinyl, on which United Bible Studies founder David Colohan is joined by Alison O'Donnell (Mellow Candle, Flibbertigibbet, The Owl Service) and Dom Cooper (The Straw Bear Band, The Owl Service). Bless Us & Break Us with Mystery Upon Mystery is meditative and spiritual yet with a dark undercurrent, pairing soaring wordless choral vocals with brooding synth drones. Ritualistic percussion signals a change in direction, with gentle neoclassical piano and ethereal washes of sound giving way to choral vocal beauty and lute-like ringing strings. The Heart Lies, Over & Over interweaves powerful vocals with airy yet unsettling use of woodwind and drones. Cave Hill Ascension is a multifaceted composition made up of several movements seamlessly segueing into one another. Its opening part is an evocative, filmic, neoclassical piece conveying images of wild nature and starry skies, while the second part is characterised by a full, resonant sound somewhere between folk and art music, incorporating reverberating guitar, violin, piano, synthesised choral voice, and the expressive vocals of Alison O'Donnell. Finally, drones, synths and forceful percussion unite to create a sense of foreboding. Hope You Know is a beautifully atmospheric blend of multi-layered vocals, pensive drones and meandering woodwind. A cinematic, mood-altering and deeply creative album that spans genres and defies classification. - Blissaquamarine

Cat. number: LP011
Year: 2019