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Chasing The Shadow of Bryn Jones (Book and CD Edition)

Label: Vinyl-On-Demand

Format: Book+CD

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

*The 208 page book by Ibrahim Khider and accompanying 15-Track CD - edition of 400 copies* Those of you who don't want to fork out on the mammoth vinyl box set, the 208 page book plus CD are now available to purchase separately, packaged in a gorgeous spot-gloss and foil-blocked hardcover and limited to 400 copies. The book is divided into three sections; biography, posthumous narrative, and discography analysis. The biography of the late Bryn Jones is comprised of a quilt of narratives from friends, family, and collaborators. Letters, articles, and interviews provide further insight into Jones, who was otherwise reclusive and highly secretive. The book also delves into each Muslimgauze musical release and its attendant (text, album and track titles and dedications) sourced. To experience Muslimgauze music is to be educated on Western foreign policy, resource greed and push for regional domination behind much of the conflicts. If Colonialism is a disease, then within this disease is part of the cure. Section two is a first-person narrative by the author who went to the UK to interview friends, family, and collaborators to see what happened. Years after Jones’ passing, Muslimgauze is as prolific as ever with posthumous yet-to-be released material still in the works as of this writing. This narrative is set on the backdrop of even more Muslim-world conflicts, once distant in the news during Jones life and now cause for concern all over the world as the struggles are brought to our doorsteps. Now more than ever, we must learn about the issues Jones railed against in his lifetime. Section three attempts to grapple with the staggering catalog of Muslimgauze music and organize it in a comprehensive way. This section may be of special interest to those not completely familiar with the musical oeuvre. (Boomkat)

Cat. number: VOD121 book
Year: 2014

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