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Ferran Fages

Al voltant d'un para.lel

Label: Etude Records

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Ferran Fages: electric guitar. Recorded live by Pablo Rega, january 19th 2007 at Almazen, Barcelona. Some tracks are versions or new approaches of pieces released before in the album 'a cavall entre dos cavalls'. 'Al voltant d«un paral.lel ' brings to light a tension, which matches that of the previous two guitar albums of Ferran Fages. It's probably because a parallel could also be thought of as the lanes of a horse race, as a permanent conflict, or as a trait of one's character that never disappears. The resistance which stands between the theme and something that pushes it not to be. Sibylline strategies. Repetitions which block it. Foldings, which, instead of doubling the sounds, they hide some of them behind others. Expansions that disseminate the notes till the notion of the theme gets lost. And the delay... This delay, this slowness, which, full of rancour, is opposed to the idea of the song. Nevertheless, several themes, or to be more precise, segments of them, could serve, properly compressed, as the base of a doom metal theme, of a strange folk song, or of a neo-psychedelic passage deprived of any electroacoustic adornment. This album makes one think the interior of a room. The reverberations give us its size, the latitudes of uneasiness. In the meantime, these harmonic sparks are kept by the ceiling, before they fall to the ground, taking the form of ashes. A consumed acoustic flight. Still more tension. Within his music he's always taking notes, drafts and breathes. Nothing ever comes to an end. It's as if Muybridge or Marey, with their cronofotographic devices, were sliding through the guitarist's criterion without him being aware. There is no minimalism here, but desert-vastness.
Cat. number: Etude 017
Year: 2007

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