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Ferran Fages

A cavall entre dos cavalls

Label: Creative Sources

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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Ferran Fages, electric guitar. Self-tought musician, started playing guitar in the rock scene, but in 1998 stoped for re-thinking the instrument and the music made with it. In 2002 starts from zero, a process where music allows harmony to circulate without being dependent of itself, where time is the reason for exposed materials, always as compositions, never closed, where space is enough for permanent changes, everytime it is played. 'a cavall entre dos cavalls' is a exemple of that. The record process took 2 years, where different ideias have been compressed, mixed and amplified. It's hard to see the way that each composition took because of the different changes everytime the pieces were played. But I think that the recording made in June, documents at some extent, a moment of the undergoing process, it shows the basic lines where I move when it concerns guitar playing. The sound of the instrument had a very big importance for the process. The guitar is tuned 2 octaves lower than what I normally use in the bass amplifier.

Cat. number: CS 019
Year: 2004

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