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Label: Edition Hundertmark

Format: Vinyl LP

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Reissue of 'The Rise of Elklink' cassette (Polyamory) 1999 with one bonus track.

"The Rise of Elklink originally appeared as a cassette on the storied Polyamory label in '1999. Behind the ambiguous moniker lurked core Shadow Ring member Graham Lambkin, aided by Adris Hoyos with a cameo from fellow Shadow Ring bandmate Tim Goss. Although The Rise of Elklink was produced in tandum with The Shadow Ring's Lindus LP, the two projects were different in intent. Song form and narration are replaced by walls of quiet, crumbling vocal concrete, meaningless stoned monologues and adjacent audio seepage, captured to 4-track in the backroom of a small Cuban crèche in Miami FL. This LP reissue restores all six tracks from the original cassette, and adds the Elklink contribution to the Colour In Absence Sound CD comp from the same year. Lovingly remastered by Jason Lescalleet at Glistening Labs" (label note)

Cat. number: Kye 09
Year: 2011
Hand-numbered limited edition of 500. The Rise of Elklink arrives in a sleeve design based on the original j-card with a deluxe insert reproducing Brad Sonder's classic period review