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Fools Harp Vol 1 - excerpt 1
Fools Harp Vol 1 - excerpt 2
Fools Harp Vol 1 - excerpt 3
Fools Harp Vol 1 - excerpt 4


Fools Harp Vol.1 (LP)

Label: Music From Memory

Format: LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

In stock


Gentle new music on MFM from Grizzly Bear (the U.S band) founder member, Christopher Bear. Chilled out, soothing and with a gentle tweeness - some of which reminds of all that lovely pillowy electronica from the early 2000s (City Centre Offices, Expanding, Morr, Mille Plateaux, Leaf etc etc). The label Say: "Music From Memory are delighted to present Fools’ debut album ‘Fools’ Harp Vol. I’ and the first solo release of American musician Christopher Bear. Drummer and multi-instrumentalist of cult Indie band ’Grizzly Bear’, ‘Fools’ is a pseudonym that Christopher has been using while working on his independent music making for some time now.

Often finding the structure and form of a more traditional ‘song’ and the concept of an album too restrictive, Christopher finally set aside a six week period in the summer of 2019 to explore the possibilities of jamming alone and seeing where it took him: recording each instrument himself and then responding through improvisation to his own recordings, Whilst doing most of the recording in a digital set up, he also set out to capture some of the same mental and sonic space from his time recording on 4-track.

The results of these Fools’ sessions, he explains, feel “almost more like a mixtape than an ‘album’ per se” to him. With a sense of the dichotomy between nostalgia and the future, ‘Fools’ Harp Vol. I’ seeks to transport the listener to a world both familiar and comforting, exploring something undiscovered while maintaining a deep sense of openness and curiosity".

Cat. number: MFM047
Year: 2020

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