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Label: Lisca Records

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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""Vinyl of the Month must surely go to the epic "Gamma" by Italian quartet VipCancro, whose startlingly out there performance pitches the ensemble against such Krautrock epics as German Oak, Yatha Sidra and early Guru Guru. Indeed, for anyone requiring brain tissue abandonment Gamma will entirely do you justice. Their peculiar line-up of two synthesists, bass player and samples places VipCancro into a pure avant-garde territory, allowing splendid outbursts of canon-like percussion, and cinematic levels of monochrome noise. Released on the excellent Lisca Records label in a superb textured gatefold sleeve, this band understand their metaphor so well that they luxuriate in it, steep themselves for as long as possible then stretch that sucker out as far as they can. Bravo, gentlemen. Many thanks for such a beautiful outburst!" Julian Cope, Headheritage

With this third official release the improvisation quartet VipCancro moves towards a sound even more hermetic and transcendent than before through an interaction among sounds and instruments which reduces and fades out any show-oriented will. This is music which evokes the fast fading of time, geographical electronic music which resounds and condensate in slow sequences of horizontal composition. Like astray seismic waves’ bulks, almost a not moving surface which slowly expands on 6 vinyl tracks pressed in 250 copies available in four different editions, with cardboard and print colors variations.

"Their dirty, lo-fi drones remind me o fsome of the best bands from New Zealand in this area, such as Sandoz Lab
Technicians or Surface Of The Earth, but VipCancro is even more minimal and feedback seems to play a bigger role, from time to time, along with the noted absence of the guitar. Excellent stuff throughout here." (FdW)

Cat. number: Lisca013
Year: 2014

Edition of 250. Released 13 September 2013

Andrea Borghi - bass
Filippo Ciavoli Cortelli - percussion, tapes
Alberto Picchi - electronics
Nicola Quiriconi - voice

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CD | €9.99
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