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Genom Grundet (LP)

Label: Patience

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

In stock

Genom Grundet is the new release by Swedish analogue explorer Ekolali on new imprint Patience. A pulsing, entrancing study in sustain and release that washes over in ecstatic waves throughout it's 35 minute duration, Genom Grundet is a shimmering summation of Ekolali's approach and an auspicious blueprint for the virgin NYC-based label.
Recorded on a modest setup at his almost-off-grid compound in rural Möljeryd, Sweden, Genom Grundent (Through The Shallows) gently bubbles with a sampled stream, baked tape delay, droning broken organ and pitch-shifted rhythm, blooming with vocoder chants and klassic kosmische guitar as the track unfolds. Repetitive to the point of rapture, Genom Grundet reveals it's wonders over subsequent meditations. Mattias Lagerkvist has previously issued similarly potent musical balms as Ekolali via Bakk and Not Not Fun.

Patience is a new outlet for artists to explore ideas further and longer than they otherwise might imagine. Inspired by the music we like to listen to - with E2-E4 representing the format's high tide mark - each release will be one artist's deep dive down one inspirational wormhole - or two different interpretations thereof - spread across two sides of vinyl. Throw it on, lock in, bliss out.
Cat. number: PTNC001
Year: 2019

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