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John Zorn

Hermetic Organ

Label: Tzadik

Format: CD digipack

Genre: Electronic

In stock

Breathtaking solo organ improvisations recording!! This is the first volume documenting Zorn's breathtaking solo organ improvisations. Although organ was Zorn's first instrument (he often credits Lon Chaney in the silent classic Phantom of the Opera as a primal influence), in 2011 Zorn surprised even his hardcore fans by initiating a new series of solo organ concerts in churches around the world. Premiering at the historic Christ Church in Philadelphia, the word on these concerts spread like wildfire and further events were set up in Belgium, France and of course in New York. Often late night affairs free to the public, the music is breathtakingly beautiful, and distinguished by a spiritual mood that only a huge pipe organ can create. A perfect outlet for Zorn's dramatic sense of color and contrast, we hear the composer's mind at work in all its bizarre permutations-huge blocks of sound, chords, clusters, counterpoint, drones, ostinatos, lyrical melodies and more-often all at the same time!

This CD presents the climax event of Zorn's acclaimed Composer Portrait in December 2012 at Columbia University's Miller Theatre-a thrilling solo organ concert unlike anything you've ever heard."-Tzadik
Cat. number: TZ 7399
Year: 2012

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